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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Id like to cut a few guys, but for the mocks sake, lets say we only cut G. Ellis.
    Roy restructures and takes on a new role. And we hang onto Henry for depth, Newmans injury prone and Jenkins is no lock.

    Zach, Burnett, Canty all walk. Although, Id try hardest to retain Burnett

    Austin gets a 2nd round tender and steps up this year as a deep threat.

    We dont sign any big FA's. Maybe a guy or two for depth, especially on the lines.

    2nd round- Sean Smith - CB/FS, Utah. Our secondary has hurt us for too long. It has to be adressed. No need for me to add to the legend, you know by now. And yes, he will be here.

    2nd(Trade Browns 3rd and our 5th to get back into 2nd round)......

    Ron Brace - DT - B.C. - Makes for a versatile line. Ratliff can play DE on occasion. Brace and Spears at DT here and there. ect.

    4th- (from Detroit) Fenuki Tupou- T/G Oregon - 6'5" 314 Lbs. Good size, versatile. Can back up Colombo and both guard spots

    4th- Jasper Brinkley - ILB- S. Carolina - 6'2" 265 lbs. - Id love to get Ray, but I dont see the cap room. Brinkleys a perfect fit in the 3-4. Like it or not, he and Carpenter battle for the starting spot. Bobby wont be able to say he never had a shot.

    5th - Phillip Hunt - DE/OLB 6'2" 260 lbs - Houston- In a perfect world, this would be where Spencer steps up. However, he doesnt strike me as a baller. Hunt recorded 14 sacks last year, and should see some time in the rotation

    5th- Mike Reily - QB - 6'3" 215 lbs. - C. Washington- Hes got some Romo in him. Maybe we can turn him into a Shaub, AJ Feely/Cassel.

    6th- Cecil Newton - C - 6'2" 300 lbs - Tennessee State- Undersized, but a ton of experience.

    Remaining picks-6,7,7 - used for trade ups or traded for 2010 picks
  2. Monster Heel

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    I'd be thrilled if we got Smith and Brace. Still doesn't address the DE issue though.
  3. SLATEmosphere

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    I agree with you all the way bro. I really hope the boys move up and have two 2nd rounders. Sean Smith will be there contrary to what people think and Ron Brace will be there also..that basically takes care of 3 positions right there.

    I personally like Mckillop over Brinkley but that could change after the combine.

    I like for us to pick up Kalimba Edwards in FA to back up Spencer or Lawrence Sidbury in the draft.
  4. SLATEmosphere

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    Getting Brace moves Rat over to DE...problem solved.
  5. Silverstar

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  6. jterrell

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    I'd love to see us get Sean Smith and Ron Brace but find it near impossible.

    I am not sure either guy will be there when we make our first selection unless we trade up.

    For Smith to be there he will have to run a 4.5+ and I don't see that happening.

    The rest are just grab bag imho.
    Reilly has Harrell-like arm strength without the same level of competition.

    He'd rate in that 7th round area but only if we have picks there that you trade away.

    Ideally we'd use a bit higher draft pick on a more athletic prospect at QB like Rhett Bomar or Stephen McGee.

    Tupou and Newton far from impress me. There are so many exciting OL prospects after seeing these guys at the combine but the ones you chose don't stand out for me at all except with Newton being too small for our mauler OL.
  7. dannyboy

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    I agree. Getting Ron Brace is the key to our draft
  8. DaBoys4Life

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    I'll pass.
  9. RamziD

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    If we can come out of this draft with:

    Sean Smith or Patrick Chung at SS
    Ron Brace at DT
    Fenuki Tuopu at OT/OG and
    Jason Phillips at ILB

    I would be very, very happy
  10. Bob Sacamano

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  11. MarionBarberThe4th

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    The streak continues....
  12. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Smith just intrigues the hell out of me. W/ the right coaching, he can be a real weapon deep. Chungs ok, but hes more of a Roy.

    I like Brinkley at ILB. Hes a top prospect, but blew out his knee few years ago. A similar gamble worked out well w/Canty.....
  13. BraveHeartFan

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    If we got Smith and Brace in the second round I'd dang near kiss you. I can't see that happening but it would be a beautiful thing if it did.

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