Mel - 25 undrafted free agents to watch from 2017 NFL draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Risen Star, May 10, 2017.

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    Two Cowboys mentioned.


    Blake Jarwin, TE, Dallas Cowboys
    Final Big Board rank: 203

    Jarwin wasn't much of a receiver at Oklahoma State, but at 6-5, 240, he could make a team as a third tight end and special-teams contributor.

    Nate Theaker, OG, Dallas Cowboys
    Final Big Board rank: 238

    I highlighted Theaker, who played at Division II Wayne State (Michigan), in my Day 3 sleepers story before the draft. At 6-foot-5, 315 pounds, he has the size to play guard in the NFL.
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    I like!!!!!
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    Been hearing a lot about Theaker. I know a guy who coached against him and says he is a nasty SOB. Borderline dirty player. Mauler in the run game, needs a lot of work in pass protection.

    The more I hear/read about him, the less surprised I am if you told me he is going to make the team.
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    He looks like a good developmental player.

    He has good feet and definitely looks like a guard.

    He gets to the 2nd level well and holds his block well.

    It looks like he definitely needs a year in a NFL strength program but he's a solid looking prospect.
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    I love, love, love that, despite having the best offensive line in football, the Cowboys continue to keep their eyes open and invest in it. Gone are the days of the Phil Costas, James Martens, and Corey Procters being "good enough".

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    Yup....already one of my favorites. First time I saw his tape I knew I was watcing a football player. Athletically limited...but this dog has fight I haven't seen in years. Just love how he fights to the whistle.....and then finishes.

    He isn't gonna make a whole lot of friends on the D-line in mini camp that is for sure. I've set the bar @ 12 fights for the entire camp....And I'll take the over..if the coaching staff can swallow his aggressiveness...and let them fight it out.
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    This Theaker is a heat seeker- looking to blast a LB or a DB
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    Here's what M Kizzle had to say about Theaker in that sleeper article he referenced.


    Nate Theaker, OL, Wayne State (MI)
    The more I watched Theaker's tape, the more I liked him. He played both left and right tackle and some guard for the Warriors, and he was just dominating Division II defenders. At 6-foot-5, 315 pounds, he doesn't have the arm length (32 5/8) to play tackle in the NFL, but he could develop at guard. He played stronger than his 23 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press at the combine. He could be a seventh-round pick with future starter potential.
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    This guy has a real shot to make the team especially with guys like Colombo around. Mean streak. I can see him ousting Looney for depth. Book him for the PS at worst. He will fit right in with Frederick and Martin.
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    "M Kizzle" tho? Lol!
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    Theaker's had back surgery to repair a herniated disc. Redshirted a year and came back to play well his senior year. Still a concern though.
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    Sounds like 1/2 of our D line.
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    I'm speaking in general here, but it's funny to hear someone say about a 6'5 315 pound man that he needs additional strength training. But I do get the point. It's just strange to hear.

    BTW, I like the fact that Dallas is focusing on the offensive line, both in high draft selection and development. It's the one thing I was yelling about in the days when we were trading for has-been receivers (Joey Galloway and Roy Williams) or drafting iffy running backs in the top rounds of the draft (Felix Jones, Julius Jones). You win up front.

    Hopefully, our coaches won't screw up this dominant line we have now and the group either breaks up or retires without a Super Bowl ring.
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    Not to dampen your enthusiasm here, but this guys is an UDFA just like Procter and Costa was. And Marten was a third rounder, IIRC. This is just picking a guy with potential off the street and hoping to develop him into a backup capable of contributing. Pretty much the same thing we did with Procter and Costa.

    The difference now is that we've invested in young players with more talent ahead of Theaker, so Theaker probably won't have to start for us when an aging vet needs replacing and we've got more holes than resources.
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    I think the only thing they have in common with Procter and Costa is being undrafted. These guys have been capable players, well down the depth chart. In the past, those boneheads mistakenly thought those guys could play. They couldn't.

    Instead of 2nd and 3rd rounders wasted on Jacob Rodgers, James Marten, and Robert Brewster, we're not only drafting well, but acquiring guys who can play in free agency and UDFA's. When healthy, Green can play. When called upon, Cleary performed better than Free. No more Pat McQuistans.

    I see stark improvement in player acquisition at that position. Even the Bernardeaus and Looneys played well.

    And I like that they refuse to rest on their laurels.
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  17. CATCH17

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    For me personally I just trust in McClay so much that I'm kind of expecting us to find a solid player or 2 in the late rounds or UDFA's
  18. Idgit

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    They do a pretty good job of that. If you find UDFAs who are capable of giving you starting snaps, we ought to be pretty happy with that. If you find the next Romo or Austin or Beasley, ecstatic.

    I especially like small school OT candidates who are moving inside in the NFL. He hasn't been exposed to coaching at Wayne State like he'll get here. They don't have facilities like he'll have available here. And if the guy was athletic enough to play LT in college and physically fits what you're looking for in an OG at this level, you've got a lot of room for upside. Now, these guys are a dime a dozen, but you can see how he might have had the deck stacked against him in college and where it might even out in the pros if he can be good enough to buy a couple years to develop.
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    I know it is a little silly but imagine if he is able to be a player, it sure would help.
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