Midseason Power Rankings at the Midway Point

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pittman4Two, Nov 14, 2006.

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    I'm a little preturbed at the outcome last night in Carolina, therefore I had to adjust my power rankings a tad for my midseason update.

    Here we go:

    1. The Indianapolis Colts - Peyton and company are starting to show the consistency of a top NFL League football team. Look for them to continue looking for ways to win.

    2. The Tampa Bay Buccanneers - The Pewter Pirates have hit a skid in the road. Bucco Bruce is beginning to show his age as a rookie. I do like the moxie the kid has. Luckily, we have an offensive genius and guru for a coach that knows how to get the best out of his kids.

    3. The New England Patriots - After watching highlights of the Jets/Patriots game I realized that a championship-caliber team needs a championship-caliber stadium. That field was attroshis. Time for a dome and some high-quality astroturf to take advantage of Tom Brady and those WR's.

    4. The New York Jets - Super big win over the Patriots catapults them to the #4 spot. Herm Edwards has laid a solid foundation for the new coach. A wild-card spot is not out of the question.

    5. The New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees is showing the NFL League that he is, in fact, for real and not some product of Marty Schottenheimer's system. Duce McAllister continues to struggle on special teams having not yet made a single tackle. In order to stay on the field with Reggie Bush staring over his shoulder, it's items like this that need special attention.

    6. The Dallas Cowboys - Tony Romo.

    7. The Atlanta Falcons - Anytime you have Michael Wayne Vick at your beck and call you're in every game. It's important to keep him on the field to make the best use of his talents. Jessie Tuggle Update: Still no word on if 2007 will mark his big comeback after taking time off as a missionary.

    8. The Buffalo Bills - JP Losman appears to have found a niche at the QB position. He now understands that touchdowns are good and interceptions are bad. On a side note, Eric Moulds is now a Texan.

    9. The Kansas City Chiefs - The aura of Dick Vermeil still resides at One Chief Place. The Chiefs continue to find ways to score points to beat their opponents. My sources say that the Chiefs see no reason not to play Larry Johnson at RB after he again struggled to get 150+ yards last week.

    10. The Chicago Bears - No doubt that the Bears were exposed as the team they thought we were. That one glaring blemish in the L column is what's keeping them from the perfect season everyone in Chicago and Illinois thought they were going to have. Sorry Bears fans...maybe next year.

    11. The Cleveland Browns - Riding high after squeaking my Michael Vick in Atlanta, the Browns are ready to set sail for the postseason. Regretfully Butch Davis will not be available to assist the Browns coaching staff any longer.

    12. The Philadelphia Eagles - It appears that McNabb has beaten the flu bug. Anytime an influenza like that hinders a big-time quarterback in big games, it's important that he gets proper medical care. He may again be the starter this week if he continues his rehab correctly and by the book. Good luck, Donnie.

    13. The New York G-Men - I thought the G-Men were better than this. Truthfully, I was thinking the G-Men were the one team that could compete week in and out with the Pewter Pirates. Unfortunately, they did beat us, however the repercussions after the beating we gave them in the trenches is finally starting to elevate it's head. Nobody said beating the Bucs was easy.

    14. The Miami Dolphins - It's really good to see how much a good coach has an affect on a football team. Usually resting your starters midseason would prove dumbfounding or befuddling, but Nick SaBan knows what it's like to play for a championship. No use second-guessing the benching of NFL League MVP and Pro Bowler Daunte Culpepper. Give Joey some reps just in case he's called upon come January. Looks like you got a keeper, fin fans!

    15. The Carolina Panthers - Call me unimpressed. I thought this Panthers team was a Super Bowl contender however I think it's fair to say that the Panthers haven't earn anything except gifts in the form of turnovers from upper echelon teams like the Bucs. I still don't see what John Fox does in the form of coaching other than taking his headset on and off at least 30 times a quarter. What is that Fox? Does that mean, "Ooh, look at him, he's the coach because he took off his headset again."

    16. The Denver Broncos - I love me some Snake. Jake Plummer continues to show America why he deserves to be mentioned with the names of Vick, Gradkowski, Manning, and Brees. He just makes plays. I love the fact where if he doesn't see an open man, he either runs, throws the ball away, or takes the sack. They don't grow guys like this anymore.

    17. The Cincinnatti Bengals - The Bengals have been disappointing as of this write-up. The only bright spot is Carson Palmer. He will only throw the INT if the defense makes the correct read and makes a play on the ball.

    18. The Green Bay Packers - Brett Favre continues to prove the naysayers wrong. I see no reason why he can't play into his 30's.

    19. The Arizona Cardinals - I like fire in a coach. It means that true grit and determination lie beneath. Sometimes a record doesn't indicate the blood, sweat, and blood left on the field. When you lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink. Birds of a feather, flock together.

    20. The San Diegan Chargers - These Chargers are real men. Men like these built the Ifull Tower with metal and brawn. Men like "Dr." Phil Rivers lead a team with an above average running game and a decent passing game into the promised land. A wild card isn't out of the question.

    21. The San Francisco 49ers - The 49er fans are uneasy and wary about the news of moving to Santa Anna. The team will still be called the San Francisco 49ers, however they will not be in San Francisco. This may cause some inconvenience to season ticket holders, the 49er officials say that the true blue 49er fans won't really care where the team plays according to my sources.

    22. The Oakland Raiders - Randy Moss continues his successful career as a Raider by again catching a pass Sunday. Raiders fans are hopeful that more of these catches are on the horizon.

    23. The Tennessee Titans - The Vince Young we all know and love came to play on Sunday. So did the rest of the Titans and the Ravens. The Titans lossed to the Ravens, but not by much. Too bad there's not a LBNBM column. The Titans would wrap that one up.

    24. The Baltimore Ravens - It was kinda comical in a funny way when McNair ran into the goalpost. Did anyone else see that? The man is tough though and he played it off like a veteran. He acted liked he'd been there before.

    25. The Seattle Seahawks - The downward spiral continues. Luckily, the Beck and Shaun Alexander will be back on the field when they become healthy or else they could be in for a longer season.

    26. The Pittsburgh Steelers - The Saints exposed the Steelers defense repetitively over and over as they scored again and again. On the bright side, the Saints decided to rest their defense by letting the Steelers score just as much. Cowher's hill is tall and it's going to be heck to climb without some help from ropes and ladders.

    27. The Houston Texans - I see Mario Williams already has multiple sacks and tackles and it's only the midpoint of the season. Imagine what the guy could do if the season was 32 games?

    28. The Jacksonville Jaguars - It's clear that the Jags have yet to find an adequate replacement to Mark Brunell. The guy left such a legend and legacy that it's going to be hard for those shoes to fill it. Maybe Del Rio should let the punter chop some wood again.

    29. The Minnesota Vikings - I love Brad Johnson but not even the Bull can raise this cream to the top. The Vikings looked sharp early but are now starting to fall gracefully to the mediocrity level where, you guessed it, only mediocre teams reside.

    There you have it, my friends.

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    The nice thing about message boards is that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    I cannot honestly say that I agree with you here.
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    Were the Bucs #1 before that Monday night clunker?

    THUMPER Papa

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    The 7-2 Chargers are #20 in your rankings? Based on what?

    I can see from your ranking of the Bucs at #2 that you live in a fantasy world all your own.
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    Honestly? It's that defense that scares me. If they can't stop the Bengals, who can they stop?
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    I am surprised that no one else mentioned this,, but.. I see only 29 teams.. are the other 3.. not worth mentioning??

    This guy is funny.. but hard to take seriously.
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    You were struggling for a while there - but there were a few big laughs in there.

    Your analysis of the Cowboys was spot on, but I'd take issue with the Titans. Considering how much they lost by not much, you'd think they'd be much higher.;)
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    As always, the replies are as good as the original.
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    Excellent analysis! :laugh2: I was wondering where this guy has been.
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    lmao at the LBNBM column.

    Also I have to agree on every point you made. I agree that the Lions, Redskins and Rams arent worth mentioning

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    This guy is in a class by himself... well, maybe he's there with Leotis, but it certainly is rare air!

    I was really hoping he wouldn't get down after his team's struggles and continue to post.

    Here's to you Pittman4Two! :beer2: Keep up the great work!
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    Great stuff, as always.

    It's equally great to see that the Redskins are now apparently so bad that they do not even get a spot in the rankings. :lmao:
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    I'm just glad we finally got a Jesse Tuggle update.
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    I don't blame the coach. They needs to let cooler heads prevail. The team needs to start giving 110% and take it one game at a time. If they leave it all on the field good things will happen.
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    Isn't your title a little redundant??
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    Huh? Tony Romo only? Then you should have us #1

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Actually... the Colts continue to look for ways to lose. I have faith that they are close to finding a way. As soon as Sunday.

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    I'm stupified. I can honestly say that I have no words for this list.

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