Merriman vs Ware....what was our draft dept thinking?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. CrazyCowboy

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    Zoners, CrazyCowboy (if you review old posts) was and still is really high on DeMarcus Ware. He can fly (run fast), great person, needs a little more strength, lot's of POTENTIAL football player.

    While Merriman may have character (supposedly) issues, he is fast, strong as an OX, his nickname is "lights out", and should be headed to Hawaii (Pro Bowl)!

    Question: Was the Cowboys in the DARK again on draft day #1 picking DeMarcus Ware over Shawn "Lights Out" Merriman?

  2. Sarge

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    First off, Ware isn't playing that badly for a rookie. His QB pressures are mounting. His sack numbers don't particlularly reflect how well he is playing. He is also leading the team in tackles for losses.

    Having said that, those who were around on draft day will remember I was adamant about taking Merriman over Ware.

    What's done is done however and I will be rooting for Warre to get better and better........and he will this team.
  3. sago1

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    I think Ware will be awesome next year & I'm sick and tired of so many people being upset with performance of Ware and our other rookies. There wouldn't even have been a Cowboy Hall of Fame if some of you guys had your way cause we would have cut everybody who didn't perform at pro bowl level in first year. No body would have heard of Landry cause he would have been gone after 4th year of not winning SB. Geez.
  4. King Diamond666

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    Once Bill is gone and the new head coach uses him the way he should,then we will have ourselves a player,until then.
  5. CrazyCowboy

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    Calm down, I must of mis-communicated here.....this post WAS NOT intended to bash Ware and I am not upset with his I also believe he has played very well for his first year.....

    I was just thinking out loud........Merriman or Ware......looking back with hind sight is 20-20......maybe we should have taken Merriman.....but, I hope to be proven wrong!

  6. SkinRamon

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    Merriman's a beast! Anyone who saw that game saw a stud play nonstop lights out against the Colts o-line.
  7. BulletBob

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    Jimmy doesn't like Crazy Cowboy's Posts. Jimmy's new in town. Jimmy really likes Elaine. Jimmy'll see you later. ;)
  8. canters

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    Right now, Merriman is the better player. I live in ACC country, and he did have character issues. Taking him would have been a calcualted risk, IMO.

    Given that, he may grow up emotionally, and go on to be a 10 time pro-bowler. He also may not grow up, and he may go on to be a head case, or be out of the league in 4 yrs..ala Hollywood Henderson.

    But right now, he looks great.
  9. SDogo

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    If he switched them Ware would have the numbers and we would be talking about how great he is.

    Ware is just screwed until Zimmer and BP leave town.
  10. scottsp

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    I love DW, but damn Merriman is an utterly ridiculous talent. Typically, people don't get to Peyton Manning...until yesterday. And it wasn't just him, though he was a major facet of Charger pass rush.
  11. joseephuss

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    The Chargers also got to Peyton quite a bit when they matched up last season. Their defensive front 7 matches up well with the Colts.
  12. Wheat

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    As a Skins fan, I was PISSED we took Rogers over Merriman.

    Then I remember sitting there and holding my breath, praying you guys didn't draft him.

    Being a Terp Alumni, that would of just stung.

    I still think Washington made a mistake in passing over Merriman. He's going to be a force.
  13. jksmith269

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    When Merriman changed agents to the Postons BP was asked "did the Cowboys know he was going to change agents" BP answered Yeah we might have picked that up. Now BP is adamant about not dealing with the Postons and I think that's what it came down to. I like ware and give him an offseason in our weight dept and see how he does. Merriman has a lot more lower leg strength it appears. So give our boy some time he will come thru...
  14. SkinRamon

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    Follow the link above and wait for download.

    For old fans of his Maryland days, football enthusiasts, and those who wanna see Merriman at his best, "BestInWest" from the San Diego Union Tribune Chargers forum made a highlight vid ---those are so in vogue these days....

    These highlights are only up to about Week 11 or 12, so it won't include the last few Charger games....a sequel has been promised..
  15. FWBCowboy

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    Maybe the scouting department was thinking that Ware had more long term impact potential. Sure Merriman is more ready to play now, he played against much tougher competition in college. I think I'll give Ware a few years before I start ripping the scouting department. Lets see what happens after Ware is in a NFL workout regimen and learns how to play wih better leverage and strength. The last guy taken from Troy took a few years to get up to speed. That would be Osi Umenyiora of the Giants. He is a stud now, but not much of a factor for the first year and a half of his career. This is his third year.
  16. InmanRoshi

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    They were thinking he was the next Mike Mamula.
  17. AbeBeta

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    Holy Crap!!!! Someone gets it.

    Ware played for Troy State. Merriman for a big time Maryland program.

    Merriman is more ready now. If Ware outperformed Merriman this year, it would have been a shocker. How can you expect someone to come from such a small program and immediately dominate? He would have to have been far far better than Merriman to do so.

    You all need to recognize that we are looking at two guys at completely different stages of their development. Merriman was more ready to go -- but Ware is going to need a little time to get there. The team knew this - and evaluated Ware as the superior talent. Superior talent not as in will do better this year -- but superior talent as in will have a better career.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    He was 20 when he was drafted. Merriman is just 21 years old, just abusing Pro Bowlers like Tariq Glenn. That's not technique or experience, that's just ridiculous physical talent.

    Ware may turn out to be a Pro Bowl player. Merriman is going to be a once in a lifetime player.
  19. cnhnyy

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    If we had drafted Merriman and chargers had Ware, we would still be wondering the same thing....why did not we draft the other one?
  20. Bull Frog

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    Yes and this is the reason.

    I watched the Charger game yesterday. At times Merriman and Foley would line up on the same side. They stunted him inside to take on a guard, blitzed him outside. They move him around much more than Ware. Our defensive philosophy has Ware rushing when the TE is on the other side and that's it. He's always rushing on the outside. No imagination at all. Merriman is more physical, but they use him more efficiently. They are maximizing his talents.

    I also watched the part of the Pittsburgh game. Their inside LB's will stunt outside or blitz inside. Us? We run an all out blitz once or twice a game which is a guaranteed first down for the other team. We can't even get to the QB with an all out blitz and our QB is getting killed by a four man front. Very frustrating. It's the same thing year after year.

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