McShay top 32/Kiper big board 1/30/13....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 30, 2013.

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    The more QBs that get overrated the better for us. Not only will it slide players down to 18 but the best trade down offers would more than likely come from a team desperate to get their QB. You'll give up more if you think you're getting your franchise QB.

    I wouldn't hesitate to give up our 1st this year for a 1st next year in a trade package for the 18th pick. We'd have two 2's this year and two 1's next year.
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  2. Boys122

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    Yeah, I understand that, I just felt the need to say more than one QB will be drafted in round one. :D

    As far as our first and second pick it depends on who the BPA is. Hopefully it's on the OL or DL yes. If not give me the best safety if that's the case. I just hope it's not a corner. That's the only scenario where I wouldn't draft BPA. Trade out.
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    Right, and we know it's gonna happen. Smith, Wilson, even Nassib could be drafted in the first, who knows. Kiper knows this too. He knows some of these prospects will rise or fall. He's the most respected draft expert out there.

    Like I mentioned in the post above, I felt the need to mention it that's all.
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    agree that this is a definite possibility

    this draft is pretty deep at positions we really need (OL, DL, safety)

    it might come down to what we value more, 2 2s this year with 2 1s next year or an extra 3rd this year + a 1 in mid 20s

    in my mind, if we draft well, we could almost come out with 3-4 starters from our 1-3 rounds, which could be huge
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    Cannot remember the last time neither Kiper or McShay did not have a QB on their top prospect lists. This truly is a horrible year to get a QB.
  6. Boys122

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    Me either. We need more talent on this team. The more picks the better.
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    I think Hankins is still a very productive 4-3 DT as well. He's not going to be Sapp type and get a lot of sacks, but he can still be very productive. Remember the Vikings having a great line a few years ago with the giant pair Williams they had clogging the middle? I see Hankins as a Pat Williams type of player. Just a big nasty force in the middle who is going to stop the run and demand double teams. I'd rather have Richardson or Floyd because I love their upside, but Hankins isn't a bad consolation if we are going DT.
  8. Gaede

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    If Richardson does have character issues, then I don't really expect us to draft him. On the flip side, if he does have issues, he'll probably be available when we pick.

    To me, the players I consider right now at 18 are Warmack, Cooper, Short, Floyd, Lane Johnson, Sly Williams...I'm not a big fan of Datone Jones or Kenny Vaccaro.
  9. Boys122

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    I doubt Warmack is there at 18 but if he is and we don't draft him it's a huge mistake.

    I also like Cooper if Warmack is gone. If both Warmack and Cooper are gone Short or Floyd will be a nice consolation prize.
  10. cowboysooner

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    Right now there are no corners on the board with the talent of Claiborne, Gilmore or Jenkins.

    Milliner will get rated higher than last two year's overdrafted Alabama corners but he has to go the the right scheme. He is a big strong guy without a ton of ball skill and one year of starting tape. If he were at another program, he would not be getting the love. Of course if he runs 4.35 then I'm completely wrong, but he still only has one year of tape.

    This is a weird draft. There are few elite skill guys.
  11. jterrell

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    these big boards will change drastically by draft day.
  12. jterrell

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    The guy Richardson most reminds me of is Warren Sapp.
    Don't mean he will fail a drug test but he has that innate cockiness.

    This is a guy with an amazingly high motor. He did wear down in games but he flat played his butt off versus SEC lines and was probably just plain exhausted. He tries to single-handedly win games.

    Yes, he insulted the entire Georgia program but he played amazing in that game personally.

    If we are taking guys off the board for being Hall/Moss like cocky we should just stop drafting. Self-belief is a key component of ever reaching your maximum potential. You have to belief it before others do.

    Richardson to me is the best pure 4-3 3 Tech in this class. He is a pro bowler waiting to happen IMHO. Give him some snaps off in a rotation and he'll reward you with big play after big play.
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