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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    QB Peter Lalich
    6'6" 245 lbs.

    -Potentially.. Found this interesting article on Peter Lalich. A talented QB with a troubled past who's eligible for the draft this year. It's a good, short read. Here are some quotes from the article regarding his abilities and the Cowboys:

    -"From what I can tell, outside of two unfortunate incidents with alcohol and some self admitted marijuana usage in the past, he seems like your average college kid — only this kid has an NFL arm and high-speed computer processor for a mind when it comes to making decisions from the pocket.

    -A source close to and with experience coaching Lalich described the signal caller as a “football savant”, going on to call him a “real life Will Hunting” when it came to football.

    -The same source cited how the fact that Ryan Nassib, the current quarterback prospect from Syracuse, is being considered by many as potential 2nd or 3rd round pick is laughable when you compare his skill-set to that of Lalich. He went on to speculate that Lalich will be one of the most sought after undrafted free agents should he get passed over for seven rounds.

    -It is also important to point out that Dallas Cowboy Head Coach Jason Garrett’s brother John was one of the primary recruiters of Lalich to Virginia. This tells me that Peter Lilich will be very much on the radar of both the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where John Garrett is now on Greg Schiano’s staff.

    -As I said before, after watching literally hours of NFL prospects throw the ball, not one of them is a better pure passer and for that matter, decision maker than Peter Lalich. Let’s just hope the foolish decisions of a 20 year old kid don’t end up being what derails what could very well be a terrific NFL career."

    -Just speculation at this point, but sounds like a kid Jerry will definitely be monitoring. He's got all the physical abilities: Great size, a huge arm, and good footwork in the pocket. And apparently he understands the X's and O's really well. Could be a developmental QB like Romo was. And if he doesn't pan out, no loss since he'll likely be a late round pick.

    -Here's the only recent film I could find on him, other than his freshman year at Virginia. Starts at 6:25 til the end.

    -Don't be surprised to see Dallas take a serious look at him. Sounds like he could be a huge steal if he's matured like he says. He certainly has the natural talent.
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    EDIT: Merge.

    Just now saw that someone had posted another thread about him. This is a different article though that mentions the Cowboys.
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    Nice arm. But I am no film watcher. The one thing I did notice with the plays they showed is he never took his eyes off the primary target.
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    Sure, why not. Bring him in if he doesn't get drafted and let him groom.
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    Good stuff. Thanks.
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    Nice find. I always appreciate people finding and posting stuff on possible diamonds in the rough.

    Thanks man.
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    Great find. Sign this kid as a priority UFA and ill be happy
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    At that size and such, why isn't he a first round pick, particularly in a weak draft class?

    Why are Cowboys fans obsessed with projects at quarterback?

    Why don't we take the best quarterback in the draft, instead?
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    Because A: We have a ton of holes with this team and need to address the OL, DL, a Safety and a backup RB before we do much else and B: Romo is going to be the starter here for at least another 2 or 3 years whether you like it or not so using a top 3 round pick on a QB would be foolish.
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    Is this the same group that sneered at Mallett, surely not.
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    That video is a bit over the top.

    Sounds like it's a lead-in to an acceptance speech for the lifetime achievement award.

    "In addition, Lalich plants his front foot in the ground with the resolve of a clydesdale; delivering the ball in clutch situations, under pressure, every time".


    I saw an article about him (pretty sure it was) the other day. I think his "unfortunate" incidents with alcohol were something like possession as a minor and operating a watercraft under the influence. Guess he got caught on a boat with some friends and they were drunk or something.
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    Peter Lalich:

    • He is 24 years old.
    • He was in the same high school class as Russell Wilson.
    • He was rated the #5 QB prospect coming out.
    • He went 35-61 as a frosh at UVA, with 2 TDs.
    • He was arrested for underage drinking before his soph season started.
    • He started the first couple games of the season...
    • ... before being kicked off the team for drinking while on probation.
    • Oregon State promptly offered Pete a scholarship.
    • A year later he was charged with a boat DUi (charge was later dropped).
    • Lalich was suspended for three games and his scholly was yanked.

    Great story here.

    I'm really rooting for Pete.
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    I would be suprised if Dallas is interested, given that they haven't brought in troubled players since the Pacman debacle.
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    Definitely a very cool story on the kid, like the way it was done. Would love to take a chance on the kid, was never much for singles...always loved the homerun whether in the mkt or whatever. More than willing to drop a 5th on him although that story seems to insinuate that he is not an "unknown". Great story...
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    "Lalich has been working out daily at the Bommarito Performance Systems (BPS) NFL Combine/Pro-Day prep camp in Miami. He is also preparing for a March 11th Pro-Day at Cal (PA) and then off to a March 15th all-star/scouting game in Alabama (the inaugural ProGrass International Scout Bowl college all-star/scouting game)."

    I'd assume the Cowboys have a scout or two at his pro day today. And I'm sure they'll be there again in Baltimore on March 23. Interested to see what comes back.

    Also, found this quote from him from a recent interview a couple weeks ago.

    Lalich said, "I wish I wasn't so short-sighted early in my college career and let everyone down. Even in my own turmoil, so many people at Virginia and Oregon State helped me behind-the-scenes. I learned so much at both schools, and gained so much from the great coaches at both schools. I only wish I could have delivered success and happiness to the fans and coaches at those schools. I will always regret letting everyone down. However, I believe God put me on this path so that I could have my character changed and realize how to work hard and what is truly important in life. I am so thankful to the coaches and fans at California (PA) for a chance, and for all they taught me. Many people will see my story and might think "what a pity," but if it were not for this strange journey, I do not think I would have been prepared to work hard and succeed at the next level. It has truly been a blessing in disguise."

    The article continues:

    "If Lalich impresses scouts at his upcoming events, he's then going to be asked a ton of background questions. What if an NFL team interviews and investigates Lalich, and finds a kid who made mistakes, worked hard to overcome them? What if they discover that a kid who got into trouble at parties has matured and become one of the hardest working/biggest film-room junkies of the 2013 QB class? If so, his NFL Draft stock is going to rise quickly."

    "Peter Lalich is beyond your run-of-the-mill Division-II "sleeper" or "diamond in the rough" prospect. Had he taken a different path, maybe Lalich would be recognized as one of the best quarterback prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft today. Despite his unusual path, our data and research suggests that Lalich has the raw talent for consideration to be among the top-10 quarterback prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft. If the maturity issues are no longer an obstacle, then the sky is the limit. With those possibilities, Lalich may be the single best true "sleeper" QB in the 2013 draft class."

    Another interesting note: "The following season, Lalich probably would have broken every meaningful passing record at Cal (PA). However, he ended up playing only seven games in 2012 due to a freak staph infection from a cut on his hand. The 2012 team was headed toward a possible championship run had Lalich not missed four games (team went 6-1 with him, 2-2 without him). If Lalich had been afforded a full 13 games in 2012 (as he had the year before), he was on a pace to throw for an astonishing 4,500+ yards and 40+ TDs for a 13-game season."

    I know it's against lesser competition, but still impressive.
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    Thanks for the find.

    What a corny video though.
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    I like his size. If Garrett has the inside info on this guy, and he thinks he can develop, I wouldn't mind a 6th round pick being used on him. He certainly has the physical tools and it seems that he has the brains. At some point, the Cowboys are going to have to make some moves for the future. Romo should not be the only option at QB.

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