Mike Jenkins signs 1 yr/1.5M deal with Tampa Bay

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Zordon, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Jstopper

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    Not exactly. A trio of CBs with a good passrush to go with it yes. A trio of CBs with my grandma and her church buddies rushing the qb no.
  2. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    He will not be a starter in Tampa Bay. They already have Banks and Verner.
  3. stasheroo

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    Although I will say that the decision made by the dummies in the front office to invest big in man corners and then switch to a zone scheme sure didn't help anything!
  4. big dog cowboy

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    When this group gets zero to little support it's completely understandable that they look terrible.
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  5. jrumann59

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    after next year he could be even cheaper. Isn't he more a man to man corner, and not really good fit to the Tampa 2
  6. bbailey423

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    I compeltely agree a better pass rush is needed....but for the money Carr is making...he has to hold his own more often than not. You cannot say "pay me top dollar"...then say "help me" all the time. You pay a premier LT top dollar because you do not expect to give him help from a TE or a chip from a RB. Which allows you to help out a weaker RT. Compared to what he was paid...Carr has underpeformed. Compared to what was given up to acquire him...Claiborned has underperformed. We cannot continue to have to keep learning lessons like this. We will never get out of the malaise this organization is in repeating the same mistakes. Dallas always REACTS to a problem by OVEREACTING. Which is what we did with our CB issue. We need DL....and I see people saying we need to throw the kitchen sink at acquiring them. I actually like how we went about acquiring DL. We have potential stud in Melton. And a bunch of live, hungry, bodies that will share snaps. Which will allow them to go all out for every snap they are in the game. If a mid first round DL is on our board when it is our turn to draft in the 1st round...then you take him. But you do not reach for a DL in the first round if one is not there...that is what I mean by OVEREACTING

    I am sure you remember the special teams draft

    Or how about the CB draft....I THINK we went for Kareem Larrimore, a kid out of Ohio State names Ross...and a kid from Georgia whose name escapes me...I think those were our first 3 picks in the draft that year
  7. Hostile

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    I remember all the comments about how jealous he was over Scandrick making more money than him and how that was evidence of incompetence in Dallas. Turns out Dallas paid the better player huh?
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  8. Primetime42

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    USF is in Tampa. Believe he's from there. Hope "being home" doesn't have a negative effect. Guy's always had enough talent.
  9. Bluestang

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    Strange that he didn't get paid big money like so many predicted. It's also weird that Oakland decided to let him go.
  10. The Natural

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    Hindsight. You would have a hard time convincing anyone here that at the time of the extension Scandrick was a better player than Jenkins.
  11. GimmeTheBall!

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    I would say half a year at 30% below minimum.
  12. GimmeTheBall!

    GimmeTheBall! Junior College Transfer

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    No that was mean. I wish him luck.
  13. skinsscalper

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    Yet, somehow, the front office that has no clue got it right. They've made plenty of bad moves but even the right ones get no respect around here. Weird.
  14. The Natural

    The Natural Well-Known Member

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    My comment is about Jenkins/Scandrick not the competency of the front office. Take that fight up elsewhere
  15. skinsscalper

    skinsscalper Well-Known Member

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    Your comment was in response to a post from another poster about Dallas getting it right regarding the two players. You specifically referenced "anyone here" being convinced that Scandrick was the better player. Many around here panned the move. They were wrong and the FO was right. Funny thing is, the doom and gloom torch and pitchfork crew around here were front and center and absolutely certain that the Scandrick extension was a mistake and the FO blew it again. They were wrong. They'll never admit it.

    And, for the sake of full disclosure, I was in the Jenkins should be the priority camp.
  16. jterrell

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    Jenkins' issue is health.

    He wanted badly to be back in Tampa so he probably took slightly less to move back there.

    CB is a position where most players fall off the map at a young age so 2nd contracts are scary.
    Jenkins may well have to float around a bit on cheap deals now.

    Though 12-15m and 7 or 8 years in the league would certainly be a career I'd take, LOL!
  17. WoodysGirl

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    Yes, but there's also some luck there, too.

    I think it all comes down to health. Had Jenkins remained healthy and not tore up his shoulder, they may not have had to invest in Carr. They may still have gone after Claiborne, tho.

    Lots of ifs and maybes, but I think talent wise that Jenkins was the better player. Health-wise and scheme wise, Scandrick produced more.
  18. bkight13

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    Jenkins played a lot better when he disregarded Campo's stupid "play the man, not the ball" directive. But ultimately it was his health that was the main issue.
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  19. Yakuza Rich

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    Bad shoulder is his problem now.

    He's a classic example of a lack of a sense of urgency under the Wade era. He just thought that everything would fall right in line without having to go the extra mile for it. That details and improving upon weaknesses didn't matter. He could have had 3 really good years here instead of 1 great year before the injury. And he could have possibly used 3 good years here as a track record to teams worried about his shoulder and use that as leverage to increase his earning potential.

    The USF coaches specifically told the Cowboys that you had to stay on him or he gets lazy, particularly in practice. But, if you stayed on him he was very coachable and would get very good. Wade just couldn't be bothered to get out of his comfort zone and we lost a potential All-Pro type of corner.

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  20. khiladi

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    Jenkins played with a messed up shoulder. It's a myth he's soft.

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