Michael Vick out Dennis Dixon in?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Boys122, Jan 31, 2013.

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    I've always had a gut feeling that Dixon would start for the Eagles next year. I dunno, sometimes Chip Kelly strikes me as a really smart guy and I'm curious as to how his ideas are going to translate to the NFL, but this reeks of Steve Spurrier bringing in Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerrfel to the Redskins all over again (or Jimmy and Steve Walsh). A career NY/A of 5.64 ... yesh. You're really banking on the concept that you're just that much smarter than Bruce Arian or Cameron/Caldwell if you think you can translate that to a servicable NFL starting QB.
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    Yeah, I've been thinking this for a while too.

    I used to think Kelly would succeed in the NFL, but lately I just picture Spurrier
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    This is interesting though. Get rid of Vick and Foles then replace him with Dennis Dixon?

    This could be a genius move or it could be the dumbest move Kelly will make. It's a gamble. I think he's seeing that Kaepernick, Wilson and RG3 are having success so why can't Dixon. This could make or break the Eagles.
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    Consensus here abt whether Chipper's genius translates to the NFL Offensive schemes,and whether NFL D's can answer it in the short-term?

    His personnel- with possible exception of QB- seems capable as any if it can indeed be carried out. Or will it fizzle after perhaps one stellar partial season until DCs neutralize its advantages? Fad or not? Or might some longterm hybrid system more viable?

    Both injury to skill players and defensive countermeasures will have their impact on his vision somehow, someway. They say Qb in his scheme isn't paramount, a common misconception. But
    I reckon sound depth is.
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    Kelly has to be bringing in at least 3 QBs to play. He can't solely rely on just bringing in Dixon, who has a slight build for a tall guy. The Eagles will end up using a few QBs if they run the Kelly/Oregon offense primarily because their QBs will take a beating.
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    Yeah. For years I had thought that you might be able to make the running QB work in the NFL. But it really seemed that you would need the full compliment of three QBs, due to the danger of injury and just wear and tear. The advantage in personnel being that such QBs have generally been available.

    Part of the big success this year comes from the QBs running these systems are particularly good passers.

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    Well, I'll tell you this, if the Eagles cut Foles I hope we are all over him. I think that kid could turn into a pretty decent QB eventually.
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    Would Andy Reid bring Foles to KC?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I could see that.

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