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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Teague31, Nov 26, 2005.

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    Went on a trip with about 25 people, one of them was Lacewell. Pretty nice guy... I managed to avoid the obvious pitfalls (the 1995 draft, Switzer banging his wife......) He was wearing his ring- the thing is huge! WE talked a lot about the team and certain players and had about an hour long conversation on Julius. He said he didn't buy into Parcell's crap about Julius being tough and that JJ's biggest problem is trying to run too tough... he talked about how Emmitt never took the big hit and JJ always takes them. Thinks JJ is a very good back. All in all it was pretty cool talking to him and seeing that ring- thought I would share.
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    Man, I don't know how. Other than the players that are just so obviously good that you can't avoid them, that guy just couldn't pick talent.

    Cool story... thanks for sharing.
  3. Givincer

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    just wondering what crap he is referring too exactly?
  4. Hostile

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    Thanks for letting us know about it. Especially his thoughts on JJ. If there are other things you remember please let us know.
  5. Nors

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    Lacewell better NEVER be let into Valley Ranch. He imparted so much destruction 95-02 its a damn crime he walks the street.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    yeah, sorta like your posting

    a damn crime
  7. TwoDeep3

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    Did you not read the Brad Sham article ( I think) recently that suggested Lacewell was used as a consultant in this latest draft?

    I know I read that in the last two weeks.
  8. Hostile

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    I didn't see it but it wouldn't surprise me.
  9. Zman5

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  10. Tuna Helper

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    Nors, I expect better from you. Lacewell did the scouting from 95-02, but he didn't pick the players. We all know who did.
  11. Bizwah

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    Lacewell gets a lot of blame for our bad drafts, and rightfully so....but let's not forget who was really calling the strings in those bad drafts....Jerry Jones.

    The year we drafted QC, we were wanting Kendrell Bell. But it was JJ that wanted a QB. It was JJ that reached for all the players we wanted.

    Now, I don't wish to absolve LL from all blame, but our bad drafts were not all his fault. Again, as has been reported, LL did a lot of scouting and help with this year's draft.

    I think he did ok there.
  12. CaptainAmerica

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    I watched the ESPN Classic broadcast today of our '92 season.

    It hit me square in the face...Emmitt is a once-in-a-lifetime running back.

    No offense, but JJ will never be the back Emmitt was. The way Emmitt ran through tackles, the display of uncanny balance, the moves, the natural pass receiving skills, the toughness and durability over so many years. THE ALL-TIME RUSHING CHAMPION.

    It is blatently unfair to compare JJ or any other back to Emmitt. We won't see another one of those in these parts ever again.
  13. CalCBFan

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    Perhaps Lacewell wasn't the worlds all-time greatest scout, but several of the players we took in those years are still in the league making a contribution. To me that means it wasn't the player but the coachs and/or system. And I agree about who did the drafting. I was suprised to find out that it was Butch Davis that insisted on taking Shante Carver. I have been blaming Jerry for that all these years. My apologies Mr. Jones...
  14. Sarge

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    If it is so unfair, then why did you do it yourself?

  15. jterrell

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    LL sucked bad.
    This year he was nothing but a face.
    Jeff Ireland ran the draft and was the reason LL was fired.

    LL was always going to be brought in because he is a paid consultant.

    Yes JERRY reached for guys but LL was the one who came up with the "drafting backups and Special teamers" philosophy we employed in the mid to late 90s as we descended to the bottom of the talent barrel.

    Jerry did not reach in round 3 to 6 where drafts are made. He didn't know those guys and went by the board. The board that sucked wind.

    We were adding 2 or 3 guys a year that couldn't make any team in the NFL which is a ridiculously high number.
  16. JackMagist

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    Actually Bill Parcells ran the draft the last two years and it was Bill Parcells who was the reason LL was fired. It was also Bill Parcells who is responsible for Jeff Ireland being the new Scouting Director. All good moves IMO.
  17. Nors

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    Funny - a year ago there were those here that defended Lacewell and wanted to keep status quo. You know who you are.

    Thank god we canned him and have Ireland.
  18. iceberg

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    and thank god ty law is a cowboy! oh, wait...
  19. Nors

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    ICEROCK again tries to hijack a thread. Didn't expect a post on topic from you - hedgling.
  20. AsthmaField

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    I don't know who to blame for the crappy drafts that hung over valley ranch for nearly a decade. Was it Jones? Was it Lacewell? Was it the combination of the two? I don't really know.

    But what I do know is that I was very glad to see Lacewell shown the door. I was thrilled that Ireland was brought in here. Because his name is Ireland? No, because his name isn't Lacewell.

    Something else I do know: This year's draft was kicka**, and Lacewell had little if anything to do with it.

    The 03 draft was a good one: Newman, Al Johnson, Witten, B. James. Was Lacewell here? Yes. Did Parcells probably overrule him on pretty much everything? I'd imagine so.

    '04 draft: Jones, Rogers, Peterman, Thornton, Ryan, Nate Jones, Patrick Crayton, Jaques Reeves. Again, very solid with great late round productivity. Lacewell was there, but I guarantee you Parcells just ignored the guy and did what he wanted to do.

    It isn't coincidence that since Parcells stepped foot in the door our drafts have gone through the roof. He took Lacewell out of the loop except for "advice" that Parcells would take into account when picking guys.

    Lacewell has been only an advisor since 03... just this year it's official.

    And I'm glad.

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