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    Scott Hecht, Atlanta: Do you see any possibility of the Cowboys picking up Eddie George if he is cut June 1? Remember, coach Bill Parcells had luck with an aging Ottis Anderson back in 1990. He could also serve as a mentor to Julius Jones. Your thoughts?

    Mickey: As is the case in all of these, a lot would depend on how much Eddie George thinks he's worth. The Titans wanted to cut his $4.25 million base salary in half. He and his agent wanted nothing to do with that. So does that mean he would be willing to come to Dallas to play for even less than that? George is 30, and at that age running backs start slowing down. He might have some thread on his tire if used properly, but call me cheap, I sure wouldn't invest a whole lot of money in him. It would have to be one of those deals for only a couple of years with minimal signing bonus. But I wouldn't pay George as if he was my lead back.

    Dennis Trook, Amarillo, Texas: Is there any truth about the rumors that Dallas is interested in George? If that is true, why? Isn't he a little injury prone? Maybe this is just a silly rumor. What can you tell us about this?

    Mickey: Well, no one around here has expressed interest in George, but then Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would not discount the possibility of interest in the 30-year-old running back the other day. Let's be careful here with this run-away enthusiasm for George. He averaged 3.4 yards a carry last year, less than Troy Hambrick, and most of you were howling until he was released. And did you realize George has not averaged at least 4-yards a carry since 1999? You are right about the injuries. He's coming off knee and ankle surgery, and if here next week probably would not be able to participate in the mini-camp. Just remember, if George was still all that, the Titans would figure out a way to hang onto him.

    Martin Britton, Texas City, Texas: Do you think Keith Davis has a chance to make the team? After watching him the other day on NFL Europe, he looks like a pretty good player, even if the competition in NFLE is not the same as the NFL. But he looks like a ball hawk. What's the Cowboys' take?

    Mickey: You are right, Davis is having a real nice NFLE season playing safety for Berlin. In fact, he is one of the top candidates to win Defensive Player of the Year. His competition for a roster spot will be Lynn Scott, but maybe more importantly, the decisive factor will be his ability to play special teams. He showed his first time around with the Cowboys this knack for getting to the ball.

    Michael Smith, Washington, D.C.: You've basically said that the Cowboys didn't want to spend big money for older players like Troy Vincent, Kurt Warner or Corey Dillon. I think that that's a smart move. But, how does Vinny Testaverde fit with the Boys? Isn't he an old player? What would his price tag be if he were to come to Dallas? Is it significantly less than say a Warner or a Rich Gannon (if he is to be released)? If so, then why not try to pick up one of them? Is Testarverde better or is it because he's a "Parcells' Guy"?

    Mickey: Questions, questions. Older quarterbacks serving in a backup role are less risky than an older player expected to start at a much more demanding position. I mean, did you have any problems with Wade Wilson backing up Troy Aikman? Or Bernie Kosar coming in to finish off that 1993 season? With Testaverde, that would be the same thing. And yes, I'd think Vinny understands this is the end of the line, and certainly would not be looking for near as big a payday as Warner or Gannon. And yep, don't discount Parcells' comfort factor with Testaverde.

    Billy King, Scott AFB, Ill.: How long are you gonna beat this dead horse about the Arizona game when Quincy Carter "imploded"? That was over two years ago! I think Q has grown up quite a bit since then. Not to mention, what he was having to deal with during that season. He had all this pressure to perform when he was only getting half the reps. Bottom line is he won his job back fair and square last year, but you seem to still be on his case! I think he will improve this year, but I do agree that it is his job to lose if he doesn't perform up to par. My real question for you is if he does improve (and that IS a big if), will you be ready to eat some crow and admit Bill Parcells made the right choice?

    Mickey: You bet. But why the heck are you dogging me out for being skeptical, and you yourself said it is his job to lose, which is what I said, and that if he improves is a real big if? What's up with that? So you agree with me, but you want me to eat crow. You going to dinner with me then? By the way, every time somebody mentions Carter's practice reps in 2002, they seem to decrease. Pretty soon, the poor guy won't have even been practicing.

    Dudley Bokoski, Greensboro N.C.: So, the Cowboys sign Testaverde, partly because he can step in this year and partly because he's so old that he won't be seen as a challenge to Carter. That may be OK for 2004, but what about 2005 when Drew Henson isn't ready, Carter is still Carter and we've got a decent bus without a driver? Bring in Collins or Warner and answer the Carter question by sending him somewhere, anywhere, else. Carter is now the best that he will be, and it isn't enough in Dallas.

    Mickey: Ah, I'll at least have to make reservations for three I see. Obviously, they won't be signing Collins. As for Warner, are you sure he is healthy? Are you sure he still can play? St. Louis certainly doesn't think so, and willing to eat $11 million against the cap in these next two seasons just to release him. That's million now, not $11. Again, Carter might not ultimately be the answer to the quarterback question, but at least the Cowboys aren't paying an arm and a leg to find out.

    Hugh Jass, Yellow Knife, Canada: How in the name of hell can the Cowboys be satisfied with Quincy Carter at quarterback? We showed no interest in Kerry Collins at all, despite his history with Sean Payton. Please tell me Henson has already made a huge impression and is a legitimate candidate in 2004. Carter's stock will never be higher after 10 wins and the playoffs, why aren't we shopping him for a bag of footballs? I love Terence Newman, but I may never forgive him for not being Byron Leftwich. Mick, ease the sufferings of this snow bound soul.

    Mickey: Well, you want me to print your email address? You'll get enough angry, hot responses to melt the highest of drifts talking noise like that and daring to question Carter's ability. Once again, the Cowboys aren't satisfied with Carter, and know he must get better. They seem to be counting on that. So he will get that chance. Listen, when managing a salary cap, if you can score with an inexpensive quarterback, you are way ahead of the game. The Cowboys seemingly want to take that chance while also trying to get Henson ready to challenge . . . if he can.

    Terry Moten, San Antonio: I just read up on Chad Hutchinson's performance, and I am fairly certain you will not be writing an ARTICLE on Chad this week. Is the offensive line of the Rhine Fire that bad or is Hutchison's pocket presence an issue? I do not see the games, so I do not know. But I read he was sacked numerous of times, fumbled three times, losing one of them and once having the ball stripped out of his hands. You have made it plainly clear to us that you believe it should have been and should be Chad starting for the Cowboys. But from what I have been reading, Chad is having serious issues over there in NFLE. The very same issues he had in the NFL: Inability to avoid pressure and holding on to the football. You have spared little ink writing about Quincy's problem with accuracy, but it seems that Chad has significant accuracy problems of his own. Given what Chad has shown in NFLE do you still believe that he gives the Cowboys a better chance at success under center than does Quincy?

    Mickey: OK, OK you guys. Hutchinson did not have a good game last Sunday. But his entire team had a poor game. You said you didn't watch the game. I did. He had no chance on three of the five sacks, including the fumble. Yes, I do think he has a problem sliding around in the pocket and sensing pressure. But accuracy is not his problem. He still can throw pinpoint passes with NFL velocity. I agree, Hutchinson has not shown in NFLE he is ready for a starting job in the NFL. But he still has more passing skills than Carter.

    Thom Board, Londonderry, N.H.: I was really pulling for Hutch in Europe. I wanted to see him either be a good backup for Dallas or maybe get some trade value from him. I think his stock will be very low after his mediocre performance in Europe. Do you think the Cowboys could get anything for him or just release him outright?

    Mickey: Naw, I don't think the Cowboys would get much of anything if they tried to trade Hutchinson. If they did, probably no more than a seventh. And remember, if they trade him, he will hit the cap for just more than $2 million this year. It will be interesting to see if the Cowboys give him a chance to show what he's learned in Europe to win the backup job, or if they release him before camp should they sign a veteran backup.

    Otis Wright, Reading, Pa: I was under the impression that Quincy Carter and Donovan McNabb were together doing something that was to benefit the kids. Why was it such a big deal to you that Quincy didn't "talk football" during the event. I mean, gosh! I think you said, "Quincy didn't want to talk football" at least 10 times, as though it was inappropriate for him to focus solely on the children for that day. I know you won't post this, but I just hope you read this so you know how pathetic you are for trying to find ANYTHING to complain about in reference to Carter. It's becoming pitiful Mick. He's our QB. Pull for him.

    Mickey: Wow, we are getting picky, but glad you found time to listen to my Ranch Reports from The Ticket. Hey, it's not that he didn't talk football during the event. Why would he? I meant he didn't talk football with reporters when answering questions afterward. McNabb talked a little football. And you know what, immediately afterward when interviewed by NFL Network, Carter had no problems talking about football. I mean aren't you curious what he thinks of the Cowboys signing Drew Henson? Or what he thinks of the possibility of a veteran quarterback being hired? He answered those on NFL Network, but then glad to know you don't think we failed to do our job by not giving you that information.

    Shawn McNeil, Virginia Beach,Va.: OK I like Pete Hunter, but let's be serious. This season coming up, the Boys face receivers such as Randy Moss, Plaxico Burress, Donald Driver, Roy Williams, Charles Rogers, Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens(two times), Darrell Jackson, Joe Horn, Laveranues Coles(two times) and the Boys still think Hunter can cover some of those guys? Why not just go with the sure thing, and get Mike McKenzie, who is one of the top 10 corners in the league. Think about it, Newman and McKenzie at the corners and Woody and Williams at safety. That will give the line more time for sacks as well. See Mike McKenzie is the last piece we need at defense.

    Mickey: Is he? I agree McKenize would be a good addition, but not for a first-round pick. Did you realize the Packers dangled him out there before the draft, and there were no takers. He's dangling out there now, and am I to assume no team in the league needs a top-10 corner other than the Cowboys. McKenzie for a second, maybe, but that would void the Cowboys out of next year's second and third, leaving them no wiggle room in the first round of the draft even if they have two first-round picks. If the price comes down, and he doesn't want a $10 million signing bonus, then yes. Otherwise, ya gotta make do.

    Bryant Winkels, Victorville, Calif.: Never mind Mike McKenzie (too risky) and Ty Law (will be gone when we can contend). Lets talk about what ails this team. Will the Cowboys possibly take a shot at Kenyatta Walker, if he becomes available?

    Mickey: You are right, that still needs to be the Cowboys' priority - the offensive line. Right tackle is quite unsettled, but it's my understand Walker is getting released because the Bucs don't think he's an NFL player, regardless of having been a first-round draft choice. Now if you get a bargain, then he could be an inexpensive bridge to either Jacob Rogers or Torrin Tucker. After all, he did start for a Super Bowl team, but the Bucs are washing their hands of him, and he's only down for a $590,000 base salary.
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    Okay, that is either a joke, or a very unfortunate name.
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    its gotta be a joke... pretty good one though. I can't believe mickeroo fell for it.
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    The above statement in bold is laughable :D . Of course it is Micky's opinion. I don't know what Chad will make of his career, but Mickey's opinion of Chad Hutchinson is the reason guys like Jeff George, Ryan Leaf and Tony Banks were able to collect big pay-checks in the NFL.

    They always flashed great passing skills, but as a Quaterback (which encompasses a lot more than just passing) they were pretty average to poor.
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    Mickey was fished in. I think this has to dispel any notion that anything is edited or proofed at
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    I caught that Hugh Jass name too. I can't believe Mickey missed that. :D
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    I've never in my life seen a beat writer or journalist of any fashion get so feisty with the readers as much as Spags does. Is it me or does the guy take the mail to heart a little too much?

    I could be wrong, but it seems somewhat unprofessional to me.
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    He's like that all the time. They make fun of him on the ticket for being so argumentative and a homer.
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    Qcard, why didn't you bold the sentence immediatly preceeding the one you bolded? " agree, Hutchinson has not shown in NFLE he is ready for a starting job in the NFL." That says essentially the same thing you are saying. Your own bias is showing more than the Mickeroo's.
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    Yeah, he does it on the air during Ranch Reports each day. It's rather sad.
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    As far as "passing skills" being just one part of a quarterbacks game then yes Hutchinson is superior to Carter in that one area.
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    Perhaps but Mickey gets paid to offer his.
    He is still weasling around the obvious. QC is clearly a better QB than Chad Hutchinson. Clearly, unequivocably and inarguably.

    The sooner people admit that the freer they will be of the guilt of thinking otherwise. The monkey on their shoulders can get off and they can breathe again.

    The problem with QC bashers is they feel QC must make a Pro Bowl or some nonsense to justify starting. He doesnt. LaDainian Tomlinson didnt make the pro bowl last year. Anyone wanna call him a spare?

    QC is a legit starter which is exactly what most of these redneck yokals swore he couldnt be. The sooner they swallow the dip in their cheek and admit they were blinded by the look of the players involved they will be able to pretend they know something about football again without everyone outside Coslet laughing hysterically.
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    If by passing skills you mean without a pass rush then I'd agree. Unfortunately this isnt a game of horse where you take turns against no defense.

    QC passed well last year against defenses to the tune of 3200 plus yards. Part of "passing skills" is being able to get the pass off.
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    Listen to randy Galloway on ESPN radio in Dallas.

    He has an idiot alert he plays when a caller say something that he disagrees with vehemently.

    This isn't just Spags.
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    Add in the Goodfellas show on the ESPN radio as well...those two are like beavis and butthead when talking really is a wonder they have a job IMO.
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    Micky The earth MUST be caving in around us.

    He's been condescending for years. It's just.....him.
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    The difference with Galloway is he is doing it as schtick and humor.
    Galloway named QC his first half of the season Cowboys MVP last year.
    He does not take himself seriously.

    He states he is fair and biased.
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    Everyone who thinks Carter is not a legit starter is a redneck racist? Hmmm...
  19. Big D

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    our friend hugh jass..... doin it big!

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    Comparing LT and QC is ridiculous. LT is one of the best in the league, QC is one of the worst. To justify starting, QC must beat all competition (which he has done), continue to beat out all competion, and show he can be the long term solution at QB (which he definitely hasn't done)

    He may be a legit starter, just not a very good one. Maybe he improves, but I really don't see where this die hard support comes from. I can give reasons why I don't think QC is the answer. The QC crowd fires back with excuses (bad OL, bad RB, third offensive system in three years) and the infamous 3300 yds and 10 win season. Tommy Maddox threw for 3400 yards last year and Pittsburgh had the nerve to go draft a QB.

    Believe it or not, there are people that don't think QC is the answer because they think he is not a very good QB, not because of his skin color. To classify all critics of QC as rednecks is very short sighted as well.

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