News: Mick's Mail 5/28

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, May 28, 2004.

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    Good Post.
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    I agree that many do not like him because they do not see Carter as being a quality starter. However, you must admit, that the vile hatred some have for him must have a deeper reason.
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    How come it's excuses for the QC Backers , but for the Bashers its reasons??????? :eek:
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    Yeah, I listen to the Goodfellas and Galloway as well. I have my issues with them too. Mickey, Newie, Estridge, and Galloway are all challenged when it comes to insight. They offer little, but they have their forum. Guess they'll let anyone have a show/column.
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    jterrel bleated like a sheep:

    Whats the dif between a black Qb and a white QB that sucks? Nothing and no one wants either one. QuINTcy is a black QB that sucks. Hutch is a white QB that sucks most of us dont want either one cuz they suck. You wouldnt be hearin these complaints about Michael Vick or Byron Leftwich cuz they are both good QBs with that have what it takes to be great. If QuINTcy is the answer it was a real stupid questoin.
  6. junk

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    It comes from both sides, I agree. Maybe that is a reason for some, but I think it is wrong to say that because you don't like QC, you must be a redneck. There must be some underlying reason for the die hard support as well. I really don't know. I just want a good QB.
  7. junk

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    To me, things like no OL, third offensive system in three years, dropped balls by receivers, etc. are excuses. I am looking for reasons such as: throws a good deep ball, good pocket awareness, great work ethic, etc. Those are all valid reasons for support of QC I think. I think a good QB will show flashes of great thing irregardless of what happens around them. Tomlinson was an example earlier, he had a great season with a terrible supporting cast.

    I honestly don't mind support of QC if it is rational. Same should be said for criticism of QC. The extremes on either side are what ruins good discussions about football.

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