Mike Tyson's Mock Draft Rounds 1-4

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    Thought it would spike your attention.

    [​IMG] Texas A&M OLB, Von Miller (6'2" 238 lbs)

    Instincts/Recognition: Very instinctual athlete. Has the ability to recognize the run and come crashing down the line, or recognize the pass and make a B-line for the quarterback. Solid overall awareness. Recognizes when he has no chance to get to the quarterback and gets his hands up to deflect passes. Sniffs out screens on a regular basis. Needs to improve at diagnosing routes when playing in underneath zone coverage. Doesn’t always process routes quick enough, which results in completed passes.​

    Strength/Toughness: Miller is light in the pants to say the least. He’s known more for his speed than his strength. Coming in at only 238 pounds, means Miller has little to no shot at playing defensive end in the NFL. He will more than likely play the jack outside linebacker position in a 3-4 defense. He’s not the most physical tackler. Lacks an initial pop. Is more of a wrap up and pull down guy. Does a good job of translating his speed into power. Very tough individual. Played more than half of the 2010 season with an severe ankle injury.​

    Range vs. Run: Possesses blazing sideline to sideline speed. Has been reported to run a 4.5 forty. Can track down ball carriers from the back side consistently. Shows the ability to extend his arms and shed blockers, and holds the point of attack well on the weak-side. Pursuit angles are inconsistent. At times his angles are exceptional, and at other times they’re poor. Sometimes takes too wide of an angle off the edge, leaving a gaping hole between he and the defense tackle/defense end. Needs to do a better job of keeping contain on the backside. Will get over aggressive and allow cut back plays. Uses his speed to weave in and out of traffic well. Gets a ton of tackles for loss. Makes it really difficult on linemen to get their hands on him. The combination of his suddenness and quickness presents a mismatch.​

    Pass Rush: Even though its cliche to say, Von Miller is explosive. A gifted athlete who can tenaciously gets off the line, bend the corner, flatten out, and cause havoc for opposing quarterbacks. Closing speed is outstanding. Favorite move is the outside speed rush. When tackles try and counter his speed, he pushes them up field with it, which sets up a nice inside move. Has loose hips and can change direction quickly and effortlessly. Executes head and shoulder fakes to the tee, which gets linemen off balance. Shows a solid spin move and bull rush, but they’ll need further development at the next level. He does rely on his speed too often. If (key word: If) tackles can get their hands on him he can be taken out of the play by simply pushing him behind the quarterback. Translates his speed into leverage and power. Gets underneath defenders easily. College sack production was off the charts. In the last two years, Miller produced 26 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 36 tackles for loss, and 11 pass breakups. Insane!​

    3rd Down Capabilities: 3rd down is where Miller holds value. Has the pass rushing skills to consistently pressure quarterbacks at the next level and is athletic enough to hold his own in zones coverage. Wasn’t asked to cover often in college, but there’s no doubt that with the right tutelage, he can become excellent in this area.
    Intangibles: Team Captain. Clean off the field. Two time 1st team AP All-American selection. 2010 Butkus Award winner.​

    Overall Stock: Teams will be salivating to get their hands on Von Miller at the 2011 NFL Combine. There is no doubt in my mind that Miller will wreck shop and improve his draft stock even more. At this point though, I’m not sure how much higher it can go. He already nailed Senior Bowl week in front of 32 NFL teams. As far as pass rushers, I’m very high on Miller. If he plays his cards right, he can be a top 5 pick. One scout compared him to the late great Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker, Derrick Thomas. When your name is used in the same sentence as DT, you know you are a special athlete. I grew up watching DT, and that scout hit the comparison on the head. The good thing about Miller is that he is scheme versatile. He can play outside linebacker in the 4-3 or 3-4. I think his skills are word best in the 3-4 though. To not have Miller rushing the majority of the time would be a shame. Right now with this size, I think he’s best suited for the weak side (JOLB). In order to play strong side, he’ll need to bulk up to holfd up against the run. Teams looking to add a bonafide pass rusher with production to prove to prove he’s the real deal, will look no further than Von Miller.​

    NFL Comparisons: Elvis Dumervil, Derrick Thomas and Lawrence Timmons​

    2. Ben Ijalana
    Position: Guard/Tackle
    School: Villanova
    Height: 6’4”
    Weight: 320lbs​

    Run blocking: Ijalana certainly has the size to be an effective run blocker. He has long arms to control defensive linemen and plays with good footwork. He pancaked several defenders on crash plays to his right which has to appeal to teams that run cutback runs and nakeds. He kicks out well on sweeps. ​

    Pass blocking: Kick slide isn’t so great, his legs even cross at times. Savvy ends would recognize this and knock him to the ground while he’s off balance or swim inside while he over extends toward the outside. He has a hard time deciding who to block when teams overload his side. When he does lock on to his guy, the play is over, he won’t let him go. He kept ‘Nova QB Whitney clean all game vs. App State. ​

    Other Stuff: I’d like to see if Ijalana is faster in his kick slide at Right Tackle. This is something, at the latest, I’ll know by the combine. He passes the eyeball test as far as physicality goes. That doesn’t always mean anything (see Boothe, Kevin) but he does look the part. There wasn’t an instance where he blocked in space downfield on a screen, something lots of teams would like to see him do. Everything I’ve read on him anticipates a move to guard at the next level, but I’d like to see him at right tackle first. He doesn’t seem quick enough to play LT in the NFL. Keep in mind that, while he looks dominant now, the level of competition he is playing against isn’t on par with other prospects. Some small school guys work out (Jahri Evans) and some don’t (Vlad Ducasse so far).

    NFL Comparisons: Chris Snee and Carl Nicks​

    3. Deunta Williams
    Position: Free Safety
    North Carolina​

    Positives: Has a very solid frame for a safety, has above-average mix of height and bulk, speed is adequate for the position... Durability not an issue, has not missed any substantial time due to injury, did have surgery on wrist, but was not slowed by the after-effects... Put up exceptional stats during his first three years (169 tackles, 12 interceptions, two forced fumbles)... Is a good sideline-to-sideline defender, flows well to the ball and seems to be near every play in the secondary... Is very instinctual, reads opposing quarterbacks well and is an adequate zone defender... Appears to be an above-average man defender, has good footwork and fluid hips for his size... Versatile safety, has the ability to play both positions because of size/athleticism mix... Has the ability to strike hard when taking good angles, has some pop when hitting receivers after the catch... Has good instincts in run coverage, reads fairly quickly and explodes to the ball. ​

    Negatives: Production declined significantly in 2010 (49 tackles, one forced fumble, no interceptions)... Was suspended four games in 2010 for violating NCAA rules along with several of his teammates, but has stayed out of trouble otherwise... Is not the surest tackler, does not break down well, can play out of control at times and miss open-field tackles... Will be fooled by double moves and quick cuts, is aggressive, but can be too aggressive at times... Needs to work on taking better angles in run defense and in pursuit, will get caught up in traffic at times and get behind plays when running across the field... Suffered a broken leg in the Music City Bowl vs. Tennessee, won't be able to do much to improve draft stock, will not be able to participate at Senior Bowl or combine.

    NFL Comparisons: Antrell Role, Antoine Bethea​

    4. Kendall Hunter[​IMG]
    Position: Running Back
    Oklahoma State​

    Positives: Very shifty, eludes tackles with ease... Solid bulk and strong frame... Runs very low to the ground, tough to bring down because he's seemingly always lower than the defender... Outstanding vision, finds holes immediately and knows where his blockers are at all times... Waits for his blocks to set up, very patient, smart player... Can be a capable receiver out of the backfield, does a good job catching the ball out of his hands and is a sound route runner... Plays up to competition, had 201 yards, 2 TD against a tough Nebraska defense this year... Excluding his injury plagued 2009 season, he has been very productive with over 3,100 rushing yards and 32 TD in his two full seasons ('08 and '10) as the starter at Oklahoma State... Has Ray Rice-like potential. ​

    Negatives: Although stocky, he's still very small at just over 5'7... Doesn't break a ton of long runs, only had one run over 30 yards in 271 carries this year... Limited around the goal line because of his size, won't run through NFL defenders... Below average in pass protection, doesn't set his feet and gets run over... Missed most of the 2009 season with an ankle injury... Likely not an every down back... Dances with his feet too much, would like to see him get up the field quicker... More quick than fast, doesn't have great long speed.​

    NFL Comparison: Ray Rice
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    Not bad... I'd rather have a buy like Phil Taylor in the 2nd round though.
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    I think almost every one would
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    I like Von Miller, love the guy's attitude and the way he carries himself, but I'd need him to really work hard before the draft and put on some muscle mass and become a more explosive hitter, I know he's got what it takes mentally to make it happen and he's a more than capable athlete so it wouldn't be too tough, so I wouldn't be upset with picking him. If you're that level of a football player/athlete and you've got the right attitude, the sky is a limit with that kind of pick.

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