Mayock's position-by-position rankings

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    * -- New additions
    ^ -- Moved up
    @ -- Moved down
    Mayock's Top Quarterbacks 2007 NFL Draft

    1. JaMarcus Russell, Jr -- LSU
    2. Brady Quinn, Sr -- Notre Dame
    3. Drew Stanton, Sr -- Michigan State
    4. John Beck, Sr -- BYU
    5. Trent Edwards, Sr -- Stanford
    Draft Facts: Quarterbacks Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 3 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 5.2 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 13.8 per year
    Mayock's Top Running Backs 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Adrian Peterson, Jr -- Oklahoma
    2. Marshawn Lynch, Jr -- Cal
    3. Brian Leonard (FB), Sr -- Rutgers
    4. Lorenzo Booker, Sr -- Florida State
    5. Antonio Pittman, Jr -- Ohio State
    Draft Facts: Running Backs Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 2.8 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 8 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 22 per year
    Mayock's Top Tight Ends 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Greg Olsen, Jr -- Miami, Fla.
    2. Zach Miller, Jr -- Arizona State
    3. Ben Patrick, Sr -- Delaware
    4. Martrez Milner, Sr -- Georgia
    5. Scott Chandler, Sr -- Iowa
    Rising: Michael Allan, Sr -- Whitworth
    Draft Facts: Tight Ends Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 1.7 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 5.5 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 15.3 per year
    Mayock's Top Wide Receivers 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Calvin Johnson, Jr -- Georgia Tech
    2. Ted Ginn Jr, Jr -- Ohio State
    3. Dwayne Bowe, Sr -- LSU ^
    4. Robert Meachem, Jr -- Tennessee @
    5. Anthony Gonzalez, Jr -- Ohio State
    Draft Facts: Wide Recievers Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 4.3 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 12.5 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 33.5 per year
    Mayock's Top Guards 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Ben Grubbs, Sr -- Auburn
    2. Justin Blalock (OT), Sr -- Texas
    3. Arron Sears (OT), Sr -- Tennessee
    4. Marshal Yanda (OT), Sr -- Iowa
    5. Joshua Beekman, Sr -- Boston College
    Draft Facts: Guards Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- .83 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 4 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 14.2 per year
    Mayock's Top Centers 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Ryan Kalil, Sr -- USC
    2. Samson Satele, Sr -- Hawaii
    3. Leroy Harris, Sr -- NC State
    4. Doug Datish, Sr -- Ohio State
    5. Dan Mozes, Sr -- WVU
    Draft Facts: Centers Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- .5 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 3 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 8.8 per year
    Mayock's Top Offensive Tackles 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Joe Thomas, Sr -- Wisconsin
    2. Levi Brown, Sr -- Penn State
    3. Joe Staley, Sr -- Central Michigan
    4. James Marten -- Boston College
    5. Tony Ugoh, Sr -- Arkansas
    Draft Facts: Offensive Tackles Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 2.5 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 7.2 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 21.2 per year
    Mayock's Top Defensive Tackles 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Amobi Okoye, Sr -- Louisville
    2. Alan Branch, Jr -- Michigan
    3. Justin Harrell, Sr -- Tennessee
    4. Ray McDonald, Sr -- Florida
    5. Tank Tyler, Sr -- NC State
    Draft Facts: Defensive Tackles Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 4 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 8 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 21 per year
    Mayock's Top Defensive Ends 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Gaines Adams, Sr -- Clemson
    2. Adam Carriker, Sr -- Nebraska
    3. Jamaal Anderson, Jr -- Arkansas
    4. Jarvis Moss, Jr -- Florida
    5. Anthony Spencer (OLB), Sr -- Purdue
    Draft Facts: Defensive Ends Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 4 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 9.5 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 23.7 per year
    Mayock's Top Inside Linebackers 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Patrick Willis, Sr -- Ole Miss
    2. David Harris, Sr -- Michigan
    3. Brandon Siler, Jr -- Florida ^
    4. Buster Davis, Sr -- Florida State @
    5. Justin Durant (OLB), Jr -- Hampton

    Mayock's Top Outside Linebackers 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Jon Beason (ILB), Jr -- Miami, Fla.
    2. Lawrence Timmons, Jr -- Florida State
    3. Paul Posluszny, Sr -- Penn State
    4. Stewart Bradley, Sr -- Nebraska
    5. Stephen Nicholas, Sr -- South Florida
    Draft Facts: Linebackers Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks 2.3 Per Year
    1st Day Picks 13.2 Per Year
    Total # Drafted 29 per year
    Mayock's Top Cornerbacks 2007 NFL Draft

    1. Leon Hall, Sr -- Michigan
    2. Chris Houston, Jr -- Arkansas
    3. Darrelle Revis, Jr -- Pitt
    4. Aaron Ross, Sr -- Texas
    5. Eric Wright, Jr -- UNLV
    Draft Facts: Cornerbacks Last 6 Years
    1st Round Picks -- 6 Per Year
    1st Day Picks -- 20.7 Per Year
    Total # Drafted -- 49 per year
    Mayock's Top Safeties 2007 NFL Draft

    1. LaRon Landry, Sr -- LSU
    2. Brandon Meriweather, Sr -- Miami, Fla.
    3. Reggie Nelson, Jr -- Florida
    4. Michael Griffin, Sr -- Texas
    5. Tanard Jackson, Sr -- Syracus

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    If at #22.....we just gotta take him
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    Mayock is a good person to listen to, in my experience. I think he is a much better analyst than Kiper.

    I think he is correct about the WRs, and I agree with him about Anderson being the #3 DE (although don't let the idiot Redskins know who think Anderson is the next Peppers [morons, all, for thinking that]).
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    I disagree completely.

    This team needs to take a cornerback more than any other position. While there is some thoughts relevant about WR because of age. The same questions arise about cornerback, with the emphasis being a much more dire situation in the defensive backfield.

    Both T.O. and Glenn are in their 30's. We do not expect T.O. to be here after this year. Although he very well could be. Yet we have a solid #3 guy in Crayton, and two fledgling players in Austin and Hurd.

    And if we needed T.O., aand felt he was still a playmaker, his cap hit is already facftored into the mix. He would not be that pricey due to the way Jerry and Stephen structured his contract.

    Yet at cornerback we have Henry, who has been injured each year with the Cowboys, and Aaron Glenn. Both of these players are in their 30's, as well.

    Glenn has made no bones about expressing his desire to return to the Texans and his home town. So his immenent exit will happen at the end of this next season. Either by us jetisoning this player, or his decision to leave on his own.

    Henry is a question mark in that he has struggled at times. In reviewing games from this last season I have seen him picked on by the opponent more than anyone, except maybe Roy Williams. Henry has little catch-up speed, and once the receiver gets past him, he rarely can recover.

    The one instance I can recall where he made such a recovery was in the Tampa Bay game when the quarterback underthrew Joey Galloway in the endzone.

    Newman will be up for renewal soon. But as Adam has indicated, we are near 13 million under the cap. I believe in Jones and Jones that they will get this done at a price which will fit under our cap.

    The back-ups at the nickle and dime spots for this team are not noteworthy.

    Also keep in mind that Henry has had his biggest success as a nickle and dime corner in Cleveland. I admit I thought this was at safety, but was corrected in my thinking.

    I would however, try Henry at safety if a corner is drafted and does come on at some point in the season. Here is why.

    1. If the drafted player does show he can handle it, then moving Henry would allow the kid to start. We would not be eating a huge dollar amount for a guy who is backing up the corner. But we always have the option to return Henry to the starting position if we feel the drafted player is not working out.

    2. With the addition of Henry at safety, this puts pressure on Hamlin to deliver. Put up or shut up.

    3. If Henry does deliver, it also softens the negotiating power of Hamlin should we decide to sign him to a long term contract.

    At the very least, the rookie copuld start as a nickle or dime defender, and surely be better than what we have backing up Aaron Glenn, if not better than Glenn himself.

    But in any event, we would have options at safety and corner in the coming off-season.

    If we drafted a WR, he would not start unless injury took one of our starters. We could very well then be going into next year needing a safety and a cornerback, along with a nickleback.

    Jerry Jones has shown us that he will forego the stud in free agency and overpay the next level guy.

    We need only look back to the Wahle/Rivera issue to see that Jerry took the wrong player. He also may have done this with Leonard Davis. That remains to be seen.

    So if we are going to try and fill spots with free agents, we have a history of not spending the right amount on the right guy.

    Corner is a position we need to fill via the draft. We need to get younger there.

    And Newman will be negotiating his last contract with us due to his age.

    I'd love to have the next great receiver this year.

    But I believe our team has a need somewhere else that preempts receiver in the first round.

    One last point. It is said a pass rush makes great corners out of average players. I agree. But it will not cause a player to gain in recovery speed if he doesn't have it.

    I think WP see Carpenter and Ayodele and Burnett and thinks he can solve the Ellis issue if Greg cannot come back to previous form. Just my opinion.

    I also believe Ellis will never regain his pre-achilles injury abilities.

    So with the number of defensive ends and defensive linemen we have taken in the recent past, I believe this also points to cornerback in the first round.

    And while we may have a pretty penny invested in corner, the team has controlled the cap in such a way that we could do so and not feel a pinch.

    We are not, after all, the Redskins.

    Gonzales in the second, if available, is close to what we will be able to get in the first. I don't see Ginn Jr. as anything more than Terry Glenn without the toughness. Speed kills in this league, but if you can't stay on the field, or run poor routes, how are you any better than a bench player?
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    No we don't. He probably won't be there. We go WR at 22 he better be a #1 WR not a return guy who is a #2 WR.
  7. dalboy

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    i would rather take Robert Meachem, Jr than Ginn JR.
  8. LatinMind

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    some numbers on ginn make me think bust bust bust.

    he basically beat on on them nobody teams from small conferences, but against teams like penn state they held him to under 35 yrds receiving

    ginn caught passes againt 1 team last yr that was worth a damn, michigan

    he had 108 yrds, then had 122 on bowling green, and 123 vs northern illnois

    he rest of the season he averaged 48 yrds a game
  9. burmafrd

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    My question with Ginn is he really a great KR like Hester? If so then take him. IF not then pass.

    Two Deep: Wahle was never an option- he wanted to go to Carolina and that was that. Davis- JJ wanted a mauler and he was the only one available; that and in a pinch he can play tackle for a few games.
    Though I have to say that getting a CB is a very good idea due to age in our CBs. BY the way- the question that got everyone exercised about Glenn was that he was asked by a reporter where he would want to go IF HE GOT CUT by the boys- that is when he said Houston.
  10. jobberone

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    Boy I agree wholeheartedly with this. I don't see this guy as being a number one ever. If he was definitely going to be a very good return man then maybe.
  11. ThreeSportStar80

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    I would have to concur, Mayock is a very good evaluator of talent, way better than Mel Kiper (what a joke :rolleyes:)...
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    From the 2006 Outback Bowl against Penn State...
    R Meachem 4 receptions 33 yds 8.3 avg. 0 TD's
  13. Tristan

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    I agree DB is a must, but if Ginn or Jarrett are available I go there first and DB in the second.

    The reason is that I think Ginn and Jarrett are very special playmakers. If I felt there was a very special playmaker at CB, then I would prefer the CB. I wanted Cromartie last year in the first, I though he was special.

    I strongly disagree with anyone who suggest that Ginn is nothing more than a fast guy, and/or returner. He is a phenominal football player who is capable of wreaking havoc in so many ways. I liken Ginn to a Reggie Bush, not a Devon Hester. Anyone who states that Ginn is not a very good WR, just hasn't watched him much IMO.

    Jarret is also a phenominal football player who has the chance to be very special IMO. If you watched most his games this year, I don't see how you couldn't want him on our team.

    My first choices are Ginn or Jarrett because I think they are big time playmakers. If they are gone I go DB.

    My board....(realistic)

    #1 Ginn Jr.
    #2 Jarrett
    #3 Nelson
    #4 Ross
    #5 Houston
    #6 Moss
    #7 Merriweather
    #8 Staley
    #9 Blalock
    #10 Grubbs
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    He shredded UT if I'm not mistaken. If they just let him touch the ball, he made UT pay big time and UT had a good defense. Lets not forget that OSU blew teams out big time so much of the time he didn't really have to do much regardless, just run the clock out. In pretty much every CLOSE big game, he was huge. Look at what he did as a sophmore vs ND's crappy secondary in the fiesta bowl --- 8 catches 167 yards. Can throw in his 2 rushes for 73 yards for 240 yards of offense and that's not including his return yardage.
  15. randy932

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    No way in heck. He is a bust waiting to happen. It is stupid to use the first round pick on a punt returner, and that is all he is.

    Alexander Wright II
  16. cobra

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    Wow. This is so incredibly wrong. Well, unless you were merely refering to speed. But a blind, ******** zygote could recognize the difference in on-the-field football ability of the two. Alexander Wright was nothing but speed. He never did anything but run fast. He was not a dominant college player. Ted Ginn was. He is one of the most dynamic kick returners in college football history. He had fairly good receiving numbers playing for the top ranked team for the three years he was playing. Comparing him to Alexander Wright is below stupid... whatever that level is.
  17. Tristan

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    I agree, comparing Ginn to Wright is below ignorant. I'm so sick and tired of these idiots commenting on players they han't taken the time to watch.

    It's so obvious that many of these guys have only read a few draft opinions, and/or saw a few sportcenter highlights. Then they formulate this imagined image of the player and then they spout off telling you their opinion of the imagined player.
  18. DanTanna

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    Ginn would be a total "Luxury" pick for us. In most years we just could not afford to take a chance on a guaranteed lifetime back-up/special teams player. However, this year we can afford it so it wouldn't kill me if we chose him. But Jarrett/Mike Williams? No way in he11. Think Desmond Howard when looking at Ginn.
  19. randy932

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    lmao! You call me ignorant. You don't know me at all, yet you pass judgement on me from one post you have read. I watch a cosiderable amount of football, both pro and NCAA. For what it's worth. I am not alone in my opinion about this fast as heck punt returner. If you go back and read, you'll see that I said he is a punt returner. As a WR, he has bust written all over him.
  20. burmafrd

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    Uh, I guess you missed his one play in the NC game when he looked pretty good as a KR?

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