Mike Tyson

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    yeah and OJ was proven innocent.
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    I get that and we all know it was BS, but Tyson was arrested 45 times. He bit a guys ear off in public right in front of all of us. I'm sorry if I can't give him the benefit of the doubt or feel sorry for the guy's rough childhood. Anyways I don't care who is or isn't a fan of the guy, to each their own. I'm just not going to feel sorry for the place he's at now since he drove the car to get there.
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    He made Millions and now owes the Fed's millions.

    He is digging his way out with the one man show and other ventures.

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    I think he was just "on" that night.

    It wasn't like he one punched Tyson into a knockout. He was putting on an exhibition of boxing 101.

    Tyson never did we'll with someone who could box and move.
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    Not sure what's stranger Mike Tyson's love for pigeons and pigeon racing or George Forman promoting a cooking grill. Both ventures seemed unimaginable during their boxing heyday.
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    I remember the trial of one of the Kennedy's raping a girl when the Tyson issue was going on... ironically, one got off, the other didn't...
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    Why is he dieing?

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