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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Nors, Nov 11, 2005.

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    Nor’s Mail

    Hos Teel in the Desert:
    How does an undrafted QB like Romo beat out a pedigreed QB like Drew Henson? Henson would have been a #1 overall pick.I saw Henson in 1st preseason game and we was clearly the best QB on the field.

    Whoa there, not so fast on Henson. He’s stuck behind Romo because Tony Romo is clearly the better QB. Case closed. Henson’s days in Dallas may be numbered.

    Miki in Canada:
    What was Buffalo thinking cutting Bledsoe and handing the keys to Losman?

    Mistake compounding mistake there. Mistake trading away a boatload of picks to draft a QB that can’t play. They then felt the need to play said QB and its blown up in their face. Someone has to loose a job for that. Your mother gave you that name?

    Barbara from Jersey:What do you attribute VT’s longevity to?

    Beats the crap out of me. Guys never won anything and thrown for almost 260 interception and that’s tough to do even if you are color blind. Its probably the legs. I bet he’s working out right now.

    Blind Horse not in Kansas anymore:Why is Gurode riding the pine?

    He’s dumb as a rock, can’t process and run the offensive calls and makes mental mistakes all over the place. Parcells can’t trust him.

    Wise one in Beantown:
    Who has made the biggest impact on succesfull roll out of 3-4 Defense?

    Where do I start? This needs a team shout out. Ferguson, Spears, Canty have solidified DT at point of attack and allowed the undersized Ellis and Glover to be rested more and not wear out late in games. Ware has been as advertised and has added a OLB/DE pass rush and Parcells has transitioned in bigger more physical Linebackers in Shanle, Fujita and James is getting it. All in all an amazing job by Coach Parcells.

    Rush 2112 on left coast:
    Who do you see Dallas targeting Day 1?

    That’s a mammoth NT in Ngata and Carpenter a big OLB prospect. Don’t rule out the TE from Colorado in the 3rd if he’s there. There are a few intriguing WR and FS types that will be locked in on day 2. Archive this name – Ricky Santos!

    Junk in the yard:
    I am baffled at Drew Bledsoe’s success. How is this happening?

    You are not alone – only a few who really understood Bledsoe’s strengths and raw talent saw that he was still a franchise QB. Luckily BP was on that short list.

    David in Hotlanta:
    Who is the most overated player in the NFL?

    Michael Vick

    Katr in the Bayou:
    When will QC be resigned? He’s obviously better than all 3 QB’s on our Roster!

    Wow dude – put the pipe down man. He’s never coming back

    ABQ in Roswell:
    What do you think about Dontrell Moore in the draft?

    Could be steal of draft and will slip to knee injury. Kids a stud.

    Juke on the Island:
    Who makes the best Pizza?

    That would be Pepe’s in New Haven. Expect an hour wait minimum.

    SBK in Spokane:

    What is a hybrid football player and why aren’t we playing the 4-3 defense?

    I have to deal with retards sometimes.

    I really liked Billy Cundiff and wish prolly we bring him back?
    I’m with you there Wolverine, He will probably be signed after he is eligble to be signed back.

    Rack in the Trans am:
    Is it true Aaron Glenn and Terry Glenn are both brothers?

    That question is so wrong on so many levels. No comment
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    Nors Nors Nors...


    Pepe's in New Haven...I'll be driving right past there this weekend...hmmmmm.....
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    That's good Norsey!

  4. LaTunaNostra

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    Yes, that was funny. :)
  5. Vinnie2u

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    Awesome post. Hopefully you'll be answering more questions later.
  6. Nors

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    Yes PM me with future questions.

    I'll try and answer as many as I can

  7. Dawgs0916

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    Lol I usually think your just a cocky SOB, but this was extremely funny, props man.
  8. Rack Bauer

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    Wow, Nors, you got me figured as a Trans Am guy? Decent car, but you should know I like off-road vehicles. I currently own a 2005 Ford F-150 FX4. I don't like crawling in and out of cockpits when I drive somewhere.

    And how do you know Aaron Glenn and Terry Glenn aren't both brothers? They aren't EACHOTHER'S brothers, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were someone else's brothers. :D
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    Brainless in Boston: What is the saying that use to come out in PeeWee's playhouse?

    Nors: I believe you're referring to "Meka meka hi, meka hiney hybrid".

    New England Clam moron: Will we pursue a bigtime WR in FA next year?

    Nors: The 3-4 is great and I love Nose guards.

    Paaawty time: How well would DeMarcus Ware be doing as a fulltime 4-3 DE?

    Norsie: Are you serious?!

    4-3 = no pressure, read n react predictable defense

    3-4 = the greatest defense in the history of history.

    Yankee doodle candya**: When does Henson get his shot?

    Norsie: Henson rumored to be traded to the vikings for a row boat. Don't worry, the future is with Tony Romo! And he's got GREAT ribs!

    Boston Pea Tarty: How big are Kevin Burnett's biceps?

    Norsie: Oh great question! I was mind measuring them last night and they were 34.5". Burnett's just biding his time. He's gonna be the next Harry Carson!

    Rack: Nors, why do you like hybrids so much? Is it cuz you are a hybrid yourself, part human part moron?

    Norsie: See the kind of questions I have to put up with? Flaming on message board not allowed. Why don't you go mudding.

    Hybrids rule!
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    Funny, I don't ever remember bashing the Bledsoe signing. In fact, I thought I said it was a good idea especially for the price.

    But we can't expect Nors to get his facts straight. Thats just silly.

    Nors in Boston: Why didn't Dallas make the deal for Law? A second is a great deal! They should have at least signed him for a discount since he knows Parcells to play FS.

    Uh, there was no Ty Law trade. You made that up. Plus he didn't want to play FS. How is that tin foil hat fitting?
  11. big dog cowboy

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    I'm not sure if I should feel lucky or not that I didn't make the list.
  12. Nors

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    Originally Posted by haasbro
    Bledsoe? You mean a younger version of an old quarterback? He scares me. It seems that with Drew it's either feast or famine. Personally, I'm a little warm on the idea of Drew Brees. Not to mention that Jimmy Johnson called him out as a possible player the Cowboys could afford this offseason. We are putting together the pieces. However, the risk is too huge to depend on Henson to be ready for next year. If we have learned anything about the game it should be to show a greater level of respect for it. i.e.-you can't spend that amount of time away from the game at the level in which Henson did and expect to be on pace with your peers who have played the game their entire time. Drew may need to sit for a couple of years. Isn't that what Tennessee did with Steve McNair? I think it took him two entire seasons to earn the starting Qb job. However, I think its safe to say that it paid dividends.

    I say we let Bill groom Henson and when Parcell's thinks he's ready, turn him loose. Brees would buy us at least a couple of seasons with the possibility of a playoff push provided that he finally gets it and the game has slowed down for him. Not to mention the thought that he could be the solution for a longer time and Henson could be trade bait or vice versa.

    Gotta think with our heads and not our hearts. The Chargers are about to make a playoff run. They will not keep Drew Brees after selecting Rivers in the first round. They are willing to take a step back next season to allow Rivers to play. That's their problem, and possibly, our solution.

    Agreed on Brees (or Kitna or Dilfer or Brad Johnson). If Henson is going to be the guy, he should be able to beat them out. If he does, the team has a real nice vet QB option. You almost always need that in this league. And if Henson isn't quite ready, well, the team has an option at QB.

    You wanted about everyone but Bledsoe!
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    I'm not sure if I am lucky and I made it.

    Not that I'd ever write to someone who doesn't know much about the game.

    At least I got top billing. I'm #1 in his heart.
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    Nors you take some and are a little wacky but this stuff here is darn funny.
  15. Nors

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    Goshan - I give and take it

    and yes - I'm wacky
  16. junk

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    :lmao2: Was this me or some guy named Hasbro? I wanted a vet QB. Look back for my posts after his signings. Then see what you dig up.

    Am I a little scared he might revert to his late Bills form? Sure, but I am cynic.
  17. goshan

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    Junk, he highlighted in Bold you comments and said you wanted several people but not Bledsoe. I agree he could have found someone else who was a lot more negative on DB.
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    I see your version of Mick's mail is as factually sound as the real thing.


    Free agents:

    Campbell, Gurode, Price, Pile, and Fujita.

    Campbell epitomizes the term Parcells guy. 90% chance we re-sign him.

    Gurode did not work at guard, the rotation at center has almost vanished. 75% chance he's gone.

    Price inactive and barely used since Crayton's injury. 80% chance he's gone.

    Pile seems like a guy Parcells likes. 50% chance he stays.

    Fujita struggled early, has come on lately, talk is we are trying to work a deal. 90% chance we re-sign him.


    If he plays at all he's an improvement on Gurode, he's also a vocal leader on and off the field we need that kind of player on the OL.

    There's more examples.

    I was saying the Gurode to center thing was folly, long before you did, but hey I don't need 500 posts telling everybody.:D
  19. Nors

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    Bring it!
  20. blindzebra

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    What's the difference between a draw and delay?:lmao:

    You posted a thread making fun of other posters, and you completely fabricated my position on Gurode.

    You brought it, and I swatted it right back at you...as always.


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