merriman and edwards would be great- though not likely

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghettogandhi, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. ghettogandhi

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    These are two of the best players coming out this year-
    As I have indicated for this entire year Shawn Merriman -from the University of Maryland - he has great size, speed and is a play maker- leading the terps in sacks while finishing 3rd in tackles- I see Mel kiper has finally jumped on the Merriman bandwagon and others are doing likewise- Merriman at 20 would be great though not likely

    With the 11 pick give me Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams- whichever one the Skins dont pick at 9- The skins reportedly loved Williams last year and they may pick him at 9- the teams in front of the Skins have more pressing needs than wide receiver-

    That is a dream draft- Last year I will go on record saying I wanted Kevin Jones - he is a good player-I definitely like J Jones more at this point- especially with the extra draft pick this year.

    Two years ago I wanted Terrell Suggs over Newman- I believe in the Jimmy Johnson philosophy on defense- build the team with the dline first to pressure the qb- quick young and fast linebackers and corners that can tackle .

    Three years ago I wanted Kris jenkins and lamont jordan from the U of Md - jenkins went early in the second and the same with jordan- instead we got quincy and tony dixon-great picks- and jenkins is now the best dt in the game and Jordan until this year was better than any back we have.

    Of course I do not proclaim to know everything- just some things-

    In the draft this year- Derrick johnson would be a great pick at 11- Brooks from the U of virginia would be nice at 20. A stud tackle or end would be great but the draft is thin at de this year. The ot from U of va-the former basketball player- and the tackle from florida-max - would also be good at either one of those spots.
  2. Dough Boy

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    You were the 1st person on the Merriman bandwagon. I did not know much about him until you begin to speak of him. Nice call... Can you make room for me, I'm on the Merriman to Dallas bandwagon also. As much as I like Edwards, watch out for Troy Williamson out of S. Carolina. Watched him play over the last three years, and he can flat out get it done. Guy is fast, good hands and is a football player that happens to be a track guy.
  3. Kevlee06

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    Its good to see some of these Juniors come out. Expands Dallas' options. If Merriman runs that 4.6 everyones been talkin about I just might start wanting him at #11, but as of now #20 looks good for him. A draft of Mike Williams/Braylon Edwards and Merriman would work for me. Then grab a CB in the 2nd. Which is looking more and more likely with all the Junior CB's declaring.
  4. ghettogandhi

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    williamson is a beast also- he could be a good fit late in the first
  5. AJM1613

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    Merriman great size? :)

    For a linebacker?
  6. Chuck 54

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    YOu are correct...Mike Williams will never get past the skins....they would love to pair him with the speed guy they already have in Coles.
  7. ghettogandhi

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    that it is correct- 6'4' 245- played de and olb- remember the name
  8. lspain1

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    Some speculation the other day that the 49ers like Williams also.
  9. AJM1613

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    245 for a defensive end isn't "great size".

    I want the Eagles to draft him too (if he lasts to our pick) but his size is a concern.
  10. Eskimo

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    Right now I think some people are projecting him as borderline top-10 and that is before he gets a chance to show off his skills in the underwear olympics in Indi. He will probably get a boost there as he is supposed to be a workout warrior.

    Word is also that he is up to 260 lbs now which makes him the perfect size for DE/OLB tweener if he retains his speed - big and strong enough for DE in a 4-3 and fast enough to play 3-4 OLB.

    If Mike Williams is off the board at 11 and people are right about him (size, speed) than I think he would be a good fit here - we have needed a legit edge rusher for 10 years - we've got to hit on one sooner or later.

    Shante Carver, Kavika Pittman, Peppi Zellner, Broderick Thomas, Marcellus Wiley, Ebenezer Ekuban

  11. speedkilz88

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    Merriman fits exactly what the Cowboys have been needing since Haley retired. I wouldn't count out WR Troy Williamson or one of the big NTs either with the other pick.
  12. Avery

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    If he bulks up to 260, I'm all for playing him at DE. That's about what Dwight Freeney is except he's 6'1" I believe.

    Playmakers, playmakers, playmakers on defense.
  13. Sarge

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    With the first pick though? I doubt it.
  14. ghettogandhi

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    merrimans work ethic- he is a workout monster- he will get to 260 - all muscle by the combines and he will still be 4.55 fast.

    I watched this guy and derrick johnson this year run around and make most of the plays on their defenses- I would like both of them but one would fine- the two best playmakers on defense this year are these two guys
  15. AJM1613

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    I just realized something:

  16. Rack Bauer

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    Yep. There's certainly no bias in his opinion. :cool:

    I watched HIGHLIGHTS of Shawne Merriman and wasn't impressed. I'd much rather have #52 and #76 from that defense then Merriman.
  17. ghettogandhi

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    something else for you to realize

    I m the one that told the group kris jenkins was going to be a stud- best dt in the game now

    also told the group that lamont jordan would be a great pick in the second round a few years back

    havent touted a md player since until now
  18. Rack Bauer

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    Jenkins isn't the best DT in the game now. He's up there though.

    And Merriman does look like a solid player, I just don't see him making any Dwight Freeney type plays. He's a late 1st rounder/early second rounder IMO.

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