Merriman suspended

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by KD, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Unfortunately, more like Mama Cass!
  2. Alexander

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  3. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Yes, but if you offered me one or the other, I certainly wouldn't think about it.
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    Don't recall what the last suspension was for, but this is a blurb from 1999

    The current suspension is Lett's third in four years. He was suspended for four games in 1995 after testing positive for marijuana. Lett missed the last three games of 1996 and the first 13 games of 1997 after testing positive for cocaine.

    Another blurb

    Leon Lett: Through the years
    Dallas Morning News

    Cowboys defensive tackle Leon Lett was suspended for the first eight games of the regular season for violating the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy. It is the third time Lett has been suspended by the league:

    November, 4, 1995 — Suspended for four games after testing positive for marijuana and issued a public apology through the public relations department to his family, his teammates and the organization.

    December 3, 1995 — Returned for Cowboys game against Washington.

    December, 3,1996 — Suspended for 16 games — final three of '96 and the first 13 of the following season — after testing positive for cocaine. The suspension was handed down just days after Lett said publicly he was clean.

    December 1, 1997 — Reinstated and returned to practice. He started the final three games of the season.

    April 16, 1999 — Reports surface that Lett has suffered a violation in his treatment program.

    June 4, 1999 — Placed on the reserve suspended list for an unspecified violation of the league's Substance Abuse Policy.

    June 21, 1999 — Applied for reinstatement.

    July 22, 1999 — NFL spokesman said commissioner Paul Tagliabue would rule on length of suspension before start of season.

    September 9, 1999 — NFL spokesman said commissioner would announce length of the suspension after the opener.

    September 14, 1999 — Suspended for eight games. Eligible to return Nov. 9 and can play against Green Bay five days later. League announces any further violation would result in a suspension of at least one year.
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    The glee isn't over a suspension. It's over the fact that a very good player on the Dallas Cowboys has been constantly insulted by fans of that very team. Frustration built, this was a relase. Nothing more.
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    Not at all. Now you can't sleep again tonight.
  7. Hostile

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    On that I agree, but hell 2 years + later we're still talking about a QB who got waived.

    Any reason why you can't lead the way on talking Giants? You make good points. Start a thread and let's get amped up.
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    Because certain obnoxious posters kept whinning that we should have picked Merri and were dumping on Ware. Now it shows that roids had a lot to do with it- which. with his history and everything else, should not suprise anyone. What I find interesting is those who seem to practce some kind of moral equivalency BS by saying that everyone does it, obviously some boys do, so whats all the fuss? Add to that Merrimans own statements about the boys from the past added fuel to that fire as well.
    By the way, its come from several different sources by now that it is definitly the needle or something like that and not some additive like it was with Peppers. When Merriman suddenly beefed up like he did, that should have been a honkin red flag to everyone- I think that BP spotted it, or one of our scouts did, and that was a major reason in us passing him up. That and him having the Postons.
  9. Alexander

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    Higher expectations equal an "insult"?

    That is a new one to me.
  10. iceberg

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    no, i'm right with superpunk on this one - so he got busted for 'roids. i don't care but i am happy the endless comparisions may finally end.

    so yea, there was merit to what he said yet i'm the condecending one. go figure.
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    i like both players and teams, but i would still take Ware for our defence.

    Too bad Zimmer cant utilize him properly
  12. bbgun

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    Merriman's suspension doesn't "vindicate" or "redeem" Ware's backers. The point is that we should be getting more out of Ware, whether he's clean or not.
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    Hey if it amuses you to think all anyone has said is they want more out of Ware, then by all means knock yourself out. It's gone farther than that several times.
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    I wouldnt be shocked if TO was on the juice

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