Matt Moore QB (OSU)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboys19, Feb 13, 2007.

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    I've been following this guy for a while now, and he really impresses me.

    He has all the qualities you like.
    Tough, fierce competitor, strong arm, leader of the team, decent mobility.

    IMO the only question marks were his decision making, but his senior year proved that he has fixed that part of his game, and can reign in that aspect of it.

    was 13-0 his senior year of HS, and won the southern state championsip.
    was 1-0 as a freshman at UCLA.
    was 1-3 as a sophmore at UCLA. missed a few games do to injury.

    redshirted after his sophomore year. Was selected 22nd in the MLB amateur draft.

    enrolled at Oregon State at the beginning of his junior year, and was named starter by Mike Riley
    went 5-4 his junior year at OSU. injured his knee during ithe 10th game of the season. Would miss the remander of the season.

    went 10-4 during his senior year at OSU, and led the team to an inprobable win vs Missou 39-38, after trailing by 14 with under 10 minutes to play.

    finished his college career with a record of 17-11.
    Improved his comp% every year.

    Perhaps the best stats off all is this one
    He is 8-2 when the game is decided by 1 score or less.

    He was comback kid his senior year.

    I really feel that he has the opportunity to do something in this league, and by do soemthing i mean he has great potential.

    JMHO of course. Nobody is talking about him as their top qb's. If he falls to round 4, i would pick him up.
  2. Bob Sacamano

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    he reminds me of his predecesor, Derek Anderson
  3. cowboys19

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    IMO he is a better competitor than him.
  4. cowboys19

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    Since he isn't highly regarded as a top QB in this draft, would you guys be opposed if we took a shot at this guy in say round 4, or 5?

    I feel we should draft 1 QB in the later rounds, to groom behind Tony.

    For those that have seen him play, do you agree with my thoughts about him?

  5. dillinger319

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    We will not draft a qb.... We will however sign a FA to back up Romo and then Im sure Baker will be the 3rd QB... We have way to many holes to fill.. Safety, Oline and DT should be our priorities

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