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    Sometimes scouts and even fans like myself overlook a players production and focus on their physical traits. I decided to go ahead and pick players that were extremely productive in college but lack the physical characteristics that are most desired. I suggest the boys do the same as this as lead to players like Matt Johnson, Bruce Carter, and even JJ Wilcox getting drafted over more productive players. So without further adieu.

    Round 1. Aaron Donald DT This guy is getting overlooked by many people (including myself) because of his lack of ideal size. He dominated at the college level though and was very disruptive at the senior bowl. He is extremely fast twitched and plays the run really well. I also cannot get the image of him putting Cyril Richardson on skates out of my head.

    Round 2. Michael Sam DE Again this guy dominated at college and at the SEC. He is not getting any love despite outplaying his teammate Kony Ealy. He has an awesome burst and is a strong run defender despite his lack of height. This guy just gets it done.

    Round 3. Terrence Brooks FS This guy started for the Seminoles and was very good in pass coverage. He has also played corner before so he should be fine covering WR. He is very willing to provide run support and very physical despite just being 5'11. Has much better cover skills than Dixon and Pryor who are being touted as 1st rounders.

    Round 4 Caraun Reid DT This guy was not getting much attention until after the senior bowl. I hope he will still be there in the 4th. He is very strong and very fast. He didn't get many sacks at Princeton due to being double teamed a lot. He was able to nab 2 sacks at the senior bowl showing he could play with the big boys. I know Aaron Donald was my 1st round pick but having another pass rushing DT at the 1 tech would not be such a bad idea.

    Round 5 Ronald Powell OLB He is not the biggest linebacker but would help at to the passrush as a linebacker. He racked up 4 sacks last year for the gators. He would also a tenacity and killer instinct that seems to have evaporated from Bruce Carter

    Round 7 Cornelius Lucas OT He was extremely productive player for Kanas State but is not getting much love. At 6-8 and 329 lbs he is a lot like Sentrel Henderson without the baggage.

    Round 7 Zack Fulton OG Why isn't such a long term starter getting much love? I don't know but since he is being predicted at a 7th rounder I would take him and not look back. He started for 3 years at Tennessee and has played reasonably well.

    Round 7 Jay Prosch FB This guy is a physical beast. Why are FBs so undervalued when they are so important to the run game? This guy lays people out and is exactly the type of FB Dallas needs to spring Murray (or anyone for that matter) loose in the run game.
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    When you draft player with below average measureables, the most important thing is not to fill you roster with those types of players.

    If I were drafting 1 DLineman with below average size, I would be very hesitant to immediately draft another one with below average size. It might be different if the existing DL on the roster were bigger than average, but that's not the case for the Cowboys.

    Are you projecting Ronald Powell to LB or pass rusher? He is not small as a 4-3 LB at 6-3, 240. I wouldn't draft a LB for this scheme based on his pass rush ability. Kiffin/Marinelli rarely rush the passer with LBs. Even the scheme they said they would emulate, Seattle, didn't appear to rush their LB much despite having a LB that had 8 sacks when he played DE.

    I have not studied Zack Fulton, but in general, big school players that were multiple year starters in college would be drafted higher if they had much to offer. Usually late round picks with high upside are either small school guys or had limited playing time at a big school.

    I don't think Lucas has anywhere near the athleticism as Henderson. He's fine as a 7th round pick, but Henderson is not a good comparison.

    A thumper-only type FB will not be valued in the Cowboys offensive scheme. They will want a FB that is a very good pass receiver. I think Trey Millard would be a much better fit. He has the height to also play some H-back and TE in some situations. He is a very accomplished receiver.
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    Michael Sam is really only undersized in head to toe height. He has freakishly long arm at 34 1/4 inches. That arm length is equal to a guy around 6'5. And at only 6'1 260 pounds is more than enough weight for him to play DE. I see a ton of similarities to Dumerville.

    But I'll 1 up the OP by saying we could trade down and still get Donald. Adding a 3rd we could take undersized LB Christian Jones

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