News: Michael Irvin: Talent and Motivation are not married

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Nov 13, 2010.

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    We have heard from Michael Irvin a few times this week and I never got around to getting this interview he did with Dan Patrick on the blog...

    Michael Irvin on Dan Patrick - From Nov 9th

    Jerry the GM and Jerry the Owner. The problem is that he wears too many hats. He's also the face of the marketing arm and he's the voice of the team in doing radio shows and interviews. If he would just step back and take on the Owner role on a full time basis I could live with him and not hate him at times.

    Allow Stephen Jones to become the full time GM. He's already doing all the contracts and he's very involved in dealing with the Scouting department and what they do. Let the rest of the family handle all the stadium stuff.

    Jerry Jones the micromanager is not resulting into Championships.

    A talented player isn't worth a crap if he's not molded into being 1/11th of a fast moving and efficient machine which can produce results on both sides of the football. Winning is the name of the game at this level.
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    I have to agree with DC here.

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