Mid Atlantic Wrestling Roster from early 1977...

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    I found this info on this website: http://www.midatlanticgateway.com/almanac/roster/roster_77Q1.htm

    This is from Mid Atlantic wrestling, ran by Crockett Promotions in the winter/spring of 1977. The Mid-Atlantic area covered Virginia and the Carolinas.

    It's an amazing bit of information.

    Keep in mind this is just ONE territory... And there were a good dozen or so NWA territories across the US plus the AWA and the WWWF.


    (Faces) Dino Bravo, Mighty Igor, Paul Jones (D), Rufus R. Jones, Wahoo McDaniel, "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods (D)

    (Heels) Kim Duk, Ric Flair, Blackjack Mulligan, Masked Superstar, Greg Valentine


    (Faces) Tony Atlas (D), Red Bastien, Tiger Conway, "Cowboy" Frankie Lane, Ricky Steamboat (N), Johnny Weaver (R)

    (Heels) Brute Bernard, Jerry Blackwell, Jerry Brown (Hollywood Blondes) (N), Sgt. Jacques Goulet, Lanny Poffo, Randy Poffo, Buddy Roberts (Hollywood Blondes) (N)


    (Faces) Klondike Bill, Steve Bolus (D), Dan Burdick (N), "Big" Bill Dromo (N), Johnny Eagle, Francisco Flores, Keith Franks, Dr. Fujinami (D), Herb Gallant, Rick McGraw (N), Danny Miller, Vic Rosetani (D), Joey Rossi (D), Ron Starr

    (Heels) Dennis Condry (N), Jack Evans (D), Ricky Ferrara (R), George "Two Ton" Harris, Scott Irwin (N), Butch Malone (N), Angelo Poffo (D), Tony Russo Larry Sharpe (R) Blue Scorpion, Doug Sommers, Bill White, Mr. X (N)


    "Professor" Boris Malenko (Kim Duk & Masked Superstar), Ivan Kamikoff (Mighty Igor)






    Gene Anderson (Georgia), Ole Anderson (Georgia), Andre The Giant, Giant Baba (All Japan), Dory Funk, Jr. (Florida/Texas), Gladiators, Superstar Billy Graham (WWF), "Professor" Boris Malenko (wrestled infrequently), Mil Mascaras (WWF/Mexico), Ken Patera (WWF), Thunderbolt Patterson (Georgia), Harley Race (NWA Champion), Dusty Rhodes (Florida), Tenriu (All Japan), Jumbo Tsuruta (All Japan), Baron Von Raschke (AWA)


    Sonny Fargo, Zack Murray, Tommy Young


    Ed Capral (Wide World Wrestling), Bob Caudle & David Crockett (Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling)


    Carl Murnick, Elliott Murnick, Joe Murnick


    Ed Capral, Les Thatcher



    1. Wahoo McDaniel (2)

    2. Blackjack Mulligan (4)

    3. Masked Superstar (5)

    4. Dino Bravo (10)

    5. Rufus R. Jones (6)

    6. Greg Valentine (7)

    7. Mighty Igor (NR)

    8. Kim Duk (NR)

    9. Paul Jones (3)

    10. Ric Flair (1)


    1. Ric Flair & Greg Valentine (2)

    2. The Hollywood Blondes (NR)

    3. Wahoo McDaniel & Rufus R. Jones (NR)

    4. Dino Bravo & Tiger Conway, Jr. (NR)

    5. Dino Bravo & "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods (3)

    (N) denotes newcomer to area. (D) denotes departure from area. (R) denotes returnee to area.
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    Wow lotsa familiar faces here...
    I saw the masked Assassin and Tiger Conway Jr{ not senior} get into a real pier sixer at the OKC fairgrounds arena back in the day. "The Brute" Bernard also frequented the mid south area. Also remember then leaping Lanny Poffo was nothing but a doormat.
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    WOW what a great lineup of names. Several of those I have not thought of in years. Harley Race was my favorite as he is from just down the road from here. Some of those guys I saw so many times I'd say in the dozens.
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    It's funny the guys that were mid-card or lower who ended up being top-card guys later on. But that's how it should work. Counting the "visitors", there were 9 past, present or future world champs there.
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    That's a really solid roster of talent.
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    The Mid-Atlantic area probably had the best NWA roster from the mid-70's until the end of the territory era in the early 80's. But there were certainly other rosters out there that were quality like Florida, Texas and St. Louis.

    The Crockett's had some gumption when it came to the pro wrestling business. They were able to go toe to toe with Vince... At least for a while.
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