Mayock's position-by-position rankings

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    This guy is pretty good IMO.

    Mayock's position-by-position rankings

    By Mike Mayock
    Special to

    (March 27, 2006) - NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock has put together his positional rankings for the 2006 NFL Draft:

    1. Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt
    2. Matt Leinart, USC
    3. Vince Young, Texas
    4. Charlie Whitehurst, Clemson
    5. Brodie Croyle, Alabama
    6. Tarvaris Jackson, Alabama State

    Reggie McNeal, Texas A&M
    Omar Jacobs, Bowling Green

    Brent Basanez, Northwestern
    Kellen Clemens, Oregon
    Darrell Hackney, Alabama-Birmingham
    Ingle Martin, Furman
    Barrick Nealy, Texas State
    Michael Robinson, Penn State (slash)
    D. J. Shockley, Georgia (slash)
    Brad Smith, Missouri (slash)
    Marcus Vick, Virginia Tech

    Running Back
    1. Reggie Bush, USC
    2. Laurence Maroney, Minnesota
    3. LenDale White, USC
    4. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis
    5. Joseph Addai, LSU
    6. Brian Calhoun, Wisconsin
    7. Maurice Drew, UCLA

    P.J. Daniels, Georgia Tech
    Andre Hall, South Florida
    Jerome Harrison, Washington State
    Taurean Henderson, Texas Tech
    DonTrell Moore, New Mexico
    Jerious Norwood, Mississippi State
    Gerald Riggs, Tennessee
    Lawrence Vickers, Colorado
    Leon Washington, Florida State

    Wide Receiver
    1. Santonio Holmes, Ohio State
    2. Chad Jackson, Florida
    3. Sinorice Moss, Miami (FL)
    4. Demetrius Williams, Oregon
    5. Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame
    6. Derek Hagan, Arizona State
    7. Brandon Marshall, Central Florida
    8. Jason Avant, Michigan

    Hank Baskett, New Mexico
    Will Blackmon, Boston College
    Jeremy Bloom, Colorado
    Skyler Green, LSU
    Mike Hass, Oregon State
    Greg Jennings, Western Michigan
    Martin Nance, Miami (OH)
    Cory Rodgers, Texas Christian
    Brandon Williams, Wisconsin
    Travis Wilson, Oklahoma

    Tight End
    1. Vernon Davis, Maryland
    2. Marcedes Lewis, UCLA
    3. Joe Klopfenstein, Colorado
    4. Anthony Fasano, Notre Dame
    5. David Thomas, Texas
    6. Leonard Pope, Georgia

    Dominique Byrd, USC
    Owen Daniels, Wisconsin
    Tim Day, Oregon
    Garrett Mills, Tulsa
    Tony Scheffler, Western Michigan
    T.J. Williams, North Carolina State

    Offensive Tackle
    1. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia
    2. Winston Justice, USC
    3. Eric Winston, Miami (FL)
    4. Daryn Colledge, Boise State
    5. Andrew Whitworth, LSU
    6. Marcus McNeill, Auburn

    Rashad Butler, Miami
    Paul McQuistan, Weber State
    Ryan O'Callaghan, California
    Jonathan Scott, Texas
    Zach Strief, Northwestern
    Jeremy Trueblood, Boston College

    Interior Offensive Line
    1. Nick Mangold, Ohio State (center)
    2. Max Jean-Gilles, Georgia (guard)
    3. Davin Joseph, Oklahoma (guard)
    4. Charles Spencer, Pittsburgh (guard)
    5. Deuce Lutui, USC (guard)
    6. Chris Chester, Oklahoma (center)
    7. Fred Matua, USC (guard)
    8. Rob Sims, Ohio State (center)

    Small Schools
    Jahri Evans, Bloomsburg (PA) (guard)
    Kevin Boothe, Cornell (guard)

    Ryan Cook, New Mexico (center)
    Greg Eslinger, Minnesota (center)
    Pat Ross, Boston College (center)
    Jason Spitz, Louisville (guard)

    Defensive End
    1. Mario Williams, NC State
    2. Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College
    3. Daryl Tapp, Va Tech
    4. Tamba Hali, Penn State
    5. Manny Lawson, North Carolina State
    6. Parys Haralson, Tennessee

    Victor Adeyanju, Indiana
    Mark Anderson, Alabama
    Elvis Dumervil, Louisville
    Ray Edwards, Purdue
    Chris Gocong, Cal. State San Luis Obispo
    Jason Hatcher, Grambling
    Eric Henderson, Georgia Tech
    Julian Jenkins, Stanford
    Ryan LaCasse, Syracuse
    Rob Ninkovich, Purdue
    James Wyche, Syracuse

    Defensive Tackle
    1. Brodrick Bunkley, Florida St.
    2. Haloti Ngata, Oregon
    3. Claude Wroten, LSU
    4. John McCargo, NC State
    5. Gabe Watson, Michigan

    Barry Cofield, Northwestern
    Dusty Dvoracek, Oklahoma
    Orien Harris, Miami (FL)
    Johnny Jolly, Texas A&M
    Johnathan Lewis, Virginia Tech
    Jesse Mahelona, Tennessee
    Babatunde Oshinowo, Stanford
    Montavious Stanley, Louisville
    Kyle Williams, LSU
    Rodrique Wright, Texas

    1. A.J. Hawk, Ohio State
    2. Ernie Sims, Florida St.
    3. Chad Greenway, Iowa
    4. Kamerion Wimbley, Florida St. (OLB)
    5. D'Qwell Jackson, Maryland
    6. Rocky McIntosh, Miami (FL)
    7. DeMeco Ryans, Alabama

    Jon Alston, Stanford
    Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State
    Omar Gaither, Tennessee
    Abdul Hodge, Iowa
    Thomas Howard, UTEP
    Clint Ingram, Oklahoma
    Brian Iwuh, Colorado
    A.J. Nicholson, Florida State
    Kai Parham, Virginia
    Freddie Roach, Alabama
    Dale Robinson, Arizona State
    Gerris Wilkinson, Georgia Tech

    1. Michael Huff, Texas
    2. Jonathan Joseph, South Carolina
    3. Tye Hill, Clemson
    4. Antonio Cromartie, Florida State
    6. Kelly Jennings, Miami (FL)

    Antoine Bethea, Howard
    Will Blackmon, Boston College
    Charles Gordon, Kansas
    Cedric Griffin, Texas
    Devin Hester, Miami (FL)
    Marcus Hudson, North Carolina State
    Darrell Hunter, Miami (OH)
    Tim Jennings, Georgia
    Danieal Manning, Abilene Christian
    Richard Marshall, Fresno State
    Marcus Maxey, Miami (FL)
    DeMario Minter, Georgia
    Anwar Phillips, Penn State
    David Pittman, Northwestern State
    Dee Webb, Florida
    Ashton Youboty, Ohio State
    Alan Zemaitis, Penn State

    1. Donte Whitner, Ohio State
    2. Jason Allen, Tennessee
    3. Daniel Bullocks, Nebraska
    4. Anthony Smith, Syracuse
    5. Darnell Bing, USC
    6. Ko Simpson, South Carolina

    Greg Blue, Georgia
    Tra Boger, Tulane
    Reed Doughty, Northern Colorado
    Roman Harper, Alabama
    Dawan Landry, Georgia Tech
    Calvin Lowry, Penn State
    Bernard Pollard, Purdue
    Dwayne Slay, Texas Tech
    Scott Ware, USC
    Pat Watkins, Florida State
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    Bunkley over Ngata? I don't agree.

    I think his linebacker organization is specious, as well. I don't know too many people who are saying Rocky McIntosh is a better prospect than Bobby Carpenter.

    But thanks for the posting this. I'm loving getting all these lists.
  3. tkiehl

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    where's Jimmy Williams....cb @virginia tech?
  4. Reed

    Reed New Member

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    i saw anthony smith yesterday around campus, im 5-11 and he was about 2 inches bigger than me, pretty big guy
  5. RCowboyFan

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    Bunkley is pretty rated currently No. 1 DT, pretty much by all draft experts. He was close with Haloti Ngata before workouts, but after workouts, I think he overtook him.

    I think Maycock maybe downgraded Bobby a bit due to lack of workouts or injury. But having watched Maycock last year, I think he is better than Mel Kiper, at least his top board usually seems to be on money.

    He was one of the guys who first started the talk about Demarcus Ware last year. All in all, he is pretty blunt when he thinks someone is not worth the pick or being hyped up too much. At first I thought he is a guy who didn't give honest opinions, based on his easy to laugh demeanor, but the guy does a good job for the most part in rating players. Of course no one is exact.
  6. ddh33

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    Mayock has really become one of my favorite gurus.

    It looks to me like Gabe Watson is pretty firmly entrenched as the #5 DT.

    The rating on those OLB prospects that Dallas may be interested in is kind of all over the map though. I think that may stay that way. It's going to come down to personal preference.

    SALADIN Jumper

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    Watch out for Brandon Marshall, Central Florida. He should be a good 2nd day project for some team.
  8. DLCassidy

    DLCassidy Active Member

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    Mayock is no fan of Marcus McNeil it appears.
  9. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

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    No Jimmy Williams - no good source.

    Also - DeAngelo Williams > Lendale White.

    True story.
  10. RCowboyFan

    RCowboyFan Active Member

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    Yeah, I like that guy too. He looked like TO type of player without attitude. But probably will take time to develop, so hopefully will be there for 5th round or so?
  11. RCowboyFan

    RCowboyFan Active Member

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    I only saw a game or two of McNeil, and never understood why he was so hyped up. I saw him get pushed around little bit against Texas Tech DL, who are nothing to talk about or not highly touted anyway, as far as I know that is. I would think he would have just plain dominated against them if he was that great, but he didn't.
  12. ddh33

    ddh33 Active Member

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    I don't think Brandon Marshall will be around that long. I do think that Marques Colston could be a sleeper though.
  13. speedkilz88

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    Scouts are saying McNeil is a waist bender. Guys like that are normally disapointing in the nfl, they get overpowered.
  14. doomsday81

    doomsday81 New Member

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    Agreed. Also, I met Mayock at the Combine and he's a great guy. He actually gave me his home phone number. Not too many people in this business are nice enough to do that. Actually, I'm going to call him later next week to talk to him about my team. Any intelligent questions you want answered?
  15. doomsday81

    doomsday81 New Member

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    Jimmy Williams is falling off the map my friend. He's fighting for the mid-first round but that's not even a given anymore. Scouts hate him. They hate his attitude and they think he's more of a safety but he told them he has no interest in playing safety. Don't kill me, I actually like him, I'm just passing along the info.
  16. DanTanna

    DanTanna Original Zone Member

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    What in the heck are these guys seeing in Crody Boyle and Whitehurst? Someone is going to be majorly dissappointed.
  17. DLCassidy

    DLCassidy Active Member

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    I don't want him. If we're looking for a FS, and we are, you need a team guy, a leader. This guy sounds like an arrogant punk. I hope he's picked before we do. Pass.

    SALADIN Jumper

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    Yes dooms;

    How do the Cowboys expect to develop offensive skill players (QB, WR, RB) when they haven't drafted one in the 1st since '97?

    With the players the Cowboys have drafted over the last 3 years, who does he think will be the franchises next mega star? Meaning a player who could be the very best in the NFL at his position. (Aikman, Allen, Smith, Irvin, etc.)

    Are there any other potential playoff teams who have only drafted 2 Pro Bowlers since 2000?

    Who the hell has been doing the scouting for O-linemen the Cowboys have selected on the 1st day over the last 7 years?

    OK, he may not be able to answer the last one but I'd appreciate some feedback dooms. ;)
  19. Cowboys&Caps

    Cowboys&Caps New Member

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    i like this guy maybe in the 5th, 6th, or 7th he played everything from ILB, to FS i think we could beef him up and put him at OLB. Atleast worth a shot.:starspin
  20. doomsday81

    doomsday81 New Member

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    No problem. I'll float some his way, especially the offensive line question. Are you aware that as good as Parcells is at drafting players, he failed in New England with most of his offensive line picks as well? There is an exception here and there but I think in New England he was something like one out of eight with Dave Woulabaugh (spelling?) being his only hit. This is perplexing seeing Parcells used to coach the o-line back in the day and he puts such an emphasis on the position. Yet, throughout the years, it's been the one position where he hasn't drafted well.

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