Mike Mayock compares ex-Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins to T.J. Yates.

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    Former Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins will be a NFL backup, according to Mike Mayock
    Published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 9:00 AM Updated: Friday, February 17, 2012, 11:22 AM
    By Anwar S. Richardson | arichar2@mlive.com

    ALLEN PARK -- Former Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins is doing everything he can to impress NFL scouts before April's draft.

    Cousins had a standout career at Michigan State. He completed 5-of-11 passes for 115 yards, one touchdown and an interception during last month's Senior Bowl. Cousins will participate in next week's NFL Scouting Combine with hopes of impressing potential employees. He will have another chance to impress scouts at Michigan State's Pro Day.

    After watching Cousins perform in person and on tape, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock believes the quarterback will make it in the NFL.
    Holding a clipboard.
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    Man I hate Michigan State and Cousins.. Cousins was a solid QB but he had a pretty good supporting cast. I don't think he is starting NFL material. I would be surprised if anyone took him higher than the 6th.
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    Never trust Mayock when it comes to Quarterbacks, lol.

    2008 Draft
    Mayock said Brian Brohm would be a first round QB and liked him better than Joe Flacco. Brohm last played for the Las Vegas Locomotives while Flacco has how many playoff wins now?

    2009 Draft
    Mayock said Detroit would be stupid to draft Stafford because it would set them back 5 years and instead should draft Aaron Curry who was the safest pick in the draft. Stafford just led Detroit to their first playoff appearance in the last 12 years. Curry was traded after his second year for a 2012 7th and conditional 2013 5th.

    2010 Draft
    Mayock said there's not a top 10 QB in the draft. Jury is out on Bradford who was selected #1 overall. Jury is not out on McCoy and Suh, Mayock was just wrong.

    2011 Draft
    Mayock said Gabbert was the best QB in the draft class and would be the first off the board. It's still early, but...Gabbert was sacked 40 times, third most of any quarterback in the league. He fumbled 14 times, most in the league by a quarterback. His 50.8% completion percentage was second-worst in the league for passers with more than 200 attempts (ahead of only Tim Tebow's 46.5%). His 5.4 yards per attempt was last in the league among qualifying passers, as was his 65.4 passer rating.

    Meanwhile, Cam Newton made the Pro Bowl, Jake Locker who started the final 3 games of the season posted a 99 QB rating and Christian Ponder posted a 70 QB rating.
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    Gotta hate when these guys compare college guys to guys who are successful in the NFL, especially when they reach from one former unknown solid current NFL player to another college graduating lowly rated player.

    Wanna make headlines Mayock, ok, say Cousins will be better than Luck and RG3 is the next Andre Ware.
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    ....Cousins is twice the QB and person Wilson is......that's a fact.
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    Lol, I see your game.

    RW never lost the Badgers a game this year. In the 3 Losses:

    @ Michigan State: Russell ties the game with a clutch 4th quarter comeback. Lucky bounce on a hail mary and the big green high school wins.

    @Ohio State: Russell throws a 49 yard strike to JA to take a 3 pt lead with a minute left. Defense blows a coverage and a hail mary wins it for the nuts.

    Rose Bowl: Driving to tie the game, plenty of time with 4 minutes left. Wilson hits JA and JA fumbles in bounds on like a 30 yard gain. By the time wisc gets the ball back its too late. And as a side note: Wilson set an NCAA single-season pass efficiency record with a rating of 191.78.

    Cousins on the other hand? Throws a pick 6 at Notre Dame and his team loses. That's just nasty.

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