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Mel Kipers Final Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyuptx, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Avery

    Avery The Dog that Saved Charleston

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    Absolutely preposturous. No way Bush goes #1 to Houston :)
  2. JackMagist

    JackMagist The Great Communicator

    5,726 Messages
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    You may be right but I hope not. I really don't want anything to do with Justice...Think Jacob Rogers II.

    I just can't see us passing on a guy like Lawson for a OT who likely will not play for two or three years. Not with us in the "Win Now" mode.
  3. Thick 'N Hearty

    Thick 'N Hearty Active Member

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    I guess Mel didn't get the memo about Williams signing with Houston.
  4. Billy Bullocks

    Billy Bullocks Active Member

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    Leinart goes to Tennese. Especially because all indications point to Vince Young going there.

    Vince Young might remind Tennesee of McNair, but let's just remember, McNair took a while to develope. Young will not tear the roof off the league until at least his 3rd or 4th year. I personally think that he's going to have some real trouble breaking down defences at the next level.
  5. baj1dallas

    baj1dallas New Member

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    I think Laurence Maroney, and Marcedes Lewis both slip out of the first round.
  6. Ken

    Ken Well-Known Member

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    I agree!

    Been saying that for a while.

    Did I miss something with Simms? Why the heck does both Kiper and Goose have him top 10?

    He is not that good....
  7. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    No way we take Justice over Lawson.
  8. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    that's what you get when a mediot doesn't listen to anyone but himself
  9. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    yeah, but Jerry Jones said no QB until the later rounds
  10. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

    57,074 Messages
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    I can definitely see that happening, Corey Dillon is getting old
  11. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    I like the first pick.

    HATE the second pick.

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