Maybe our sleeper punt returner, anyone seen Jayson Foster Georgia southern 4.32 n 40

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Do the Cowboys know about this punt returner?Jayson Foster, Georgia Southern 4.32
    ok guys, i am still searching the internet, etc, for sleeper picks that the cowboys might be able to get,

    First, let me say, i love dexter jackson out of appl. state, as our punt returner, but he might go before we can get him, how about this guy, has anyone seen him and can give info on him to let the cowboys know and scout him before the draft;

    Running back/receiver/returner/quarterback/holder Jayson Foster, Georgia Southern, 5-9, 170 pounds, 4.32 time in the 40. Shhh. Don't tell anybody. This guy's name doesn't even show up in a lot of draft books, Didinger said. But ... "to me, he has the potential to be the most exciting player out of the bunch." Didinger envisions this undersized but "lightning-fast" athlete as "a wonderful wild card player." As a quarterback - yes, quarterback - last season, he rushed for 1,844 yards and 24 touchdowns. OK, he's not going to be an NFL QB, but he's "electrifying," with "tremendous acceleration," and on one 60-yard touchdown run made everyone miss so badly he was hardly touched, Didinger said. Note to the Eagles: Foster was also a threat as a place holder, because he'd run with the ball or throw it. So if used creatively at receiver and maybe running back, as well on as special teams, he could be a dandy asset. If people aren't impressed that he also won the Walter Payton Award as the nation's best small-college player, recall a few other winners: Steve McNair, Tony Romo and the Eagles' Brian Westbrook.
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    The Cowboys have a scouting staff that scouts athletes so I am sure they know who he is? Strange question.
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    Sounds like a Woody Danzler clone
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    I'm thinkin we are about to trade for our punt returner next year.
  5. speedkilz88

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    Yeah, they aren't going to find a better returner this side of Devin Hester than Pacman Jones.
  6. cowboyjoe

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    true about pacman jones being a better punt returner, but im just saying, what if we dont get a good punt returner, this guy could be a steal;

    as far as our scouts knowing the players, i cant remember the guys name, but there was a sleeper that some other team got, and our scouts missed on him, and ex coach Parcells said, yeah, we remind that scout about that good sleeper that he didnt tell us about, and misgauged him, the sleeper,

    again, i cant remember the guys name, maybe someone can, but i DO REMEMBER PARCELLS TALKING ABOUT THAT SCOUT MISSING ON HIM WHEN HE TURNED IN HIS REPORT IN THAT AREA, so scouts do miss now and then, thats what im saying, if we get it to the cowboys so that the head scout looks at him, and maybe wade phillips on film, etc, we wont miss on him if he is any good,

    again, i havent watched that guy play, but a reporter in the philly area was talking about him being a steal, possibly undrafted player, and the eagles getting him,

    now that would be super to me, if this guy is any good, and we get him before the eagles, and he makes big plays against them,
  7. speedkilz88

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    Was it Wes Welker?
  8. davidyee

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    ...I see CFL written all over this guy.
  9. MONT17

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    PReturner who needs a PR... Thanks to Parcells we are set for yrs at PR! We still have Skyler green, right?
  10. cowboyjoe

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    no, wasnt wes welker, but best i remember was some wr, or db, just dont remember, but was some sleeper that another team got as an undrafted player and excelled, and every time that player hurt us in a game, parcells and other scouts would give that scout that missed on him a hard time
  11. StanleySpadowski

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    If you're looking for speed, I'd suggest Xavier Carter. He may be worth taking a 7th round flyer on. He'd instantly be the fastest player in the NFL.

    For those unfamiliar, he was one of the top HS recruits in the country in both football and track and signed with LSU. Played football early then concentrated on track, quit school to turn pro in track and is one of the fastest people in history.

    It wouldn't surprise me if he competed in Beijing then decided he didn't want four more years of travel.

    Unlike some of the track guys, he's demonstrated football skill.
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    Chances are he will get picked up as an UDFA

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