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    NFC East only here. Click the link for the rest.

    7) Washington - Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

    Finding a quarterback is a must for the Redskins, and this will be an interesting call if Griffin and USC's Matt Barkley are still on the board. Barkley would make sense, but it might be hard for Washington coach Mike Shanahan to pass on a dynamic athlete like Griffin.

    11) Philadelphia - Luke Kuechly ILB Boston College

    The Andy Reid regime in Philadelphia has not used a first-round pick on a linebacker in 13 years, but this might be the time. Kuechly is perhaps the most productive linebacker in the nation, using elite instincts and anticipation to mask a lack of ideal athletic ability.

    17) N.Y. Giants - Vontaze Burflict ILB Arizona St.

    Current starting MLB Chase Blackburn is a free agent after this season, and while I'm not sure Burfict has the discipline and character the Giants would be looking for in the quarterback of their defense, he is double-stuffed with raw ability. He has impressive size, is a thumper against the run and shows good range in underneath coverage.

    20) Dallas - Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi St.

    Dallas doesn't have a specific pressing need, but it could upgrade at safety, cornerback and outside linebacker, and free agency could create holes at guard and inside linebacker. However, Cox has come on this season and is an underrated player with the versatility to play end in the Cowboys' 3-4 scheme.
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    OMG I hope we can do better that I like F Cox but seems way to high for him
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    No doubt but odds are he could be right on with the rest of the NFCE
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    If we DL in the 1st, I'd love to nab Devon Still who should be available in that range.
  5. jnday

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    I'm glad to know we have no pressing needs . I can think of several picks that I rather have in the first .
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    I cant see the Cowboys/Giants or Redskins going that route lol.

    I think those are all bad picks.

    Giants don't want players like Vontaze. He will likely end up a Lions LB.
    Redskins would take Barkley over RGIII. He is a guy that fits the mold of a franchise player.
    Cowboys could go OLB/CB there. I doubt they go DT first.
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    I don't think they will go DE/NT in the early rounds, if at all. They've got Lissemore playing and producing fairly well so he'll be in the mix next year. They also seem pretty high on Clifton Geathers for the future (otherwise they wouldn't have kept a player that would not get much playing time this year).
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    I hope that Washington doesn't draft Robert Griffin, as I think he's gonna be very good for a long time!
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    Washington - Robert Griffin III QB Baylorin the areans league in 5 years
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    Yeah, I don't know what McShay's been watching.
  11. ninja

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    "Dallas doesn't have a specific pressing need..."

    After reading that, I knew this article was questionable at best.

    I don't think the Redskins will be able to draft RG III unless they move up a lot. And it will be costly. Especially with Barkely staying at USC.

    I don't even think the two ILBs Keuchly and Burflict will go in the first round.
  12. TheDallasDon

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    How does this guy keep his job.........just get ur inside info, quit evaluating and making ur on mock

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