Michael Brockers, LSU, DT

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Feb 6, 2012.

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    He was a red shirt sophomore that has decided to come into this year's draft. He is a giant leaper going up into the first round. He played for LSU. He is 6'5" and 308. Think he would be a target for the Cowboys at defensive end?


    Pass rush: Only registered two sacks in 2011 but appears to have blossoming natural pass rush skills. Good initial quickness off the snap and flashes an explosive burst to split gaps. Surprising use of leverage for a player of his height. Good arm length and strength to keep his opponents' hands off his chest. Good bull rusher due to his use of leverage and good leg drive. Good quick arm-over swim move, which is made especially effective due to his long arms. Stymied at the line of scrimmage by chop blocks early in the season (Oregon) but improved his awareness and balance as the year went on. Good lateral agility and an explosive burst to close when the quarterback is near. Good awareness to get his hands in the air.

    Run defense: Again, shows surprising bend and power to win the leverage battle despite his height. Used as part of a rotation and loses his effectiveness when his pad level rises as he tires. Good upper-body strength to stack and shed. Lacks the anchor to hold up to double teams, but shows good quickness and aggression to seize the gap and works hard to split it. Pursues well when he has a lane to do so. Can get tied up inside and lose track of the ball. Good effort. Gets up quickly when knocked to the ground and gives his all to the whistle.

    Explosion: Flashes enough quickness off the snap to threaten gaps at three-technique, especially when slanting. Heavy hands, good lower-body strength and the ability to roll his hips into his opponent to drive them backwards on the bull rush. Arrives with a thud as a tackler.

    Strength: Still growing but shows very good strength to hold up as an interior run defender when he maintains his proper pad level. Long, strong arms for the take-down tackle despite being engaged with a blocker.

    Tackling: Forceful hitter who brings his hips to explode into the ballcarrier. "Only" forced one fumble in 2011 but did the same in 2010 despite considerably less playing time. Appears to have the athleticism and closing speed to improve in this area with more experience. Generally a good wrap-up tackler who brings ballcarriers to the ground quickly and securely. Good effort laterally and downfield in pursuit.

    Intangibles: Given a late first- to early second-round grade by the NFL Advisory Committee. Lined up as a three technique, on the nose (zero technique) and outside at defensive end (five technique) for LSU in 2011. No known off-field or injury issues while at LSU. Though Brockers' 2011 season seemingly came out of nowhere, head coach Les Miles predicted it heading into the season, characterizing Brockers as "becoming a bear to handle inside."

    Getting some attention and moving up...and might merit following through the Combine.
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    Yes unfortunately I do see him as a target at DE. And he sounds amazingly like another Marcus Spears. This is Spears version 1.1 all over again and I doint want a 14 pick wasted. We dont need another younger Marcus Spears. We dont need another JAG at DE. If he is not a huge impact player then we would be much better off with a pass rushing OLB. I think this guy would make more impact possibly with a 4-3 team and not as an end in a 3-4. The guy had TWO friggin sacks! I want a PROVEN pressure player coming off the edge. this aint the guy. Hell I think Lissemore has more potential to cause havoc then this guy.

    We need a super pass rushing OLB and I just dont see many sure impact players at that position that will be there at 14. This is not a great year for that at all. We go with what the strength of the draft is and dont reach due to need. This year is OL and CB. Get em while they are plentiful. Hopefully next year will be DL and LB.

    I want a potential ALL-Pro at 14. And in this draft that looks like DeCastro or maybe a CB at 14.

  3. cobra

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    Calling Brockers "another Marcus Spears" is incredibly sloppy thinking. If Brockers played anywhere other than LSU, no one would think of that correlation at all because there is really no comparison. But because the guy plays at the same school of an entirely different player, then some sloppy thinkers think they must be alike. Ridiculous.

    Spears was a finished product when he was drafted. There wasn't really any upside to him. You knew what you were getting.

    Brockers is still developing with a much higher upside. He is more athletic and is not a fat tub like Spears.

    There were always questions about Spears motor and that plagued him when he came out. But Brockers has a good motor and doesn't quit.

    Again, if Brockers played for Alabama, then many here would be all over him. It is ridiculous to dislike the guy because an entirely different player from the same school (who was gone before Brockers ever went there) was drafted by our team and only became a solid player.
  4. cobra

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    Oh, and while I disagree with your assessment of Brockers, you are exactly correct here. There is no "super pass rushing OLB" in this draft. There is not any edge player that we can get at 14 that would be an improvement on Spencer. If we let Spencer walk and reach for his replacement at 14, this team will be worse when it gets on the field next season because any player we replace Spencer with will be a regression.

    I agree with you. DeCastro should be our target. If he isn't there, then probably a CB depending on how they grade out.
  5. Picksix

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    Exactly. If Brockers played at Wisconsin, people would be calling him another JJ Watt, right or wrong.
  6. tm1119

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    I just don't see what separates him from Cox or Worthy who can be had 10+ picks later. Is it just because hes younger?
  7. Chris in Arizona

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    Calling Brockers another Marcus Spears is not fair.

    Spears was a lot more proven when he was at LSU.
  8. RS12

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    Is Tyron Smith another Jacob Rogers? :lmao: I dont get some people.
  9. realtick

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    There were definitely some on this board claiming that.
  10. Tex

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    No I think it's ridiculous to even consider a DE that can't get pressure at number 14. I think we are full up with those right now thanks very much. I don't want a pick at 14 "that might someday grow up and provide pressure maybe hopefully". I could care less what school he comes from. Or how fast he runs and jumps if he has no proven record of getting to the quarterback. As far as I'm concerned right now all he has is size. And there are tons of those guys on our roster already.

    Ya damn well better have a proven track record of sacking the quarterback at 14. And two last year just doesnt cut it in my book. Sure take a flyer on him in the second or third maybe. I think its ridiculous to consider him in the mid to high first. I am praying some other foolish team gets excited and picks him before us and a better player drops to us at 14. I think he is a better prospect as a 4-3 DT then a 3-4 DE if your looking for sacks.

  11. ABQcowboyJR

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    I like the guy and have been considering him more and more @14. The combine is only gonna help this kid i think. We will have to see. I wouldn't be entirely upset if we drafted him.
  12. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    I don't know much about him, but the highlight film cowboyjoe posted in his thread left me with a not so good impression of him
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    The kid had two sacks last year.

    Yes, he has some quickness, but he doesn't look like he has that first-step blast-off that a defensive end needs in order to be a good pass rusher– even a 3-4 DE.

    Looks like a "Chris Canty" type of player, probably more suited to being a 4-3 DT.
  14. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    exactly, I don't want another Canty-Spears type player... Things have got to change on this defense now!
  15. burmafrd

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    clearly he would be drafted on 'potential'. Which is always very risky.

    Now if he tears it up at the combine, maybe.
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    If he tears up the combine I'd be even more leary about drafting him... sorta "Mamula/Gholston" like.
  17. MonsterD

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    Don't want him, there is no way he is worth the value of 14 overall. I would take him as a 3rd round pick, but Ratliff and Lissemore will be better than this guy.
  18. Tex

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    Sean Lissemore is faster in the 40, same weight, one inch shorter.

    Sean had the same number of sacks as a sophomore. But sean had 6.5 as a senior and had as many INTERCEPTIONS as a senior as Brockers had sacks. Sorry I just dont see the huge stud in Brockers. I see a huge risk.

    This is not the guy I want to pin a number 14 pick on at all. he had TWO sacks last year against college players. And your expecting him to do what in the Pro's for several years exactly. So when he TRIPPLES his sack total finaly after 4 years as a pro and racks up six finally he is a bust right? Because he never lived up to a number 14 pick?

    No he has not reached his potential. But whats his ceiling? I see a 5 or 6 sack a year guy at best and he may never be that. We need honest to gawd football players. I dont want JUST potential at 14. I want someone thats been doing it for several years. If we are drafting someone to pressure the quarterback can we at least get someone that has racked up 9 or 10 sacks a year in college?

    I see this guy as maybe worth a risk in say the third round but you dont draft someone like this at 14.

    You can sign or find guys to play defensive end in a 3-4 that cant pressure the quarterback all day in the second round of the draft on or in FA. I would rather take a shot at an OLB that can supply pressure.

  19. tm1119

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    Very, very few 3-4 DE's ever get more than a few sacks a year. You're putting too much emphasis there. Ngata is regarded as the very best at the position and his career high in sacks is 5.5. The point of the position is to collapse the pocket allowing the linebackers to get after the ball carrier. Sacks are merely a bonus from the position. People fail to realize this.
  20. MichaelWinicki

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    A lot of what you say is true.

    But keep in mind that Coleman and Spears combined for 2 sacks and 16 pressures... In 800 snaps.

    Stephen Bowen in as many snaps had 7 sacks and 13 pressures.

    The Cowboys were 7th in sacks, if the defensive line picked up a few more this team would be in the top 3 of sacks.

    3-4 DE's do not have to stay "stapled" to the line-of-scrimmage. There are a number of guys who are truly pass-rush threats as 3-4 defensive ends.

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