McFadden/Jones vs. Brown/Williams

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by gimmesix, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I'm really not sure why more "respect" isn't given to the running back combo of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, in the sense of them not both being considered potential high first-round draft picks.

    Just a few years ago, there was another SEC running back tandem that came out in the draft (2005) and both of the players went in the top five, despite neither putting up numbers as good as McFadden's and Jones'.

    Ronnie Brown, the No. 2 pick by Miami, was the "backup" at Auburn and rushed for 913 yards and 8 touchdowns on 153 carries (6.0 per carry) his final year. The previous year, he rushed for 446 and 5 touchdowns on 95 carries (4.7). His best year was 2002, when he rushed for 1,008 and 13 touchdowns on 175 carries (5.8). As a redshirt freshman, he rushed 84 times for 330 (3.9) and 2 touchdowns.

    Felix rushed for 626 yards and 3 touchdowns on 99 carries (6.3) as a true freshman. The next year, he rushed for 1,168 yards nd 6 touchdowns on 154 carries (7.6). Then as a junior, he rushed for 1,162 and 11 touchdowns on 133 carries (8.7). Plus, he was an outstanding kickoff returner.

    Cadillac Williams, who went fifth to Tampa Bay, posted these numbers: 141-745 (5.3)-10 in 2002; 241-1,307 (5.4)-17 in 2003, and 239-1,165 (4.9)-12 in 2004.

    McFadden's numbers are 176-1,113 (6.3)-11 as a true freshman; 284-1,714 (5.8)-14 as a sophomore, and 325-1,830 (5.6)-16 as a junior.

    Now, it now appears that the Brown/Williams tandem probably shouldn't have gone that high and I also admit that numbers don't tell the whole story, but it seems to me that this Arkansas running back tandem might be getting sold short because of the depth at the position in this draft and maybe for other reasons.
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    One of those other reasons is that both of the Auburn guys were considered "every down backs" while Felix, at least, isn't.
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    The funny thing is there was more concern about Williams' ability to handle being an every-down back (durability) than there was about Brown's.

    I do think Williams also improved his stock with his performance during Senior Bowl week, while Jones didn't get such a chance since he's a junior.

    Despite his carries being on par with Brown's year to year and Jones showing more durability than either Brown or Williams, it just seems strange to me that Jones isn't as highly regarded.

    I do think he would be graded higher, though, if it weren't for Rashard Mendenhall and Jonathan Stewart.
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    Obviously dude.

    Both Mendenhall & Stewart are generally ranked ahead of Felix. So, if Mendenhall and Stewart weren't there. Obviously, Felix would be ranked higher.

    Anywho, I like Felix. I definitely would not mind drafting him at 28 if we dont trade that pick for a vet WR. If we do that, I would love to see Ray Rice or Jamaal Charles in round 2.
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    All good stats, and such, but i think one of the main reasons for the decline is that there honestly isn't as high a priority on backs now, as there was even 3 or 4 years ago.

    More and more teams have gone to more of a 2-back system (And in the case of a team like the Giants a 3-4 back system) so people aren't necassarily taking backs as high all the time.

    At least that is my opinion. That is why you probably only see 1 or 2 backs taken in the top 10 now instead of 2 backs within the top 5.

    Plus you have to factor in needs. Of the top 10 this year there isn't necassarily anyone dying for a RB till you get to at least Cincy. Now a team like the Raiders might be looking at DMac, simply because he appears to be such a stud, but even they'd be stock piling at that point with 3 or 4 backs already signed.
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    I'm talking about moving up quite a bit in the overall rankings. The strength of the RB class not only moves Felix down to fourth in the RB rankings, but it makes him a lower first-round value when without Mendenhall and Stewart, he would probably be a top-15 value.

    I believe the only reason Jones isn't considered in that range is because of the depth at his position. I've seen some here believing we shouldn't take him unless he's available in the second round, but I believe we would be getting good value if we take him in the first round and I'd have no problem with it.

    Like you, though, I'd be OK with Rice in the second. I just have trouble understanding why so many seem so adamant against Felix Jones. If Dallas took him, it wouldn't be because he's from Jerry's alma mater, it would be because he's a very good back.
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    Well, I wasn't necessarily addressing when they would get picked, but rather the value of the player.

    Some seem to devalue Felix Jones and even McFadden (although that's somewhat understandable based on his "character" issues). I'm not a big advocate of Dallas getting either one, but I don't understand the negative attitude toward Jones.

    Yes, he was a backup, but he succeeded with teams knowing what he could do running the ball and with teams gearing up against the run because of Arkansas' poor passing game. His worth IMO is more than he's given credit for.

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