McFadden Syndrome

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RW31, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I like Mayock but it took exactly 3 seconds to find a video that shows more than one run where he did not go down the first time he's hit.

    I dont want to move up to get him in the top 5 but this idea that if he gets hit it's over is simply silly.
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    Yeah I didn't get that criticism of McFadden when Mayock pointed it out. Here are some numbers to disprove it:

    Percentage of Runs Which Required More than 1 Defender to Make the Tackle

    Darren McFadden 34.6%
    Matt Forte 31.5%
    Felix Jones 16.5%

    I chose those three guys because they're the only players for whom that information is available at this point. Sadly there's really not much to compare those #s to. However, if McFadden's percentage is only average then that means Jones' is well below average. And if McFaddens percentage is above average, well that puts Jones as average at best. I think Mayocks criticism is a little unfounded and is something that I never really noticed when watching Arkansas games.

    Another statistic to consider is this:

    Percentage of Runs Ending @ or Behind the LOS
    McFadden 12.9%
    Forte 18.8%
    Jones 19.5%

    Despite Jones being the fastest of the three, he was the least successful in terms of getting through the LOS. It's rather telling because McFadden and Jones received the same blocking, yet there is a significant statistical disparity between the two. When you combine the two statistics I've talked about so far you can make a reasonable assumption that it is indeed Jones who goes down too often on first contact.
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    Well i don't really know what that means. It could mean a lot of things. If he runs by a linebacker and the linebacker touches his arm does that mean McFadden broke the tackle? It shouldnt. Because i really don't see McFadden break a lot of tackles. Once you have him wrapped up, once you pop him he will go down. And thats the thing with him. He cant run over people like Peterson does. He cant lower his shoulder and pop a linebacker and then gain another 5yds while falling forwards. If McFadden gets popped by a linebacker he will drop backwards.
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    Dmac IMO is overated. I hope we don't trade our picks to go get him.

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