McShay top 32/Kiper big board 11/7/12....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Risen Star

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    Good stuff, Robert.
  2. Tezz

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    Florida St CB Xavier Rhodes is going to be on that list when it comes time to draft.

    Nothing to do with top 32, but I wonder if RB Marcus Lattimore can have a Willis McGahee situation and sneak into bottom half of 1st round if he declares for draft and proclaims himself healthy.
  3. joseephuss

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    No one will believe Lattimore if he claims to be healthy at draft time. Teams will just want to know if he is healing and the prognosis at the time of the draft is that he will eventually be healthy.
  4. rkell87

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    how do you see it? he is the only healthy guy left that is tackling worth a damn
  5. Macnalty

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    Two knees being redone is really a red flag for longevity, I am rooting for him to come back, Look at Adrian Peterson and his knee that is the exception after one year most do not trust cutting for two years.
  6. Macnalty

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    Gosh I am familiar with both of these WR and they are mediocre compared to the last couple of drafts in my opinion. RB,QB and WR seem less than average this year not knowledgeable enough to comment on the DB and Safeties. I will say that Fletcher Cox and Michael Bockers would be near the end of round one vs the middle last year with this group of DL. Hankins and Star are game changers in the middle of the Dlineman.
    My philosophy is that RG3 is coming whether we want him to or not, better to prepare now that we see his talents as we have ten years left of him running around on us and god help us if he keeps up his great passing and gets some receivers. You bring as much heat from up the middle to negate his talents, both Star and Hankins qualify. Heaven help Eli if we get one of those two guys.

    Can you guys pull up who was on there draft board this time last year in November? Not sure RG3 was too high at this point, almost positive Matt Barkley was way ahead of him.

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