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    Sorry if this is a repost, to my knowledge it isn't.

    Leinart could stay in Pac-10 country with ArizonaBy Mel Kiper Jr.
    Special to ESPN Insider

    The Houston Texans might still be considering NC State defensive end Mario Williams with the No. 1 overall pick, but I just don't see them passing on USC running back Reggie Bush. Even if Bush is hard to sign, running back is the one position where a player can come in late and still make an impact in his rookie season. Last year, Ronnie Brown missed the beginning of training camp and still finished with 907 rushing yards while splitting time with Ricky Williams in Miami.

    I expect the Saints to go with Mario Williams if they do not trade down from the second pick.

    The draft could get interesting if the Tennessee Titans take QB Vince Young over Matt Leinart. Either Young or Leinart is going to Tennessee, and all indications are the Titans like Young. If that's the case, I have Leinart going 10th to Arizona, although the Lions would have to think long and hard about taking the 2004 Heisman Trophy winner. You can argue that Leinart is one of the top three players in this draft, and if he slips past Oakland, he would be great for either Detroit or Arizona.

    Bush and Leinart's teammate at USC, RB LenDale White, projects to go to the Pittsburgh Steelers with the final pick in the first round. If anyone can motivate White to realize that football is a year-round job, it's Steelers coach Bill Cowher.

    First-Round Projections
    1. Houston Reggie Bush, RB* USC
    2. New Orleans Mario Williams, DE* NC State
    3. Tennessee Vince Young, QB* Texas
    4. N.Y. Jets D'Brickashaw Ferguson, T Virginia
    5. Green Bay A.J. Hawk, LB Ohio St.
    6. San Francisco Vernon Davis, TE* Maryland
    7. Oakland Ernie Sims, LB* Florida St.
    8. Buffalo Brodrick Bunkley, DT Florida St.
    9. Detroit Michael Huff, DB Texas
    10. Arizona Matt Leinart, QB USC
    11. St. Louis Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
    12. Cleveland Kamerion Wimbley, DE/OLB Florida St.
    13. Baltimore Haloti Ngata, DT* Oregon
    14. Philadelphia Chad Greenway, LB Iowa
    15. Denver (from ATL) Santonio Holmes, WR* Ohio St.
    16. Miami Antonio Cromartie, CB* Florida St.
    17. Minnesota Jason Allen, CB/S Tennessee
    18. Dallas Manny Lawson, OLB NC State
    19. San Diego Winston Justice, T* USC
    20. Kansas City Johnathan Joseph, CB* South Carolina
    21. New England DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis
    22. San Francisco
    (from DEN) Tye Hill, CB Clemson
    23. Tampa Bay Marcus McNeill, T Auburn
    24. Cincinnati Donte Whitner, DB* Ohio St.
    25. N.Y. Giants Sinorice Moss, WR Miami
    26. Chicago Chad Jackson, WR* Florida
    27. Carolina Marcedes Lewis, TE UCLA
    28. Jacksonville Nick Mangold, C Ohio St.
    29. N.Y. Jets (from DEN) Bobby Carpenter, OLB Ohio St.
    30. Indianapolis Laurence Maroney, RB* Minnesota
    31. Seattle Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech
    32. Pittsburgh LenDale White, RB* USC

    * denotes underclassman

    Second-Round Projections
    33. Houston Eric Winston, T Miami
    34. New Orleans Ashton Youboty, CB* Ohio St.
    35. N.Y. Jets Joseph Addai, RB LSU
    36. Green Bay Kelly Jennings, CB Miami
    37. Denver (from SF) Anthony Fasano, TE* Notre Dame
    38. Oakland Tamba Hali, DE Penn St.
    39. Tennessee D'Qwell Jackson, LB Maryland
    40. Detroit DeMeco Ryans, LB Alabama
    41. Arizona Leonard Pope, TE* Georgia
    42. Buffalo Davin Joseph, G Oklahoma
    43. Cleveland Demetrius Williams, WR Oregon
    44. Baltimore Chris Chester, C/G Oklahoma
    45. Philadelphia Maurice Stovall, WR Notre Dame
    46. St. Louis Richard Marshall, CB* Fresno St.
    47. Atlanta Darryl Tapp, DE Virginia Tech
    48. Minnesota Kellen Clemens, QB Oregon
    49. Dallas Brodie Croyle, QB Alabama
    50. San Diego David Pittman, CB Northwestern St. (La.)
    51. Minnesota (from MIA) Rocky McIntosh, LB Miami
    52. New England Greg Jennings, WR Western Michigan
    53. Washington Thomas Howard, LB UTEP
    54. Kansas City Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College
    55. Cincinnati Joe Klopfenstein, TE Colorado
    56. N.Y. Giants Claude Wroten, DT LSU
    57. Chicago Dominique Byrd, TE USC
    58. Carolina Daniel Bullocks, S Nebraska
    59. Tampa Bay Cedric Griffin, CB Texas
    60. Jacksonville Brian Calhoun, RB* Wisconisn
    61. Denver Orien Harris, DT Miami
    62. Indianapolis John McCargo, DT* NC State
    63. Seattle Mark Anderson, DE Alabama
    64. Pittsburgh Danieal Manning, DB* Abilene Christian

    * denotes underclassman

    This mock sucks!
  2. MichaelWinicki

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    I agree it does suck.

    If we take Coyle in the second round... I'll snap.
  3. Roughneck

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    Brodie Croyle with our second round pick?

    That would have me grabbing my shotgun and hopping in my truck faster than you could say "Valley Ranch Massacre."
  4. Bigdog

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    this mock is horrible. There is no way the Cowboys take Brodie Croyle. The guy is not bad but is injury prone. I would be extremely upset if they did this. Kiper is suppose to be a so call expert and this is what he comes up with.
  5. Sasquatch

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  6. adbutcher

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    We will not pick a QB in the 2nd. Also, I can't see Clevland passing on Nagata.
  7. CrazyCowboy

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    I don't know what Kiper is drinking but I don't want any of it......we will not draft a QB in the 2nd rd with our OL hurting for depth.

    What happens if FLO is not ready for the start of the season? Has anyone thought of that?
  8. felix360

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    i just can see the titans taking young, i say they take Leinart just cuz of the Chow connection. i would think chow is behind the curtain pullin some strings;)
  9. Roughneck

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    Yeah but Chow and the rest of the coaching staff decided to take PacMan Jones in last year's Draft, when the front office absolutely did not want to take him. How did that work out for the Titans?

    Its the front office's turn this time and they, along with their owner, love Superman. VY to the Titans at #3. Book it.
  10. neosapien23

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    Doesn't anyone have Kipers mock draft from last year? I thought he usually gets most of his picks right. As for Croyle, he is definitely worth a 2nd round pick. He has the biggest arm and heart out of all this years quarterback draft class.
  11. Scotman

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    I agree with you but....

    we've gotten into a habit of drafting guys in the second who are injury prone.

    But I agree, this would create a major vacuum.
  12. bbgun

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    Hair spray = brain damage.
  13. peplaw06

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    I like that Kiper is waking up to Lawson, but I can't see us taking him if Justice is still on the board. I don't know why, but I get the feeling if he's there, JJ and BP will be flexible enough to take him even with Lawson there and fill OLB later.
  14. cobra

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    This is obscene.

    2 Florida St. Defensive players in the top 8 picks?
    3 Florida St. Defensive players in the top 12 picks?
    4 Florida St. Defensive players in the top 16 picks?

    That can't be possible...
  15. theogt

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    Leinart is not getting past BOTH the jets and the titans.

    Cleveland IS NOT taking Wimbley over Ngata.

    Sims at 7 over Huff?

    DeAngelo Williams to NE?

    Jimmy Williams the 5th CB taken in the draft?

    The list goes on...
  16. Duane

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    I don't see Ko Simpson. Give me Ko over Croyle any day of the week.
  17. big dog cowboy

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    :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:



    Sorry, No thank you.
  18. Cbz40

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    You and me both.......I would think there would be a couple of LBs on the board in the second round.....maybe a safety.
  19. dmq

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    If Thomas Howard is still on the board w/ our 2nd pick, I could see us going LB-LB w/ our first two picks.
  20. Chuck 54

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    I actually think his first round will be closer than any I've seen online or on this site.

    However, I wouldn't be surprised to see SF and the Jets swap picks at the top...SF's biggest need is a LB...they took major hits to the defense in FA.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them leap frog GB to get Hawk.

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