Mike Fisher Interview of Jason Garrett...w/audio Post #1

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by craig71, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Google "hostile decastro cowboyszone" :D
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    In your haste to judge me you haven't read what I have been writing for over a year.

    David DeCastro & Peter Konz. The two players I wanted in the Draft.

    Had them in multiple mocks even after we signed Bernadeau and Livings.

    I am not someone who throws tantrums when we don't get the players I want. I move on. I think Claiborne can be a great addition. I accepted the hand we were dealt and got ready to enjoy a football season.

    But I also asked people I trust about the guys we did sign. I posted several times that I was told Bernadeau was going to remind me of Gogan because of his nastiness.

    He didn't, and I said so many times. I thought he played better once he had to start at Center, but it still wasn't good enough.

    I lambasted the OL the entire year for not opening holes and not pass blocking well enough.

    I don't know what to tell you beyond that. You guys pay such close attention to my every thought, but at the same time you assign me the thoughts you want me to have too. Strange coincidence I suppose.

    By the way, almost as soon as the last Draft was over I started saying Barrett Jones in 2013. I'd still be thrilled with him if that happens, but I also see where we might get the best Safety in the Draft (Eric Reid of LSU) where we pick and we are going to need NT. I have mentioned John Jenkins and Jesse Williams several times. I've also said Jonathon Cooper of UNC and mentioned the OTs at Texas A & M and Warmack of Alabama.

    I've never said this OL was great. I am highly disappointed in Doug Free.

    Process this however you wish.
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    Actually, the acquisitions I said I was excited about were Orton, Vickers and Connors. I feel I was wrong on two of them. If you want to bash me for those I'm guilty.
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    No joke. People hate my pet cats because I am so adamant about them. There was a "Great DeCastro" giving up a sack to Spears thread because I pissed someone off.
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    2 of those 3 will likely be gone if I was too guess.

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    liked the " back pocket boy " as a journalist.. He's always tried to bring up reality, as opposed to perception, when it came to how the Cowboys operate.
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    All I know is Hos that when I was complaining about Livings and Bernadeau, you were adamant that things would be okay.

    You may have lambasted all season, but frankly I don't recall that at all.

    But just as a post script here Hos. I purposely said not one word about your "prediction' about the line all year long. I was very careful to let it play out. So rush to judgment is mischaracterizing it completely.
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    Hos wanted to go OL in the draft but when the team went a different direction he didn't pout about it at all.

    DeCastro was his pet, along with Konz (who he had to defend against Burmafrd because of the blood clots)

    I've said it multiple times before but we really need to address the OC position for the long term. Alot of the running game problems were due to Cook not being able to execute the correct type of blocks to the play side.

    Dominant OLs have very good center play especially when it's a ZBS.

    OL play is only as good as the weakest link and Cook struggled to support both guys next to him. Costa is a complete question mark, and then you have Arkin who is another big question mark. Dallas needs to fix that problem for the long term. Bernadeau did OK when he played OC but he needs a full offseason to learn the position but even he is a question mark.

    RT is another position that needs to be addressed as well. Parnell may be the solution but that is not a sure thing either.

    The final piece is to add depth via the draft and find a starter down the road. Livings is a guy that you can win with now, but not later and you draft someone to compete for a position against Bernadeau. (1st rd?)

    Something else that irks me is how Dallas implemented more ZBS plays but did not use cut blocking like other ZBS teams do. If they want to run that style Callahan needs to teach that type of blocking in order to be on level playing field.
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    My position is this. There were those who were railing on some that thought this was going to be a poor offensive line this season. So much so it turned acrimonious.

    There are some - and I am not suggesting Hos is one of them - that likes to come back 7 months later and change their position once the chips have hit the table.

    I ate a lot of crap here because I doubted Jerry signed any quality on the line this season.

    This ain't an I told you so. But what it is is this.

    Don't now come around claiming you were telling everyone the line would suck when you were ridiculing those that were actually saying so back in August.

    I am not now nor never have I claimed to have great insight into this game. I say what I think, and I think before I speak.

    I find your explanations to be credible, but I think Bernadeau was crap before he got here, and when he is one on one with a defender has shown time and again he cannot move worth a damn. Your point about the center is well made but Berny is crapola no matter if he had Stepnoski next to him.

    When I am wrong I freely admit it.

    I wanted Roy Williams from Detroit. I wanted Bobby Carpenter over the other choices.

    So I am not the Amazing Kreskin nor Knute Rockne.

    But I own my talk. And I will point out those that are now trying to slither in and make claims they did not in August.
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    Kinda like how Hasselett owned him in DC?
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    This is almost exactly how I see it. I'd only add that early in the season, Mack looked like a possible miss, but he definitely got better about 8-9 starts in, when his starting job was challenged. He played the last quarter of the year after he was back from surgery and integrated fully into the line at a level teams can win with, at least in terms of his pass blocking.

    Free, too, played better when he lost some snaps. I still think RT will probably be addressed, though.

    And a significant majority of the off season OL debate centered around unhappiness with Phil Costa. That was followed by general unhappiness with the free agent OGs. It was only generalized to frustration with the OL when it turned out the OT switch had hurt us on both sides early in the year. And complaining about the OL as a group is nothing new, since it's pretty much what ever fan base does--followed closely by claiming they want to run the ball more aggressively--when their team doesn't dominate other teams the way the hope and expect it to.
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    I enjoyed that...it was refreshing to hear him be candid and comfortable with the interview. He is a likeable individual, I think the OC/DC are guilty of over thinking the games. We need a fresh approach offensively and there meeting will show who is willing to budge

    So who will win "The politician" or "The Salesman"
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    You know, last year you accused me of saying something similar about Terrence Newman to you, whom you apparently couldn't stand. I told you I have no memory of ever having that discussion with you about Newman and telling you he would be some all world CB. I asked for links. I never saw any. But I was supposed to accept that I said this to you. So I guess I am once again supposed to accept that I said this to you above. Even though several other posters in this thread remember my OL stance.

    I further don't suppose that I could provide you with more than a dozen links to my man crush on David DeCastro and that will change one thing.

    So I am mischaracterizing something, but you're not mischaracterizing me? Completely?

    Damn, it sucks to be me I guess. I'm not even allowed to know what my opinions are until I am told what they are.
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    In my experience, usually the guy that signs the checks wins the debate.
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    I didn't pout about it either. I just told everyone we were wrong and it would keep us from winning anything this year. It has.

    I also told everyone the CBs we acquired would do jack and squat for our defense. We'd be the same team. We were.

    Now we're right back where we were last January. Only with less cap space and a lower draft pick. We can either get started fixing this team for real or waste another year rearranging deck chairs. If we start a real rebuild, I will praise the team for it. If we don't, I will criticize them. It's as simple as that.

    The "pouting" usually comes from the people who can't handle reading certain opinions.
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    Have u really given up on romo and garrett??
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    im sure its "Just a process" ... and Garret will "keep stacking good days"
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    agreed 100%
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    Read the top line of the sig. I lost a bet.

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