Mel Kiper Mock Rules & Procedures (New Please Read)

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    Kiper Mock Draft Saturday, April 16, 2005 10 AM Eastern Time

    Rules & Procedures ​

    We will be starting in the “Chat Room” bright and early Saturday (16th) morning at 10 AM EST with the #1 pick belonging to San Francisco. Each GM will have 15 minutes to make their selection by replying to the Round 1 thread and posting your pick. If no pick is made within your 15 minute timeframe, your fellow GM's will discuss amongst themselves in the chat room and decide your team's pick by analyzing your needs as well as BPA strategy. They will make a logical choice that we hope you feel will be the right one.

    All Draft discussions will be held in the chat room. So please, no posting on the Draft Thread.

    We strongly recommend that if you foresee an attendance problem that you choose a partner to make picks for you. The administrators have no problem as to when a partner is named as long as we are notified before time of selection.


    1 No trading veteran players.
    2. Only draft picks may be traded.
    3. You may trade future draft picks (i.e. 2006, 2007 draft picks, etc.)
    4. Compensatory picks cannot be traded.
    5.. A trade will not be official until notification from both parties has been received by the administrators via PM.

    We recommend you refer to a pick value chart, which can be found in the Draft Zone, and try to get as near equal value as possible when trading picks.

    Time Limits:

    Round 1 - 15 mins.
    Round 2 - 10 mins
    Round 3 - 5 mins
    Round 4 - 5 mins. NOTE: Round 4 will be optional. A decision will be made on draft day by the administrators whether we proceed with a Rd. 4.

    These changes were made in order to make the Mock Draft move at an exciting pace and make it feel as close as possible to the real thing, the actual NFL Draft.


    Using the 3hr selection time it took 12 hours to do the first Rd in the Mock draft last Saturday.

    Using the 15 min selection time on Sunday we completed 3 rounds in slightly less than 8 hours.

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