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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Tobal, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Tobal

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    Josh Robbins sholdn't get out of the first round
    Fox top 10 talent
    Tannehill top 10 talent, not just based on need.
    Poe top 10 talent
  2. realtick

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    Yeah, I dont think Robinson is a 1st round talent.
  3. cobra

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    Think you mean Cox, not Fox.
  4. Sabu1

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    I really think Cox can be our guy at 14. With Spencer franchised, Dallas can finally add talent to the DL, someone that can pressure the QB from the interior and the outside.
  5. marchetta

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    Mayock has seen the light...

  6. Tobal

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    I did mean Cox, if you listen to Mayock I love how he says that when someone does something unexpected at the combine then it makes you go look at more tape.

    He said those guys made him go back and the results of more film study put them in those spots.
  7. MonsterD

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    Reaally hope Tannehill goes top ten reaaally need good prospects to fall to us.

    P.s. I was really shocked how a couple of QBs got so overdrafted last year it was ridiculous.

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