Merril Hoge Says Joe Flacco Is The Best NFL QB W/O a Question

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Feb 5, 2013.

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    I think part of the reason is because I believe Merril is one of those guys who thinks that a pocket passer is the only way to win in the NFL. I haven't see him say much about the option QBs as of late, I'm really not sure he could say anything negative about them because they have been great, but I do remember that when Vince Young came into the league he was on a tear about how Young would never win because he couldn't do this or do that.

    He listed off reasons why Vince couldn't win, some that had to do with actual player attributes that were legitimate concerns and some that included things like:

    "He didn't run a Pro-Style offense"

    "Nobody has game planned for him"

    Then Young started winning a few games. Merril didn't budge. There was a YouTube video that tracked Merril's comments throughout the season where Vince was making a lot of plays and winning games and it's kind of hilarious to watch how adamant he is about how Vince wasn't doing anything and whatever.

    Ultimately he was right about Young but for the wrong reasons. Vince is a failure because he's dumber than a brick and probably just as lazy.

    Not really trying to say Hoge was wrong about Young because Vince sucks and he's a failure. What I'm saying is, Merril didn't care from the get-go about whether or not Young could play because he has nothing but absolute disdain for the non-traditional offenses.

    There's a video of him and Salusbury breaking down Young pre-draft and they're talking about the option.

    He says something to the effect that when you take a college QB you have to eliminate about "90% of the designed runs" because "They don't work in the NFL. They won't work in the NFL".

    I think this is also part of the reason he called out Tebow as a "phony" over the Wildcat reports. This guy hates the idea of college schemes in the NFL and is so dead-set in his ways that he'll literally just rip players for the sake of doing so.

    Now the Young draft coverage special was 6 years ago so whatever. But after watching the Skins, Seahawks and 49ers have success with the option, he still isn't convinced IMO.

    Look at this video from just a couple months back about Tebow where he bets his life Tebow won't succeed.


    Way to go out on a limb there, Merril. I think most everyone agrees he's probably not going to become some great QB. But listen to his argument.

    "If it's an open competition and it's a pro-style system, they would cut Tim Tebow before the season were to start".

    So you have a guy who refuses to acknowledge the option offense will ever work in the NFL and here comes Joe Flacco. Prototypical size and arm strength. Little mobility so he has to be a pure pocket passer and he just won the Superbowl.

    Time to tug on Flacco like he's gonna get a prize.
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    I wouldn't say he is the best in the NFL but definitely is better than every QB in the NFC East

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