Miami (Ohio) G Brandon Brooks impresses-1 Team in attendance was the Dallas Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Note \ Dont worry Hos, this is the guy we need to target as our monster strong OG, this guy will make you forget Decastro in time, if we dont take Decastro. By the way Hos, you still want Konz who has bloodclot life issues and who only brench pressed 18 times, not very strong for an OL Hos, your take?

    March, 21, 2012 Mar 214:45PM CTEmail Print Comments0By Calvin WatkinsOn March 1, guard Brandon Brooks of Miami (Ohio) impressed 25 NFL teams with a 5.0 40-yard dash, 36 on the bench press and a vertical leap of 32 inches at his Pro Day.
    One team in attendance was the Dallas Cowboys.


    Here's what Scouts Inc. had to say about Brooks' awareness: "Picks up blitzes more times than not but missed several gap calls in the 2011 Western Michigan game. Turns to locate backside pressure when no one comes to him in slide protection. Keeps eyes up and locates linebackers when asked to combo block up to the second level."
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    Yup, SDogo had also mentioned that the Cowboys were represented at his Pro Day.

    If we don't go DeCastro in Round 1, I think we could look at him in Rounds 2/3. Not sure if he lasts to our 3rd Round pick though.
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    yep if we skip on DeCastro at 14 look at Brooks or Zeitler at 45
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    I am in.
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    I'm going to curb the enthusiasm here. Bottom line, he is still the small school prospect that was given a 4th-5th round grade based on game film against lower level competition before the underwear olympics. Will I recognize his workouts, of course but I will not value them at 2-3 rounds.
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    Yeah, I like Brooks, but he probably is going to be over drafted. I could see the Steelers picking this guy in late round 2.

    Cordy Glenn is the superior player, and I hope Dallas seriously considers Glenn in round 1.

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