Mayock's updated position rankings

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Apr 3, 2012.

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    I betcha Ryan loves Poe. Besides salivating over the idea of moving him up and down the line Ryan no doubt views himself (rightly or wrongly) as a world class mentor, which Poe by most accounts is going to need.
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    Not at all arguing he is correct merely noting their will be NFL minds who rate Poe highly after that line of thinking.

    I can't accurately grade Poe and don't think anyone on this board can. Not based on what we have seen thus far. He was clearly a dominant and rare athlete at the combine but also had marginal game impact for Memphis that basically comprised of eating double-teams.
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    Spears has tons of talent, and has been a huge underachiever-something that never really gets mentioned on this board. Had Parcells been his head coach, I'm not at all sure he would have achieved at the level he has...

    Al Johnson was solid until microfracture surgery. He was never the same after. Serious knee injuries are hard to predict, particularly in people that don't have a history of having them.

    How many years has Peterman started in Detroit?

    Yeah, same old BP. I don't agree with all the crap that gets heaped on BP on this board. The dude was old, arrogant, condescending, and very possibly the best coach/team builder this league has ever seen. His health was giving out, otherwise, IMO, he would have had an excellent chance to get his Superbowl ring in Dallas. And I am certain: he WAS a great talent evaluator.
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    Boys was awful when Jones was in charge with pseudo figurehead headcoaches. Boys was pretty good when the two JJ's were TOGETHER.

    I am just pointing out that BP merely brought the Cowboys back up to probably the NFL average and it was because this team was in such disarray before he got here.

    Again, BP was a great coach but looking at the day he actually won championships someone else was running the front office and draft.

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