Maybe Tony could use a New Outlook

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kaika, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Tony has been under the tutelage of Garret for 5 years.
    Maybe he needs a new face and a new perspective.

    I'm not crazy about Garret as H.C. and I wish could be replaced. But with J.J. on the thrown ,we all know this won't happen.
    No-one wants to work for him,so they say.

    So how bout hiring a new O.C. who can give Romo a new outlook.

    We all know that Jerry has an ego as big as Texas, but you would think that Garret could see the handwriting writing on the wall since he is supposed to be so intelligent.

    Just sayin,;)
  2. Wood

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    there are alot of big decisions Jerry needs to make this offseason. This team does appear to have parts that don't fit. Its GM job to figure that out. I really think this is the year to atleast bring in consultant for Jerry. Here are key areas to make decisions on:

    1. Do you resign Romo or trade him.
    2. Does Garrett need OC.
    3. Do you resign Spencer.
    4. Should Ratliff be released.
    5. How does Dallas address OL (FA vs Draft)
    6. Does GM need a football consultant.
  3. DBOY3141

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    Problem is Jones is clueless on how to be a GM.

    17 years and counting.
  4. Sasquatch

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    Garrett and Jerry both simply need to realize what they have in Romo and build a team and devise a strategy that accentuates his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses. I don't feel as though they've done a good job of this over the past few years.
  5. davidyee

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    1. Yes. Don't dump what you already have. Your options may not be better and this is a QB driven league.
    2. Yes. It would be an improvement IMO.
    3. Yes. 3-4 run stopping OLBs are difficult to find. He was a warrior this year.
    4. No. He needs to move one gap over and a bigger player in the middle drafted. His position is suited to someone who is younger and stouter.
    5. Both, but it needs to be a priority. Tony needs it and the new OC needs it.
    6. Yes, only if the Jones' are going to give him authority. If not, then you truly are only hiring a "yes" man. Save the money and donate it to charity because your ego needs no more charity and there are people in society who have a real need.
  6. TDHND

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    He needs to swallow his pride and let someone else make decisions.

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