McShay Talks on Ginn and other WR's...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by HardHittingRoy31, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Santana Moss @ 2001 Draft.....

    2001 NFL Draft:

    SANTANA MOSS, Wide Receiver

    School: University of Miami Hurricanes. Height: 5:09.5. Weight: 181. Hometown: Miami, Florida An inch shorter and 3 lbs heavier than Ginn.
    Steve Smith​

    5' 9", 185 pounds
    Drafted in 2001 - (Pick 74 overall)​

    Over an inch shorter and 7 pounds heavier than Ginn​

    If Ginn indeed looks leaner, it's because he's taller. His durability has never been a question in 3 years at OSU. I'd be more concerned with Adrian Peterson's durability given his past.​
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    These 40 times are getting blown out of proportion! Give me a guy who comes to play on game day!
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    Or Marvin Harrison.
  4. tyke1doe

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    And both of those receivers had the benefit of weight training in the NFL.

    I betcha Ted Ginn reaches 190 before the season is over. And because he has a lean frame, he won't lose much speed if he does at all.

    Draft him. :D
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    MOre and more I am leaning towards GInn- but I think he will be gone before our pick. Hester really woke a lot of teams up as regards the return game.
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    Pick Ginn.

    He's a Great player.


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    It has been 3 freaking months since Ginn hurt his foot and it is still jacked up to the point that halfway through his workout he is favoring it?

    Talk about a slow healer, I think I will pass on Ginn.

    Meechum is better imo.

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