Mike Tomlin...fined 100k

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Keifer, Nov 29, 2013.

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    I don't think he caused Jones to get tackled, I think he was going to get caught either way, and it didn't look to impact his stride very much at all. I'd say a 5 yard difference at most. Still should have been flagged, and it looks like he'll be fined.
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    I believe it's called a "Blatantly unfair act" and is at the officials discretion as to whether or not to award a touchdown.
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    I checked the NFL rulebook
    Rule 17 Emergencies, Unfair Acts
    Section 1 Emergencies
    Article 1 If any non-player, including photographers, reporters, employees, police or spectators, enters the field of play or
    end zones, and in the judgment of an official said party or parties interfere with the play, the Referee, after consulting his
    crew (13-1-7 and 15-1-6), shall enforce any such penalty or score as the interference warrants.
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    Article 4 All team personnel must observe the zone restrictions applicable to the bench area and the border rimming the
    playing field. The only persons permitted within the solid six-foot white border (1-1) while play is in progress on the field
    are game officials. For reasons involving the safety of participating players whose actions may carry them out of bounds,
    officials’ unobstructed coverage of the game, and spectators’ sightlines to the field, the border rules must be observed by
    all coaches and players in the bench area. Violators are subject to penalty by the officials.
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    Article 7 A non-player shall not commit any act which is palpably unfair.
    Penalty: For a palpably unfair act, see 12-3-3. The Referee, after consulting the crew, shall make such ruling as he
    considers equitable (15-1-6 and Note). (Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    I feel that Touchdown would be equitable since Tomlin impeded the path to the goal line. Clearly this should have been in addition to the 15 yards for standing in the white sideline zone.
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    A draft pick seems a little bit much to me. Fine him.
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    Nice to see Tomlin reveal the schmuck that he is.

    Everybody seems to love him, but I think he is arrogant, and seems like he thinks he is above reproach.

    His demeanor/character has been camoflauged by winning, .. but now that he has to coach, and they are losing, his true self comes out.

    His grin after the play did not show remorse for an accident, it showed arrogance that he thought he got away with something cute.
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    The one with Tomlin, RG3 and Michael Jackson made me laugh out loud.
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    Every team has a guy whose responsibility during a game is to ensure no one on the team gets even close to stepping on the field during play. You'd figure PIT's guy would know that the coach being as involved as he is during the game would be one of the more obvious candidates to get too close to the field.
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    is there video of him at the time the ball was kicked? as in, was he standing there the whole time or did he move when the play broke open?
    id say a one game suspension and fine.
    what did jason kidd get hit with 50 grand? seems right for tomlin, thats probably real money for him however, unlike for kidd
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    I'm still trying to figure out how Tomlin wasn't flagged on that play.
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    Here are some pics I pulled from the video:

    At 11 Seconds....Notice his left leg, he is standing legs apart right foot on the line but left leg out to the left, you can see his head looking at the screen. He knows the play is coming towards him.


    Next shot, he is bringing his left leg in, who stands like that knowing the play is coming right at him.


    Now he has both feet close together, looking at the board, he knows Jones is not to far behind him. His body is canted 45 degrees to the left . Look how he has to turn his head to the right to see the video, almost like he is preparing for a impact


    Now Jones is close, In the previous pic, look where Jones outside (right) foot is on the hash markers. It is almost on the very edge close to the sideline, when his left foot comes down it should either be on the edge or slightly into the green space between the hash marks and the sideline. Now look where Tomlin takes a step.....Onto the white line where Jones is running!


    Take the draft pick, fine him heavily and suspend him one game. He knew exactly what he was doing.
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    Yah, he definitely knew what he was doing. I've always respected Tomlin, but he stooped pretty low in this incident. I agree he should suffer a pretty severe penalty to deter any other coaches/players from doing this.

    Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but when you post pictures from your photo bucket it makes your whole album available. If you have any personal pictures and don't want them viewable, I'd suggest putting a privacy setting on them. Just a heads up, and nice analysis on the Tomlin incident!
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    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 1m
    Mike Tomlin fined $100,000. NFL also still will consider draft choice penalty vs. Steelers.
    On Tomlin and Steelers, NFL said modification or forfeiture of draft picks will be considered after order of 2014 draft has been determined.
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    It was an intentional act by Tomlin ~ his public denials cannot refute the evidence.
    He knew what he was doing.
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    I agree with the amount of the fine, but I think it's nonsense to have to wait until the draft order is established before a decision can be made if a draft pick will be penalized. Give me a break, does it really matter if the Steelers pick 15th or 10th or 20th in each round? It looks more like a "wait and see what public perception is after some time has passed" type of maneuver.

    For the record I think the fine is enough and no draft picks need to be taken. That's pretty harsh.

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