Mike Lombardi Rips Jason Garrett's Coaching Ability

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by sadams, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. crazytown41

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    If they get knocked out in the 1st round again then it's time to move on. He'll never get us over the hump if it's another 1st round exit.
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  2. Idgit

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    TIL that fans are angrier and even less patient with the HC after 13-3 than they were at 8-8.

    Meanwhile, though, the team keeps improving.
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  3. Dodger12

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    Right.....coaching doesn't matter. This is a silly post, even by your standards.
  4. dfense

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    Lombardi needs to say things that grab people's attention to keep his job. If he was any good at what he did, he'd still be doing it.

    Romo is gone so now critics will take aim at the next target. Nothing new. COY isn't a good coach. And the Browns don't really suck. I get it.
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  5. ALBIT

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    Why is it on this site I see posts all the time how players on other teams stink and are overrated , but the second someone says something negative about a Cowboy those same people cruicfy the guy who wrote or said it. Come on people. He is not saying anything that most people know already. One person responded saying JG is better than Tom Landry. COME ON GUYS. This is a very big year for JG in my opinion. Expectations are high. So let's see what happens.
  6. HoustonFrog

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    Sorry but he got a REAL fair shot when he sucked for his first 3 yrs by blowing games and having the team unprepared...those mistakes were discussed here in detail for yrs and kept the team out of the playoffs with a prime Romo. The owner stuck with him despite being a "coach in training." I've cut him
    Slack the last few yrs but this article is dead on about his ability to actually coach.

    And I can't even believe Landry is being mentioned in other posts! Landry was a stud player and up and coming coordinator that was known as a football genius. He took a team with no talent in a league with a small amount of teams and players and made a dynasty. Garrett had Ware in his prime and Romo in his prime, with parity and parlayed it to 2 yrs in playoffs.
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  7. BAT

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    I didn't watch those first 3 seasons in Cowboys history but there are countless articles and interviews telling us how Landry only had the absolute dregs of the league to form his roster. His record during those periods speak much louder and more emphatically to me than the metric this article relies on.

    And I witnessed first hand Landry's final seasons in Dallas when Eugene "the hitting machine" Lockhart was the best player on his D. And as bad as those teams were, Jimmy's defensive roster in his three seasons was a revolving door of players. I remember players getting signed, starting, then cut in a single week.

    Again, the wins and losses is my barometer. Then I witnessed the futility of the Campo years where teams were running at will on the Cowboys. Franchise records were not just smashed, 100 year league records were decimated as well. Do you remember that the Cowboys allowed the most 200 yards rushing by a single runner in a season Of All Time. That record still stands to this day.

    Garrett's team had better talent than all 3 of those periods that I mentioned. And the better win-loss record. Garrett also exacerbated the situation because he was doing nothing on offense to alleviate the stress on the defense. Losing Romo exposed Garrett's complete reliance on Tony to make the offense successful, heck to make the offense even semi-functional. The game plan and adjustments he rolled out were an embarrassment to HS football, never mind the NFL.
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  8. JBell523

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    I'm still not over that spike with 50 seconds left vs. Green Bay after a short catch by Witten.

    It was so unnecessary and ended up killing what could've been a game winning drive.

    Just terrible clock management. That can't happen.
  9. dexternjack

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    Me neither, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory :(
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  10. Idgit

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    My point was that that defense was widely considered one of the worst in team history.

    And I wouldn't have expected those Landry teams to have made the playoffs, either, so the comparison isn't really material.
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  11. BAT

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    Please let's not rehash this again, that nightmare was finally just starting to fade. Brrrrrrrrrr.
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  12. visionary

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    If the team does not get to 13-3 and either does not make the playoffs or gets bounced in Rd 1 again will you admit team is getting worse?

    Nope you will just do what you have done for the last 6 years and come up with another sob story like injuries or tough schedule

    Rinse and repeat
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  13. PA Cowboy Fan

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    And it happens with Garrett time and time again. When you have a great RB the question is why?
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  14. visionary

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    It was a STUPID decision and par for the course for this HC
  15. rocyaice

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    That doesn't equate to a fair shot. A fair shot would be letting him have full control of this team and Jerry collecting checks and being a spectator.
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  16. Idgit

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    A poster with your history of constantly misunderstanding or misrepresenting what I actually say when I actually say it, you'd think you'd shy away from hypotheticals.

    I guess you'll just have to wait and see what happens. I'm taking odds on the likelyhood you'll be complaining, no matter what.

    But, if you think the team has gotten worse in recent years, I won't be able to help you, either way.
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  17. visionary

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    In my defense, it is easy to 'misunderstand ' someone who constantly talks out of both sides of his mouth

    A poster with your lung history of double talk and jerry and Garrett lap-doggery is always going to hedge his bets because you know Garrett is going to spit the bit when the chips are down
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  18. visionary

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    Full control?
    The guy is not even competent enough to have full control of a high school team
    He had been shown to be incompetent at every level of coaching and people just want to keep promoting him
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  19. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Except it wasn't. We couldn'T run out the clock because they had timeouts and preserving our TO increased the chacne of our scoring a td.

    We did not have the lead.

    When you look at all probabable outcomes it is ambiguous and not certain as the redball haters pretend.
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  20. Clove

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    When you have 53 guys on the team, and about 8 on the practice squad, It's pretty impossible to have 61 saints on the team. About 5 of those guys are going to be pure hell no matter how you look at it, so I don't blame coaches for that. But for the winning part, you have to blame coaches for wins and losses, especially over time. At the end of the day, his job is based on wins/losses.

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