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    Did this look like a repeat performance of the SB or what? 2:23 left and McNabb is walking around smiling, lets the clock go down to the 2 minute warning without getting another play off. Do they think they are so good that the other team is going to rollover and just let them run Westbrook down the field with no time left. I would be throwing my remote control at the TV if Bledsoe was pulling that crap.

    It was fun watching the Falcons knock him around though!
  2. Dallas

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    I tell you what - Atlanta has its hands FULL in its next game against Seattle. That Matt Hasselbeck is on fire all over the field.
  3. Seven

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    Sometimes I swear it looks like things really don't matter to McNabb. He's a good guy and a half decent QB but it looks like he's just oozing "oh well". That's gotta tick Reid off to a certain extent.
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    Got gasoline?
  5. smashmouth

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    I think the bigger problem for the shegles is their offensive line and the blitz - they can't block the blitz very well, and that's good for the boys.

    The problem we've had in the past with our blitzing was the fact that our CB's couldn't keep the WR's in check. NOT ANYMORE!
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    He was pressured pretty consistently all night and was really hammered on a couple plays, also had some drops by his good buddy TO but he also did some stupid things out there (ie: the lateral, I know it wasnt planned but he threw it that way)
    More importantly to me was that prior to last year Mcnabbs career completion % was in the high 50s and last year it sky rocketed to 64%. Obviously that made his passer rating jump nearly TWENTY points higher than it had ever been before. Tonight he was 24/45 and misfired with some frequency.
    Most everyone assumed that Mcnabb had risen to a higher level as of last year but what if he actually returns to his career averages? Given that and his disdain for being a "running" qb nowadays (only 220 yds rushing last season) and we just might have a shot at these guys this year.
    I know its only one game but its something I'll be watching.
  7. da_boyz_mk

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    mcnabb sucks....

    i feel better now
  8. davidyee

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    ...if McNabb was the QB on the Cowboys our team would take off and his career would take off along with us.

    From what I can see of his personality he would do well on a Parcells run team. He would be the added dimension of mobility we needed and a sure handed TE like Witten would be the security blanket he has never had in Philly.

    With a runner like Julius and the team elements we have here with Parcells Donovan would have an excellent shot at the HOF and a few rings.

    The two QBs who come to mind who could put our team over the top and benefit from a Parcells run philosophy would be McNabb and Manning.

    A strong "run oriented" ball controll team with a swarming, physical defence. The QB doesn't have to sweat the small stuff on this type of team. That's why Brady has (3) rings and is in a excellent place to challenge for his fourth. He may not make the money that Manning or McNabb makes, but his career will endure in history and front and center in Canton.

    I have my doubts that Manning's or McNabb's will given the teams they have hitched their horses to. Can anyone say Marino? A career for an all star has to be hollow if you don't ever get the chance to kiss the Lombardi.

    Those two need to look at the Corey Dillon career move tutorial and consider it before it's too late.
  9. Muhast

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    one comment David, he's had that security blanket which is why he did well last year, no not T.O. It's Westbrook who probably has the best hands on the eagles. Just think if t.o goes down again.... This time instead of Pinkston/Mitchell. It will be Lewis/Brown. How comfortable do u think Andy is with that????
  10. da_boyz_mk

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    westbrook is the key to their team. he is so valuable as a run/pass option and on special teams as well. TO is important but in my opinion they go as westbrook goes.

    with that said i hope they don't resign him and he goes to another division
  11. davidyee

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    ...I don't think Lurie and Reid have developed the type of team and character that can carry McNabb and allow him to be successful. They have played the game with superior talent, but Reid's lack of team discipline and "no nonsense" approach to football has now come to show when the "primadonnas" have now come to roost.

    It's difficult to ge t the top. It's even harder to stay on top. I think BP has learned that second lesson. That's why he seems to enjoy taking over perrenial losers and making something out of them. He knows that in the early stages of developing a team the players are so tired of losing that they will buy whatever koolaid he is selling.

    Once they get a taste of success then the other distractions permeate the team. Money, fame, and other distractions from the field. That's why the Pats run is particularily interesting. They have a formula that is unlike the Reid and Lurie scenario. Oddly enough it's very much a variation of the Parcells concept.
  12. CalCBFan

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    I think McNabb is just plain arrogant. That's what I saw as he strolled onto the field for their final drive: A "my sh.. doesn't stink" attitude. I was worried Mora would take after his father and lose on the final play for going conservative. But things turned out o.k....
  13. NeWmAnIsNeXt41

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    Mcnabb aint **** against the 3-4 it seems like he only throws 2 people. WE should double T.O when we play them . I could see us beating them are defense should be better then it is by then.
  14. lspain1

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    It looked to me like McNabb was playing against an excellent defense with something to prove. I'd take him for the Cowboys any day.
  15. morasp

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    Maybe Price wasn't the problem at receiver. It looked like to me that the Falcons offense hasn't changed that much. Run the ball and throw to Crumpler. The receivers had a few catches but not that many.
  16. Doomsday

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    Half of Vick's passes were 5 feet over the WRs heads.

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