McFadden vs. Felix Jones

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Apr 17, 2008.

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    If you look at the two highlight videos, it seems most every McFadden run ther'es a hole the size of texas and all he does is run straight ahead on most all his runs.
    He doesn't break tackles, has a poor stiff arm and gets taken down way too easily on contact like Mayock said.
    When I look at the Jones highlight reel, he seems to have much better cuts, breaks a ton more tackles, has a better stiff arm also.
    If you werren't biased and if you didn't know who was who and just watched the highlight film and had to pick who the better back was, I'd have to say it's Jones.
    You be the judge, but keep in mind when wathcing McFadden how a lot of his runs are just straight ahead running where he doesn't actually have to work for his run where Jones does, and that won't fly in the NFL, and keep in mind when he has contact and keep an eye on his PATHETIC stiff arm attempts, and when you watch Jones, look at how much better he is at breaking tackles and using the stiff arm and actually runs more like a R.B. making cuts all day, where most of McFaddnes runs are simply straight line running.
    I don't know, but after watching these two highlight reels, I'm really liking Jones BETTER then McFadden.

    Look at the 2 UNBIASED and if you had to judge who's the better R.B., I bet you'd pick Jones.]

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