Meshugga Mock?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BAT, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Not sure what character issues you are referring to? He certainly does not have drug or immorality (?) issues. And what do you mean he was not productive?

    He was the most productive DE/DT in this draft. People simply expected him to have another double digit sack season (he had 7.5) in 2011, even though he lost his HC and the new coaching staff not only moved him to a new position, but did not use him properly.
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    Really love the first three picks. Silatolu and Irvin are high on my wish list - maybe 1a and 1b.

    I like the guys taken in round 4, but they feel like Isaiah Stanback kind of picks. Interested to see where they ultimately get drafted. Saw Hardin as more of a 6th - UDFA guy -- position switch, didn't play in 2012. Great FS sleeper pick though. Thompson is just raw material at this point but was not expecting him to be so athletic. The question is, can he catch?

    Regardless of the specific players, those are the positions that I hope to see addressed in rounds 1-3: DE, OG (or C), and OLB.
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    Those first 3 picks would be ideal IMO. But if everyone prefers less small school/more well known picks from 4 thru 7 then:

    1) DE Quinton Coples
    2) OG Amini Silatolu
    3) OLB Bruce Irvin
    4) FS Markelle Martin
    4) TE Ladarius Green
    5) CB Coryell Judie
    6) WR Tommy Streeter
    7) KR/CB Cliff Harris
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    The All-Potential Draft:

    1) NT Dontari Poe, Memphis, 6'4 350 4.98
    2) C Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin, 6'4 315 5.39
    3) OG Brandon Brooks, Miami (Ohio), 6'5 350 4.99
    4) ILB Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma, 6'3 250 4.68
    4) FS Brandin Hardin, Oregon State, 6'3 220 4.43
    5) TE James Hanna, Oklahoma State, 6'4 255 4.49
    6) OLB Braylon Broughton, TCU, 6'4 260 4.55
    7) DE Markus Kuhn, North Carolina State, 6'5 300 4.89

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