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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyChris, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. CowboyChris

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    who would u start and why?

    i would start TT if BP feels he has a total grasp of the offense, if not i would start MB.
  2. Dawgs0916

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    TT without a doubt. He can take it to the house with every touch. I like the way MBIII is running now, Parcells must have "reminded" him you don't bounce it outside when you need half a yard. He was running hard and low the last game. But TT is just a naturally talented runner who can really put fear into an opponents mind. I love the way he hits the hole and accelerates. What a nice pair of young backs we have!
  3. TheHustler

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    MB3 is the more completely back, but TT can be a game breaker.
  4. dal0789

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    TT gamebreaker
  5. Jimz31

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    I would start TT, and give him 3/5 of the rushes.

    He's just a guy that can make plays. We need that.

    All that I know, is that I would NOT start A-train.
  6. DallasDomination

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    I'm going to change it up and say MArion BArber the III.

    This last game he showed some nice speed with a touch of nice cuts. We atleast nicer and faster cuts than Tyson.
  7. rexrobinson

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    I say play em both and send the A-train home on the B Train.. I hate that guy....

    can we just combine MBIII's talent with TT's speed? talk about a great back...
  8. BHendri5

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    No doubt, he is a more polished runner, than TT, all TT has is speed, but we have yet to see that speed unleashed, so as they say seeing is believing.

    Some say he he hits the holes fast and hard, I would like for them to tell me what game did he do that in.

    So that I can go back and look at those games. I like the kid, but I just do not see where he is better than MB3.

    I've said it before, when I see TT, I see a guy that still runs like he is in high school or Jr college.
    BP alluded to that in a press conference earlier this week.

    Hopefully MB can the majority of the carries again this week.

    Also, what teams that we have played was afraid of TT? He has yet to do anything to make anyone fear him.

    I'm not understanding that line of thought, or where people got that idea from. Has anyone reported that teams are afraid of TT?

    I'm curious. He needs to get past the first level of the defense and itno the secondary to showcase his speed and to make teams fear him.

    I'm not starting a fuss fest, just wondering where all this "TT puts pressure on the defense, this fear he causes and how he is the best backup.

    I mean all we know is that he is suppose to be fast, but we have not seen him outrun any of the opposing defenses yet.

    We have seen where he cannot make at least one man miss, which makes some of us think that he has no wiggle and that his vision is not good.( Now I think that he is running so fast that he is not seeing the whole field, in which he needs to slow down a little and be patient) which is the reason why I say he is still running like he is in High School or Jr college.

    Just my opinion.

    The guy is not a finished product. MB3 is just a better RB at this time.
  9. ddh33

    ddh33 Active Member

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    I would start Anthony Thomas and rely on his veteran experience much as Dallas did last week. Barber and Thompson would probably both end up with more carries if I was calling the plays though. Of the two rookies, I think Barber is the better, more complete back, but that doesn't mean that I don't think Tyson should get quite a few carries.
  10. jay cee

    jay cee Active Member

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    I was thinking A-Train also. Although I really don't care who starts.
  11. cowboygolfer

    cowboygolfer New Member

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    I start TT because he has teh speed to make huge plays (as yet unseen). I like MBIII but we have seen enough 3 ypc games from all of our backs we need to get something working in the run game an it hasn't happened yet. Let the kid try that outside a few times on first and second downs MBIII can change it up. I am not against rotating them untill someone steps up but we need that to happen this week.
  12. JackMagist

    JackMagist The Great Communicator

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    I would start TT over MBIII even though MBIII did show up much better in the last game. He was better than I have seen him all year but he still doesn't scare anyone nor does he inspire my confidence. TT is a different style of runer than any of the others we have on our team and it makes it hard to compair them. But looking at the results of their efforts I'll take what TT has produced over what MBIII has produced and what they respectively have the potential to produce. As for A-Train; don't even bother to activate him. It is now clear to me why Chicago let him walk.
  13. Paniolo22

    Paniolo22 Hawaiian Cowboy

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    We haven't seen TT break one to the outside yet. I wonder if coach is tell him to get the tough yards up front?
  14. JackMagist

    JackMagist The Great Communicator

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    I don't think any of our RB's have really been used properly this year. I am not impressed with the job Sparano (sp) has done as the "Running Game Coordinator". Payton may be calling the plays but he isn't designing them. I say make Payton the OC and be done with it because what we are doing in the running game isn't working even with Julius in there.
  15. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

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    I would start the game with TT and have him bounce outside a lot with his speed. TT runs with more confidence than JJ to me, even though he's a rookie and seems to be stronger than MBIII. Also, he has the highest avg at 3.7 and is better at holding onto the ball IMO.

    A-Train is better used pounding the DL in the 2nd half.

  16. scottstee

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    Yeah, I wouldn't agree with that. Tyson Thompson holding on to the ball better? Lol. Um.. no.. Why do people feel like Tyson is all that.. He has speed, and that is it. Sorry people, I am talking reality. Do you want him in there for a blitz pickup to protect Drew Bledsoe, so he can make a pass to Glenn, Price, Keyshawn, Witten? No, our quarterback will be sacked. Tyson right now can only do one thing right now, run straight ahead with speed. That is if he is hitting the right hole. He just runs fast. PERIOD.

    Marion Barber hasn't played much because of his foot infection, but he showed me alot last week against the Giants. He appeared to be a more reliable runningback. He can run, block, catch, and pick up the tough yardage when necessary..

    There is nothing left to say
  17. Qwickdraw

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    I just wonder how long after JJ's return (if he remains at his current pace) will people start saying, "play TT".
  18. sago1

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    You guys just don't get it. It is not about TT's speed. What good does it do us if he misses a blitz & Bledsoe gets sacked or hurt. Until Parcells trusts TT to pick up the bliz/block TT won't play much. Who cares if TT runs 10 times & picks up 50 yards or so if he makes just 1 mistake which allows Seattle to sack Bledsoe & we lose Bledsoe for the year; we've got enough of those concerns with our rookie tackles. I think Parcells will play it safe but also there will be designed plays/formation to get max protection but still have some firepower in there. For example, we can take advantage of Glenn & Price speed (both a heck of a lot faster than TT) by taking some deep shots. We line them up on opposite sides (putting Witten inside one of them) but hold either Key or Campell in (like last week) to protect RT & either Barber or AT to protect Tucker. This formation allows us to run or pass: we can take several deep shots but Bledsoe can also check off to Witten; Barber or Key also are targets after each chips nearest Seattle D player posing threat to BledsoeWe can also run from this formation using Barber, AT or even TT. We can try the swing pass, the end around (using Glenn or Price not Key). In addition, Glenn & Price can decoy1-2 times. With 5 OL & DB (1) in there along with Price & Glenn (2) on the outsides & Witten inside one of them (1), Key/Campbell (1) & MBIII/AT (1) to chip & then release (2) we use all 11 of our players getting max protection. In addition to giving us opportunities to take deep shots, we still can use short/med passes, swing & end around plays (maybe using Glenn/Price we can actually picking up some yards instead of using Key).
  19. doomsday_II

    doomsday_II Member

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    I agree with your point that blocking is the main point. That's why I think MBIII will get the bulk of the load. As far as our speed guys BP said TT is the fastest guy on the team, faster than Newman :eek:
  20. vicjagger

    vicjagger Well-Known Member

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    The most important TT is already starting. Let's hope he plays well!

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