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    :star: Michael Irvin :star:
    1988 - 1999

    WR, Miami


    Cowboys' first round pick in 1988 draft. . .Led league with 1,523 yards on 93 catches, 1991. . .Selected to five straight Pro Bowls. . . Recorded 1,000-yard seasons in all but one year from 1991-1998 . . . Set NFL record eleven 100-yard games, 1995. . 750 career receptions for 11,904 yards, 65 TDs. . .Named to NFL's All-Decade Team of the 1990s . . . Born March 5, 1966 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

    Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame 8/5/07
    Inducted in the Cowboys Ring of Honor 9/19/05

    5 time Pro Bowl...1991 - 95
    1 time All Pro...1991

    Link to Michael Irvin's Hall of Fame Page.
    Link to Michael Irvin's Stats.

    Wide receiver Michael Irvin joined the Dallas Cowboys in 1988, following a stellar collegiate football career with the Miami Hurricanes. Selected as the 11th player overall in the first round of the 1988 National Football League Draft, Irvin quickly developed into one of the elite receivers in Cowboys and NFL history.

    As a rookie, Irvin offered a glimpse of what was to follow during his 12-season career with the Cowboys. He became the first rookie wide receiver to start a season opener for Dallas in more than 20 years. He caught his first of 65 career touchdowns in that game. Irvin's 20.4 yard per catch average during his rookie year led the NFC.

    Early in his career, Irvin and the Cowboys suffered through some lean years. The team finished 3-13 during Irvin's first season and then fell to 1-15 the following year. The team's misfortunes would not last long. Help came first in 1989 with the addition of quarterback Troy Aikman and then in 1990 with the signing of running back Emmitt Smith. The two players complemented Irvin's talents and bolstered the Cowboys' offense.

    Almost instantly, the team became a contender and Irvin's play, which rose to a new level, was a major factor. In 1991, he helped the Cowboys to an 11-5 record and a return to the playoffs by hauling in 93 passes for a league-leading 1,523 yards and 8 touchdowns. He received consensus All-Pro honors that year and earned the first of five straight Pro Bowl trips.

    From 1991 through 1998, Irvin recorded 1,000-yard seasons in all but one year. Along the way, the Cowboys made four straight appearances in the NFC championship game (1992-1995) and captured three Super Bowl titles with back-to-back wins over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII, and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX.

    In 1995, Irvin recorded his finest season as he caught 111 passes for 1,603 yards. He also established an NFL record with eleven 100-yard games, and scored 10 touchdowns. His outstanding play continued during that year's post-season. In the Cowboys' 38-27 win over the Green Bay Packers in the 1995 NFC Championship Game, Irvin had seven receptions for 100 yards and two touchdowns. He capped off the year with five catches for 76 yards in Dallas's 27-17 victory over the Steelers in Super Bowl XXX.

    In all, Irvin accumulated 750 receptions for 11,904 yards. A member of the NFL's All-Decade Team of the 1990s, he had 100 or more yards receiving in a game forty-seven times during his 159-game career.
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    I was in the stands at RFK for the next to last game of the 1988 season. The Cowboys came in with a 2-12 record but the Redskins still had flickering playoff hopes.

    The rookie Irvin caught a TD pass. I was so high in the stands that I could not make out the jersey number of the receiver, but I knew it was Irvin because a Skin fan next to me was listening to Sonny Jerkenson on the radio and said, "Sonny says Irvin is a hotdog."

    Pelluer threw two more pretty touchdowns that day and I could not tell either time who was the receiver, but both looked good. I saw a lot of celebrating in the end zone though. During the game, I was concentrating on watching Herschel Walker and trying to spot Randy White and Too Tall Jones. The game came down to the wire and Dallas pulled it out when Michael Downs deflected a fourth down Redskin pass in the waning seconds.

    It was only when I got to the car and turned on the radio that I found out Irvin had caught all three touchdowns that day. That got my attention and I thought back to the catches and just thought, wow. We have a receiver finally.
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    Note to all Zone members: Make SURE you CALL Mike BEFORE you make ANY comments concerning him.

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    I will never forget in the Superbowl against the Steelers, Mike made one of his short out catches and big bad Greg (Avoid) Lloyd came up to make it a short gain ....... he grapped mike around the waist and mike spun him around till he flung him out of bounds, then started running like nothing had happened. Lloyd was humiliated and I laughed till I almost threw up .....

    Thanks Mike
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    DMN file photo​
    Emmitt Smith, Bob Hayes and Michael Irvin celebrate after the Cowboys won the NFC championship.

    John F. Rhodes / DMN​
    Michael Irvin celebrates after catching a touchdown pass in Super Bowl XXVII.

    William Snyder / DMN​
    Michael Irvin scores a touchdown in the second quarter of a 1995 preseason game in Denver as teammate Kevin Williams approaches from behind.

    John F. Rhodes / DMN​
    Michael Irvin sits on the turf at Candlestick Park after missing a pass in the 1995 NFC Championship game.

    DMN staff​
    Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin hug after losing the NFC championship game to the 49ers in 1995.

    Just thought these were cool pics... ​
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    This is the first thing that comes to mind. His famous pose(s).


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    My most lasting memory of Michael Irvin is good and bad IMO. You might say it's a microcosom of his career.

    In the summer of 88, Irvin joined the Cowboys and that year, the Cowboys ran scrimages against the LA Raiders. We were terrible at that time and it was no fun being a Cowboys fan. Anyway, Raider DBs were trying to be the way the Raiders were in those days and they were pretty much laying it to our WRs in Shell Drills. Pretty soon, a scuffle breaks out and sure enough, Michael Irvin and one of the Raider DBs are going at it. Irvin rips off the DBs head gear and sticks a couple quick shots to the face and then the fight gets broken up.

    Anybody who has ever done two-a-days or training camp knows that things like this happen. It's part of the game but for me, it represented a little bit of fight that was seriously lacking in our team at that time. We went on to have a horrible year but I knew right then that Michael Irvin was a guy you would be able to depend on when your were up against it. That's Michael Irvin to me.
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    Absolutely love Irvin.

    Great Player.

    Great Teammate.

    Great work ethic.

    Heart and soul of our Dynasty teams.

    We haven't been the same since he left. Nobody has replaced his fire.

    Don't know if we'll ever have another WR like him.

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    I love Michael Irvin for every touchdown he ever score for our beloved Cowboys.

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