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    Click the link for commentary. (must have ESPN Insider)

    * - underclassman

    McShay's Top 32

    1. Jadeveon Clowney* DE South Carolina
    2. Teddy Bridgewater* QB Louisville
    3. Anthony Barr OLB UCLA
    4. Jake Matthews T Texas A&M
    5. Louis Nix III DT Notre Dame

    6. Brett Hundley* QB UCLA
    7. Taylor Lewan T Michigan
    8. Timmy Jernigan* DT Florida St.
    9. C.J. Mosley OLB Alabama
    10. Marqise Lee* WR USC

    11. Dominique Easley DT Florida
    12. Sammy Watkins* WR Clemson
    13. Stephon Tuitt* DE Notre Dame
    14. Aaron Lynch* DE South Florida
    15. Cyrus Kouandjio* T Alabama

    16. Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo
    17. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix* S Alabama
    18. Scott Crichton* DE Oregon St.
    19. Eric Ebron* TE North Carolina
    20. Antonio Richardson* T Tennessee

    21. De'Anthony Thomas* RB Oregon
    22. Marcus Mariota* QB Oregon
    23. Austin Seferian-Jenkins* TE Washington
    24. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu* CB Oregon
    25. Anthony Johnson* DT LSU

    26. Johnny Manziel* QB Texas A&M
    27. Will Sutton DT Arizona St.
    28. Marcus Roberson* CB Florida
    29. Adrian Hubbard* OLB Alabama
    30. Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt
    31. Stephen Morris QB Miami
    32. Loucheiz Purifoy* CB Florida
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  2. Chris in Arizona

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    Pac12 homer in me wants Anthony Barr badly but looks less and less like we'll be anywhere close enough to draft him. De'Anthony Thomas might make sense, especially if we move on from Miles' salary and injury issues. Thomas would help as a slot WR, change-of-pace RB, and KR/PR. Jerry will love his marketability as well.

    Will Sutton remains my #1 hope for who we draft though. Cyrus Kouandijo was in that conversation before the season but Doug Free has really improved.
  3. tm1119

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    Doesn't look very updated to me....Clinton-Dix, Easley, and Crichton are all way too high.
  4. Risen Star

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    It was updated on Thursday.
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  5. robert70x7

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    I did a composite today of all Kiper/McShay big boards since May (only included the weeks where both did one). I'll spare everyone the details how I averaged it out.

    1. Jadeveon Clowney
    2. Teddy Bridgewater
    3. Anthony Barr
    4. Jake Matthews
    5. Louis Nix
    6. Marqise Lee
    7. Taylor Lewan
    8. Brett Hundley
    9. CJ Mosley
    10. Cyrus Kouandjio
    11. Timmy Jernigan
    12. Stephon Tuitt
    13. Sammy Watkins
    14. Antonio Richardson
    15. Khalil Mack
    16. Loucheiz Purifoy
    17. Ifo Ekpre-Olumu
    18. Aaron Lynch
    19. Anthony Johnson
    20. De'Anthony Thomas
    21. Dominique Easley
    22. Scott Crichton
    23. Eric Ebron
    24. Ha-ha Clinton-Dix
    25. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
    26. Marcus Mariota
    27. Vic Beasley
    28. Cameron Erving
    29. Adrian Hubbard
    30. David Yankey
    31. Johnny Manziel
    32. Will Sutton
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  6. brucekr

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    Scott Crichton getting some love. Pretty awesome. I figured Cooks would be rated higher and even Mannion. Rabid Oregon State fan here...
  7. dart

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    Teddy Bridgewater* QB Louisville - the most OVERATED GUYS IN THIS YEARS DRAFT
  8. Nirvana

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    Gators DT Easley tore his ACL and is out for year. He is getting surgery today. I wonder how far he slips? Could be a nice pick-up.
  9. robert70x7

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    This is just a combination of prior rankings. When they update it, I'm sure he will be out of the Top 32.
  10. VACowboy

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    I'd like to be picking #32 and have those three options.
  11. Future

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    Hard not to like the number of DTs and DEs that are there, even though some will assuredly slip, there should be a good one there for the taking around 20 when we pick.
  12. Vintage

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    Vic Beasley is intriguing.
  13. unionjack8

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    No Rashede hageman on that list is a joke. He is way better than sutton and probably Anthony Johnson.
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