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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThreeSportStar80, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Top 25 Big Board
    1. Calvin Johnson*, WR, Georgia Tech (6-4, 225) | previous: Same
    He's not only a tremendous athlete, but he's a hard worker and very team oriented. Based on the needs of the Raiders and Lions, Johnson might not be the No. 1 overall pick, but he won't fall out of the top five.

    2. Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin (6-6½, 313) | previous: Same
    Huge, quick and athletic with a long wingspan.

    3. Adrian Peterson*, RB, Oklahoma (6-1½, 218) | previous: Same
    The most talented running back in the draft with an excellent burst to the outside for his size. The concern with Peterson is his durability.

    4. JaMarcus Russell*, QB, LSU (6-6, 260) | previous: Same
    Big, strong signal caller with a powerful arm, and his decision-making improved significantly in 2006.

    5. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame (6-3½, 225) | previous: Same
    Poised, smart and at his best in pressure situations. Quinn did throw two interceptions in the Sugar Bowl after throwing just one INT in his previous eight games.

    6. LaRon Landry, DB, LSU (6-1½, 205) | previous: Same
    Four-year starter who has proven to be Mr. Reliable throughout his career.

    7. Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville (6-1½, 298) | previous: Same
    A four-year veteran, and he is only 19 years old. Okoye is quick and explosive and goes all-out on every play. He is not only good at eating up space but also gets good penetration into the backfield.

    8. Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson (6-4½, 260) | previous: Same
    Flashes dominating ability with his athleticism and quickness. Adams led the Tigers with 10½ sacks and 15½ tackles for loss.

    9. Leon Hall, CB, Michigan (5-11, 193) | previous: Same
    Tough customer who also shows very good anticipation and awareness in coverage.

    10. Ted Ginn Jr.*, WR, Ohio State (5-11, 175) | previous: 22
    Takes a backseat to no one in the speed department, brings a big-play dimension to the wide receiver position and also the return game.

    11. Greg Olsen*, Miami, TE (6-5, 254) | previous: 12
    His performance at the combine should move Olsen up to the middle of the first round. Great hands and very athletic, Olsen reminds me of Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap.

    12. Levi Brown, OT, Penn St. (6-4½, 325) | previous: 10
    Steady and reliable at protecting the quarterback's blind side.

    13. Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan (6-5½, 300) | previous: 21
    He's a former tight end who has developed into a natural left tackle. Staley brings incredible footwork, athleticism and agility to the position.

    14. Dwayne Jarrett*, WR, USC (6-4, 210) | previous: 11
    Has the size and natural receiving skills to create mismatches against smaller cornerbacks. Jarrett also has better quickness out of his break than people give him credit for.

    15. Patrick Willis, LB, Mississippi (6-2, 235) | previous: 17
    Tackling machine with great football sense. Willis lead the Rebels with 137 tackles (87 solo).

    16. Jamaal Anderson*, DE, Arkansas (6-5, 270) | previous: 13
    A gifted athlete who is coming off an exceptional 2006 season. Anderson is a complete player, equally solid against the run and as a pass rusher.

    17. Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska (6-6, 298) | previous: 14
    You don't see many defensive ends carrying 300 pounds who can move as well as Carriker.

    18. Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee (6-4 ¼, 302) | previous: 16
    Prior to going down with a season-ending injury (torn biceps), Harrell was performing at the level you would expect from a first-round draft pick.

    19. Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU (6-2, 217) | previous: 15
    Big and productive, Bowe runs excellent routes and has the toughness to catch the ball in traffic.

    20. Marshawn Lynch*, RB, California (5-11, 224) | previous: 15
    Complete big back, right on the heels of Adrian Peterson when it comes to who will be the top RB in the draft.

    21. Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn (6-3, 300) | previous: 18
    A versatile athlete who started his career at defensive tackle and then shifted to tight end. Grubbs brings a great deal of athletic ability to the interior of the offensive line.

    22. Steve Smith, WR, USC (5-11½, 198) | previous: 17
    Sure-haneded and faster than advertised at the combine (4.44 40-yard dash). Smith is one of the best receivers at doing damage after the catch.

    23. Robert Meachem*, WR, Tennessee (6-2½, 210) | previous: Unranked
    Came through with a number of highlight-film plays in 2006. Meachem's stock has been on the rise leading up to the draft.

    24. Jarvis Moss*, DE, Florida (6-5, 250) | previous: Unranked
    Speed rusher who is also excellent in pursuit, using his lateral quickness to chase down running plays before they can amount to anything.

    25. Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn St. (6-1½, 235) | previous: Unranked
    A productive and consistent player who studies and prepares as thoroughly as anybody.

    Ryan Kalil, C, USC (6-3, 285)
    | previous: 23
    Game improved dramatically thanks in part to facing great competition in practice.

    Eric Weddle, DB, Utah (5-11¼, 205) | previous: 24
    Makes his debut on the Big Board after a standout senior season for the Utes. An incredibly intelligent player, Weddle has the versatility to play either cornerback or safety.
    Lawrence Timmons*, LB, Florida St. (6-2¼, 233) | previous: 25
    Moves right to the top of a very subpar linebacking group, particularly from the senior class. Timmons' production and consistency from game to game are what jumps out at you.

    Kiper is crazy if he thinks Steve Smith is a better WR prospect than Robert Meachem..
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    I think Kiper's hair-spray is getting to his head!:laugh1:
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    So Ginn jumps from 22 to 10 without having a single workout to base it on? Something tells me Mel heard from a credible source that Ginn is a Top 12-15 pick on most boards.
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    Yeah Kiper is a joke! I had to post this garbage just to prove how awful he really is...
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    is it me or is that low / late for jarvis moss?
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    his big board has an inordinate amount of players who are ranked significantly higher than I have seen elsewhere. It is to the point where there is no way i would consider that player at that selection. For example: Okoye at 7 - relatively high. Olsen at 11 - too high. Staley at 13 WAY too hight. Jarrett at 14 way too high. Harrell at 18 extremely high. Grubs at 21 way too high. Smith at 22 outrageously high. This guy either knows something no1 else does...or has an incredibly terrible big board.
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    Just about everyone on this board knows I'm screaming for Dallas to draft either Jarvis Moss or Anthony Spencer so if he's on the board get em'!
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    last year i really felt OL needed to be addressed.
    1. it sucked
    2. bledsoe didn't help any

    we didn't address the line and now bledsoe is gone. i think we've done a better job addressing the line this year and hope we add a C and a G/T in the draft depening on who's where.

    in the 1st i really hope we go WR and snag meacham. if not, just about anything but LB unless Poz is around and mostly cause that'll make hos happy. i just wanna sit back and see what's up and not go in with *my* having to have a player and maybe i'll enjoy it more.
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    We have a much greater need for a true OLB to pair with Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer or Jarvis Moss would be an ideal fit.
  10. CrazyCowboy

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    Again, it show the amazing SPEED of Teddy Ginn Jr. :laugh2:
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    that is the highest I have seen Staley ranked. if he is that good we should take him at 22.
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    No Alan Branch in the top 25?

    I this guy's stock dropping or what? I've seen a couple of rankings that don't have him in the top 25.
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    Branch is being supplanted by Okoye as he has a bit of a lazy label on him. I think he's going to go lower than most predict (possibly in the 20's).

    He'd merit serious consideration at #22.
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    Branch is lazy and often times just looks horrible for a guy with such DT/NT skills... I wouldn't want him so high in the draft that's for sure!
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    Kiper continues to get worse

    I bought his draft guide every yr from 1991 until 2005, quit buying it because he got more and more off the wall


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