News: Mickey on the Ranch Report naming names

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by ddh33, Feb 18, 2005.

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    I just finished listening to Mickey on the Ranch Report talking about players the Cowboys may be targeting. Here's just a quick recap.

    The Boys do need a vet QB. He didn't spend much time on this though.

    CB - Charles Woodson if his heart is in it, Fred Smoot, Ken Lucas, and Gary Baxter are names he has heard.

    The DE market doesn't look great, but the Cowboys have a need there.

    OL needs to be addressed. Right Tackle is a problem.

    S is the other big need. Thinks vet would be better than youngster. D.Darius and D.Smith are the names he hears.

    Said he expects the Boys to not bring in a ton of guys. Jerry said they won't spend like a 6-10 team, but will instead spend as though they are a better team - in other words, they are going to continue to rely on some of the young guys. Finally, figures that Dallas will try to go a little younger in their signings so those players can grow with the team.

    Interesting stuff. Thought some might be interested.
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    hmm alot of mixed hearings. First he says he will spend then he says he wants the younger guys to grow, come on jerry make up your mind, please o please tell me your not turning into a woman:eek:
  3. ddh33

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    Now, I think I'll inject some of my own opinion into this.

    I figure that Safety is a more important position to Parcells than many would realize. I think he wants someone who can cover, tackle, lead, and really hep Roy. I think that is why the two biggest names on the market interest the Cowboys.

    Corner will be another significant position to fill. I know a lot of folks would say to stay away from Woodson, but Parcells has ties to the Michigan program. I think Woodson could be a good fit here. It might come down to money. Baxter seems to be another fit since he is from the area and has the size Parcells covets. Lucas is someone he spoke highly of before. Smoot has drawn interest from the Cowboys previously. And Anthony Henry has links to the new secondary coach.

    I think McKenzie from the Jets will be the guy Dallas targets at RT. I think the Jets will spend their money on Abraham and Fegruson, leaving McKenzie to walk. He's a young player who doesn't make many mental mistakes, and seems like a fit.

    The DE market is what worries me. It's one of the reasons I think Wiley may still have a shot at coming back (albeit a slim one). There doesn't seem to be a ton out there that fits the direction this team is going. The draft may be the best possibility here, but I would think that Dallas needs to draft DT, LB, and WR.
  4. flashback

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    Whos the starting FS from the Dolphins who's gonna get axed? Go get that guy.

    I'm so glad they're talking about a FA corner. I don't want to keep trying to break in a new rookie every year. The Cowboys are plenty young, lets get somebody who's at about the same spot in their career as our current starters.

    I'm not too worried about DE. It would be nice to upgrade there, but if we had to go with Wiley/Thornton/Coleman, I think there's at least a chance to find some adequacy there. The draft isn't deep, but if we get a DT in the 1st, we might be a lot happier with our DL next year, even without a dominant pass rusher.
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    He hasn't heard Anthony Henry?

    Good, maybe they're keeping it quiet about him at the Ranch. All the better to strike in the first 10 minutes of free agency. :)
  6. WoodysGirl

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    how chauvinistic...:rolleyes: [/indignant self-righteousness off]

    my only issue with what he said...was that D. Darius. He's a SS. Granted I've read that he's gotten better in coverage, but I think we should focus on true free safeties. Might be a moot point, since he's been franchised the past 2-3 years and most likely will be again.

    Don't like C. Woodson as an option. Too many character issues and not even the off-field kind, the lockerroom. Anytime you go on national TV to rip your coach doesn't speak leadership qualities to me.

    I think one thing we should take from all of this is that the 'boys are actually gonna be active this year. I think I can take another 6-10 year if I know they weren't sitting around with their thumb up their butt before the season began to make the team better. I wouldn't like 6-10 record, but at least I know they at least tried.
  7. EveryoneElse

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    Thats why he's not a GM. He thinks we're better than we are.

    Kinda like if your a gambler, never bet when your favorite team is involved, because your thinking with your heart.
  8. WV Cowboy

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    Sounds just like a woman !

    Just kidding !, Just kidding ! :D

    I have been blessed with incredible women (remarkable wife, mother, grandmothers, sister, 2 sisters-in-law) in my life so believe me I was just teasing.
    Because of those ladies, I have the utmost respect for women.
  9. StreetPlayaRoss21

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    mckenzie wants top LT money, hes with the poston brothers, we;d have to break the bank for him
  10. Alexander

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    :eek: The Postons? I thought everyone had fired them by now.

    But isn't MacKenzie a right tackle and not a left tackle?
  11. StreetPlayaRoss21

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    yea, im saying he wants 'LT MONEY' lol
  12. dbair1967

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    scratch him then...not interested in any Poston players...

    I believe Charles Woodson's agents are the Postons as well

  13. Alexander

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    Talks with Kareem on again

    Offensive tackle Kareem McKenzie, a key unrestricted free agent whom the Jets would like to retain, said talks with the team have reopened. In November, McKenzie told his agents to cut off negotiations because of what he called a "miscommunication." McKenzie was under the impression that a five-year, $26-million deal was imminent then, but said the offer he got wasn't what he expected.

    "As of right now, my options are wide open," McKenzie said.

    I would stay away from this guy. He sounds like he wants a pay day and nothing more. We should go after guys that want to play here, not necessarily looking for the biggest payday.
  14. HeHateMe

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    I think BP would be able to get the most out of C. Woodson.

    Which would be a lot.
  15. Waffle

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    He's been a solid player for the Raiders when he isn't mouthing off, but I think he's underachieved in the NFL...especially compared to his absolutely stellar college career.

    If the guy is truly serious about playing pro football and being the best CB in the NFL, perhaps a dose of Bill Parcells is exactly what the guy needs. With that said, it still would be a risky move to try and sign him to what would presumably be a high dollar, long term deal.

    Hope they do their due diligence on him!
  16. junk

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    I would look at Floyd Womack as a second tier cheaper type of option. He can play tackle and guard, he is young, and he was part of Shaun Alexander's great rushing year.
  17. Woods

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    Rather then spending a fortune on Woodson, I'd prefer to get a solid veteran like Lucas, and spend the extra money on adding additional players.

    I don't think we need to add the "Deon" type player this year. We just need to get multiple solid contributors. Next year, once we've hopefully got a solid team built up, we can add that one difference maker.
  18. junk

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    I agree with this. And I can't see paying big money for a guy who *might* be a difference maker. If Jerry is going to shell out the bucks, make sure it is for a player who is always a difference maker.
  19. StreetPlayaRoss21

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    When hasnt woodson made a difference to the team he plays for, ask raider fans, they'll tell you woodson was the only player to turn up on their defence this year.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Interesting, and I agree. However, I don't see this applying to a player like Drew Bledsoe.

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