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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyChris, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. dbair1967

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    according to FWST, Barber got alot of the reps with the 1st team this week...

    he's probably starting this week and next week IMO...this is what he was drafted for, as an insurance policy to JuJo

  2. LaTunaNostra

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    Whichever guy has got his wits about him most...because we don't need, with Adams and Crayton out, a bigger target painted on Drew Bledsoe.

    It's easy to concur with the Sarge that MBIII is the more 'polished' back, and he may also always be the more complete back. But TT's potential impact this week is the ticket IF he can overcome his mental errors.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    I'll let the coaching staff decides who starts. But I expect to see both play a lot.
  4. baj1dallas

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    I'd put Thomas in for the first two plays, first play I think I might call either Peerless' favorite route or a pass to Witten or Key for a first down. Then maybe give Thomas one run, then bring in either Thompson or Barber. Thompson if it was 1st, Barber if it was 3rd.
  5. Chuck 54

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    I'd start MBIII. Thompson has speed and power, but he has no moves and doesn't make anyone miss from what I've seen...he's a change of pace back and should come off the bench.
  6. marchetta

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    GREAT analysis! You put into words my sentiments exactly. All TT has is straight-line speed. He has no wiggle, or cutting ability. He hits the hole hard and fast, but he's an all or nothing runner. He's really only affective when running sweeps. He doesn't have the ability to change direction, since he's going so fast that he can't see alternative running lanes or cutback opportunities develop. MBIII, on the other hand, is a natural RB. He hits the hole with authority, and runs just as hard as TT. He also has the ability to change direction, along with the vison to see holes develop. While he may not have the homerun abilty of TT, and he's not as effective running sweeps (ie. that 4th and inches play when he tried unsuccessfully to bounce outside), he will run hard between the tackles and keep the chains moving. He isn't the homerun threat that TT is, but how many homeruns has TT made? If you can't get past the 1st wave of defense, it doesn't matter how much speed you have. I'll take MBIII hands down everytime. :bow:
  7. Nors

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    Start game with Atrain - on the road hostile crowd. Get MB3 in there real quick and work him.

    I don't see TT having a big role - especially with Flo issue. Blocking is at a premium at RB RIGHT NOW.
  8. SmashFactorGolf

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    Start A-train to keep the kids heads on straight and let them get the early jitters out before they go in for 90% of the snaps between TT and MBIII
  9. Silverstar

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    Do you watch the games?

    MBIII has been yelled at by Parcells several times already for being careless with the ball. Regardless of MBIII's foot infection or whatever, TT has simply out played him so far. TT is a bigger and faster runner and a much better KR than MBIII.

    Check out the stats...it's not even close!

  10. scottstee

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    Barber really hasn't played that much this year.. If you are referring to preseason then yes he had an issue holding on to the ball. That hasn't been an issue in an actual meaningful game. If I remember correctly, it might have been against the Eagles, but it was Tyson that about fumbled the ball on consecutive plays, and they both had to be reviewed b/c it was so close.
  11. Hiero

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    wow faster than newman? didnt know he was that fast. hes gonna get his chacne this game again i think along with barber.
  12. Chuck 54

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    There was a week when everything you said held true, but last week, there's nothing in your commentary that's relevant...MBIII played ahead of TT and wasn't yelled at any and wasn't careless with the ball, but was instead complimented. Believe me, the fact that TT failed his walkthrough test last week due to making mistakes won't bode well for him this week either.
  13. Silverstar

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    If MBIII played ahead of TT last week, it was because Parcells wanted to get a better look at him and not because he was the better RB.

    MBIII gained 30 yards on 11 carries....how is this impressive?

    Umm...it isn't.
  14. AsthmaField

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    I'd start Barber3 and relieve him with Thompson. A-Train on the bench. I wouldn't even play him unless the other two just can't pick up the blitz.

    Barber3 runs H-A-R-D. He flat punishes people when they try to tackle him. He's also a very good blocker and is just as nifty in his cuts as Thompson.

    Thompson runs F-A-S-T. He can break a game wide open with his speed. He doesn't have a lot of moves (ala Dickerson), but his speed outside has to give defensive coordinators nightmares.

    Run both of those guys about an even number of carries and we should get good results. As they gain experience, they'll get better and better.

    When JJ comes back, we should have a very good trio of runners, with JJ being the headliner.
  15. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Its nothign special, but he showed a tenacious attitude with the ball, breaking tackles, and fighting for extra yards. He also showed nice hands, with 2 catches for about 25 yards. And he straight up owned Strahan on a few plays which is so valuable right know with our tackle situation and Cambell maybe playing more on the left.

    Also minus his 6 yard loss which was Tuckers fault, and its 10 for 36, 3.6 avg. Right at TT's average which ppl say is so unbelievable
  16. Fla Cowpoke

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    You would have to be completely clueless to start a healthy Tyson Thompson over a healthy Marion Barber. Barber has better vision, is a better blocker, and is a better receiver. The only thing in Thompson's favor is pure speed.

    Thompson has no wiggle....how many times has he been in open field on kickoff returns and been tackled by the kicker? How many times has he been tripped up by the shoelaces? How many times has he been knocked backwards? If you are seeing some one that runs with a lot of power....you are watching different games than I am .
  17. Eskimo

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    I don't buy that TT is faster than Newman. Newman was a Big 12 sprint champion - you just don't see many great sprinters that weight 225. Newman is amongst the fastest players in the NFL. TT is probably amongst the fastest RBs but I've yet to see a display of great football speed yet from him like outrunning a DB who has an angle on him.
  18. TheSport78

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    lets face it, tyson thompson is the reshard lee of 2005 LOL
  19. BHendri5

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    BP said that Tyson was the fastest RB, I believe, I do not recall him saying that he was the fastest player on the team. Anyway whatever was said was said before we signed Peerless Price.

    It was said back early in Training camp. It does not look like Tyson is faster than Glenn or Newman.
  20. BHendri5

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    Wow!! Silverstar, you are talking about the preseason game in Seattle. MBIII has only played in 2 or 3 games so far in the regular season, and he has not had any problem holding onto the ball. 2 weeks ago BP was yelling at Thompson for putting the ball on the ground.

    You are mistaken my friend.

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